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Please note that with every release I delete the history and post a new, updated one at the top of the devlog, so your comment will be deleted sooner or later. If you wish to preserve it, please consider posting it in the Community section (see bottom of the main page).

Thanks for your feedback!

The food spawns always in the same way (i.e. when a piece disappears or is caught, a new one appears), but it is not always easy to reach. The key is to keep on eating as much as possible, even if at times that means backtracking a little - and, yes, paying attention to cakes is a good idea ;)

In the first zone walls might be confusing indeed; however, there is a simple rule: striped, bright walls = solid; other walls = in the background.

P.S. With every release I delete the history and post a new, updated one at the top of the devlog, so your comment will be deleted sooner or later. If you wish to preserve it, please consider posting it in the Community section (see bottom of the main page).

Funny picture :)

Thanks a lot for the compliments and having taken the time to read the (silly) backstory of the game(s) :)

Congratulations on completing it!

I'm happy to hear you liked it and that it's going to get a review on your mag :)
Thank you!

Noticed your message only now - sorry :p
No problem, now I can keep on developing the game on this machine here ;)


Never meant to bin it ;)

Love the philosophy!

The preview will come soon - I just have to find the time to whip it up ;)

Glad you like them, and thanks for letting me know!

Just wanted to let everybody know that the developer is maniacally analyzing the original game to reproduce it as faithfully as possible - down to the last micromovement. Once the game is finished, even the most expert player will have a hard time spotting any difference from the original.

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Ring around the World simulates the elapsing of time and handles several events related to it.

A constant and very important effect is that the protagonist becomes (more) thirsty, hungry and sleepy as time goes by. Another constant and noticeable effect is that the environmental lighting changes according to the hour of the day. Other events happen when a certain time is reached.
1 in-game hour corresponds to 10 real-world minutes, but some actions might cause time to elapse more quickly.
The duration of a day is 24 hours.
The game starts at 12:00.

This video shows, at an accelerated pace, the effects of time.

No, sorry: the demo has a huge amount of data, which is already compressed and unpacked in real time.
You could try as follows:
* boot without startup sequence;
* disable all the unneeded drives/partitions;
* reduce the buffers of the partitions.

OK, thanks.

Hmm, I must say I'm at a loss.
Never had a freeze there (actually, a freeze at all), even if I use the load/save feature a lot for testing in general. Also, I happen to have the same board, and I've played the game on a heavily customized and patched AmigaOS system.
Do you have other expansion hardware? Which AmigaOS version are you using (I tested the game on Kickstart 1.3, 3.1 and 3.9)?
Are for the reordering: that's normal, the entries get sorted alphabetically.

Glad you like the dialogues :)

A few questions about the crash:
* did it consist in simply the game quitting?
 * did it happen when you tried to load a snapshot?
 * are you playing the game on a 1 MB RAM machine? if not, which machine are you using?

After months of intense work, a game for classic Amiga and that (almost) nobody knew about is finally out!

Ring around the World is a short, open world, top-down, point'n'click adventure where the protagonist wakes up on the shores of an unknown world with just two memories - one being of himself drowning in a stormy sea.

Like all the RETREAM games, also this one is 100% free, but, if you like it, please offer some support to somebody who is a victim of any kind of violence.

Thank you, and thanks also for the top rating on the mag!

By the way, if you haven't done it already, please download the game from here, as it features a number of improvements over the version that you reviewed ;)

Still, it's strange: I developed the game mostly on WinUAE and precisely using folders mounted as virtual drives, so that's actually the most tested solution. I guess for some reason your folder is write-protected.

DreamWeb? Spot on! Check out the manual or the backstory here for the details ;)

Have fun!

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No, there's nothing else to do. If you shared a video, I could have a look - feel free to contact me by email (address at the top of the RETREAM page here on ;)

Glad you finally found some time to give it a try! I wish you'll get a chance to enjoy the full game.

And thanks for the nice comments :)

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Hmm... A couple of questions:
 * is the drive write-enabled?
 * are you clicking the [>floppy] button?

Anyway, here's a video showing how the options requester works:

Thanks for the nice words!

Yes, you can load and save games - click the tiny button at the bottom-right corner, select a snapshot, rename it as you please and hit the appropriate floppy button (for the details, please check out the manual).


Here's hoping you'll keep on considering it a positive thing also if/when you get stuck!

And hopefully play it ;)

Glad to hear your first impression is positive!

How long is it? I'm not answering - finding it out is part of the fun ;)

From your words it's clear that you read the backstory in the manual - thanks for  that!

Looking forward to hearing your opinion ;)


I'm glad (and flattered) then!

Love your comment but... are you sure you're referring to ArtPazz? It's just a simple puzzle game, after all ;)

Yep, could be. No worries, though!

Thanks a lot!

It wasn't possible to enable subtitles, but I appreciate the time you dedicated to the game anyway :)

Thank you!

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Glad you appreciate that aspect, my friend!
The amount of content is mostly made possible by assigning the map data both graphical and functional meaning, and by writing specific code where needed - designing maps is a hugely brain-raking (but fun) puzzle.
There are other factors, too, but now I'm busy with getting the next preview released ;)

The way the portal heals has been modified, so the animation shown earlier is no longer valid - now it works on a line-by-line basis and looks as shown here:

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Thanks a lot for the appreciation and the proposal :)

However, I prefer to make the preview freely downloadable by anyone, and I hope to have it out much earlier than that - the only thing that's holding it back is that I want it to have a less incomplete FUN PARK zone (i.e. first level) map.
But if you feel like having a look at the preview right away (and additional/insider information), so that you can talk about it in the mag, feel free to contact me by email (contact_retream_com) ;)

Thanks a lot for the enthusiasm and the appreciation!

The development progressed further since the release of the preview (see below for current changelog), but honestly the amount of content to produce is so huge that the game won't be ready anytime time soon - and that's without counting real life...

CHANGELOG (since the 20220708 preview)
* Changed the main color of Zampo's dark skin.
* Fixed the permanent flashing of Zampo when he caught a spinach can while he was already in STEEL mode and the mode was about to expire.
* Made a minor optimization.
* Added 4 more baddies.
* Touched up some music instruments.
* Fixed/optimized the collision detection against eatables/drinkables (a change made just before releasing the preview could cause the collisions to be missed while the objects were flickering before disappearing).
* Improved the CLIFFS zone map.
* Started writing the FUN PARK zone music.
* Wrote the FORTRESS zone music.