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Figured it out after some further prodding, I can get the clip to happen if I'm holding up-right to run into the bed while pressing A.

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Train's all good now, but, uh, I think I broke everything sleeping in Annie's room. I even talked to Nero and saved like the dummy I am...

(luckily I managed to bail myself out by just editing the save file to move my coordinates, but yeah whoops)

I keep getting softlocked on the train, after defeating Oakley I can't leave the room. There's a blinking arrow to say I should be able to go down, but I can't. Also can't even reset the room with the Dark Card, and after restarting the train section three times I still get the same result.

Linux build, in case it matters.

Level generation seems to have some problems.

Hmm, still the same. If it matters I'm on Chrome Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) Manjaro Linux (64-bit)

Very fun, though feels like you're too often at the RNG's mercy. Would love to see this fleshed out with some ways to mitigate luck.

Side panel doesn't render correctly on Chrome. Works fine in Firefox.