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Glad to hear that: thanks! You should see the full package: it's even more alluring ;) However, it will be shown only when the game becomes available for purchase - in the meanwhile, have a look at the previous posts in this devlog to see some more previews.
You'll be able to buy the game from the RGCD store. It should happen shortly, so keep an eye on here and/or follow the RETREAM Facebook page and Twitter channel.

And, yes, Amiga rocks!

Hi there, my name is Simone Bevilacqua, but what you see here is "RETREAM" because that's my games label.

I started programming at age 9 on a Commodore 64, and today I make games for... the Commodore 64! But I also love to make games for the Amiga ;) Moreover, I've made a few game for various PC systems - in retro style, of course.

My games are very different from one another and, well, from anything else out there. If you're curious, just head over to the RETREAM page here on and have a look.



Interesting topic, thanks!

I guess that the developer isn't allowed to answer - it wouldn't be possible to choose a mission anyway :p

Lately Queen, the rock band, has conquered the world's attention with their Golden Globe-winning movie Bohemian Rhapsody. Now, has anyone ever noticed that MAH, somewhere, prints out an excerpt from The Prophet's Song (by coincidence, a song from A Night at the Opera, the same album that the song Bohemian Rhapsody is in)? ;) That's meant to be a wicked message that the Purifiers included in the ApocalypShield.

By the way, I had no idea that the movie was in the works when I decided to add this little secret (one of the many MAH hides)! I just happened to have listened to Queen's music (all of it, not just the hit singles) for decades...

Funny note: not even the publishers (RGCD and Protovision) knew about this!

For the future, just please check out the documentation that comes with the game(s) you intend to share.

The same goes for QUOD INIT EXIT: the download archive here contains both the end-user agreement and the manual - just include verbatim copies of those files.

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You can redistribute QUOD INIT EXIT provided that you don't make any direct or indirect profit out of it, you don't modify it in any way, and that you also provide the manual and the end-user agreement (both files are included in the download archive available here).
Please note that QUOD INIT EXIT is the only game you can redistribute: KOG and MeMO are free, but for platforms you don't support (PC and Amiga), and the other games are commercial (i.e. not redistributable).

Thanks :)


And thanks :)

Lovely comment :)

This is a proper retro game for a proper retro computer (the Amiga), so it just has to come on floppies (all 2 of them)!

MAH community · Created a new topic Sprites factsheet

Hi fox1988,

I have a bunch of games - here are those that I have released on physical support this year: Huenison, BOH, MAH.
If you want to have a look also at the other ones, just head over the RETREAM page here on


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Originally Huenison was supposed to be released also on physical media, but the idea was evenutally put aside. Now was an appropriate time to finally make it happen: releasing it together with BOH Deluxe allows people to get both in one go and thus save on shipping expenses.

This is the package:

 * latest version of BOH for AmigaOS 4 and Windows (as released digitally a few months ago);
 * Enhanced CD that be used also to listen to the soundtrack on an audio CD player;
 * the CD has a glossy finish that looks outstanding;
 * hugely improved manual;
 * improved artwork;
 * transparent DVD case;
 * double-sided inlay that has some cool stuff on the inner side.

The orders have just been opened:

If you have questions, I'll be happy answer ;-)

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The final version of BOH, after so many updates, really deserved a new edition. So...

 * latest version of BOH for AmigaOS 4, AROS, Linux, MacOS, and Windows (as released digitally a few months ago);
 * Enhanced CD that be used also to listen to the soundtrack on an audio CD player;
 * the CD has a glossy finish that looks outstanding;
 * hugely improved user's manual and developer's manual;
 * brand-new new artwork;
 * transparent DVD case;
 * double-sided inlay that has some cool stuff on the inner side.

is part of a Deluxe package that looks like this:

The orders have just been opened:

If you have questions, feel free to ask!

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Today BOH receives the 18th free update, a massive update that closes its almost 11 years long development life, brings new features, new missions (for a total of 100!), and countless other improvements, and earns the game the ADVANCE tag.

The current owners of a copy can download the updated version for free.
The update is performed by installing the new version over the old one using the supplied installer.


Many thanks :)

Well, you know, this is so cool that I just had to share it on Facebook and Twitter ;)
Thanks a lot again!

WOW, thank you so much!

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The massively improved and extended version of MAH has just been released!

MAH is a frantic arcade game that can't really be described in words - and the trailer shows why:

The game breaks all barriers on innovation even on a platform that has been enjoying releases for 35+ years like the venerable Commodore 64. Fresh and frantic gameplay, astounding hires graphics, context-sensitive music - the game has it all. And it's even available on a cartridge and disk as well (yes, beautiful physical packages) ;)

Check it out at and enjoy!

This trailer gives a glimpse of what is going soon to take over the C64s all over the world.

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In the meanwhile, the MAH was updated further. And it has expanded and improved so much that it deserved a physical release: so, it will be published on cartridge and disk in Q1 2018 (and, of course, it will also be available digitally here). For the details, check out the revised game page and this post in the devlog.

Thanks for the kind words, glad you like the game :)

Thank you!

Glad you appreciate it :)

At the moment I'm working on another Amiga game...

... and another C64 game...

... if/when I finish them, they'll get their page as well ;)

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A new version of the Amiga game MEMO has just been released and, with the occasion, a page for it has been created here on

MEMO is a card memory game with twists: it allows two players to play it simultaneously and neutralizes lucky/unlucky attempts ;)

If you have an Amiga (emulator) up and running, just grab it (it's free) and have fun!


  • made music stop during pause;
  • removed debugging leftover that printed a row of pixels at the top left of the pause screen;
  • fixed right side of the "DIGGERS" card (the rightmost column of pixels was black);
  • touched up playback volume of two samples in the in-game music;
  • touched up "about" screen; * recompiled against updated custom framework.
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I simply rotate the background with the source center being the position of the character controlled by the player and the destination center being the center of the screen. The character itself is drawn after the rotation, always at the same position (i.e. the center of the screen).

Unfortunately, pixel art is, as the words say, an art, so there is nothing like a tutorial that can cover it and turn anyone into a master. It's an art because it requires knowledge of the art of drawing and the technique of managing pixels and small palettes.
That said, if you are seriously motivated, nothing can stop you from learning ;)
The best place where to go is - read as much as possible, understand the philosophy of the place, learn about the terminology and the concepts, watch the videos, do a lot of practice, and use the critique/help of the geniuses over there to improve.

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Ah, I see what you mean about the resolution. Yes, what you suggest is theoretically doable.
This is what happens now: render field at 1x -> rotate enemies -> render sparks -> rotate bitmap -> render main character, aiming tool beam, and HUD -> zoom bitmap (and, at the same time, apply CRT/LCD filters, if needed).
Your idea would need: pre-render zoomed font and main character -> render field at 1x -> render sparks -> rotate and zoom bitmap -> rotate and zoom enemies -> render main character, aiming tool beam, and HUD -> apply CRT/LCD filters, if needed.
The sort of linear interpolation I use can be applied also to your idea without producing blurry results: it would simply smoothen the edges between pixels and it would look great.

I like your idea (and it's really tempting me!), but there are a couple of problems:

  • rendering is 100% software (because I like doing this sort of things and I did not want dependencies on hardware/libraries, especially considering that the game runs on several different systems) and, at the same time, the game is made to run nicely also on 15 year old AmigaOS machines, which thus wouldn't have enough grunt to handle so much data at a decent speed.
  • although the changes aren't too difficult, still it would be a lot of work (relatively) and, unfortunately, I just can't afford it because I'm working on a new version of MAH, I have to release a slightly updated version of Huenison, I have to complete QUOD INIT EXIT IIo (which isn't going to take less than 1 year of hard work), and I'm finishing a short story; on top of that, it's years I've been longing for working on a couple of games for classic Amigas, and I can't wait to do that! (And, on top of everything, let's not forget the demands of real life.)

Therefore, I'm afraid your idea is not going to make it :/ But thanks for suggesting it, it's a nice one!

Enjoy your next missions: as you play them, you'll find more and more surprises.

I've watched the video of your game, and I can see the conceptual similarity to BOH regarding the lighting and field of vision :)

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I'm not sure about what you mean with increasing the resolution without changing the textures, but hopefully this will answer you anyway: the resolution has been chosen to be low because a) it makes it possible to draw (and gives it a meaning) the bitmaps by hand, pixel by pixel (see the developer's manual for the details); b) I like pixels ;)
Also, if you haven't already, please check the dots modes in the options: they allow to change the size of pixels and also the filters applied to them.
(BTW, no, it wouldn't be necessary to touch the missions layouts - if you have a look at the developer's manual, you'll understand why).

New levels: do you mean you have already finished all the 77 levels included in this version?!? :o I see you have bought the game very recently, so that would be quite an achievement! I'd appreciate if you submitted your records to the online standings.

The camera system idea (i.e. the fact that the character is fixed at the center and all the rest rotates around him) came from the coin-op Formula 1 game Tail to Nose (it's mentioned in the TRIVIA section of the user's manual): my teenager mind was blown away when I saw that concept in an arcade in the 90s.
The tile-based lighting idea came from the RPG Shadowlands I saw once on a PC (again in the 90s and again mentioned in the user's manual).
The tile-based field of vision idea came... came... from nowhere, or at least I can't pinpoint any influence (that is, I came up with it myself).

Good luck with your project!

Thanks a lot for sharing such nice thoughts :)
My next games will be totally different (the one being worked on is a multi-level version of QUOD INIT EXIT IIm for the C64), but I have also a 100-mission version of BOH in the plans (it will be free for current customers; several missions are done already).

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After one month of hard work, finally the latest version of KOG landed here on! This is an almost complete rework of a game originally released in 2008: most of the code has been rewritten, all graphics have been redrawn, music has been added, and gameplay has been extended and re-balanced.

As in RETREAM's tradition, KOG is so original that it's hard to put it in words - so just have a look at this video to get a quick idea of what the game offers:

The game is full of depth, so check out its page and documentation, and, of course, the game itself - it's free, after all ;)

QUOD INIT EXIT is a funny and cute platformer for the Commodore 64 which distinguishes itself for the immediate gameplay and its super colorful and high resolution graphics. You don't need to be a C64 user/expert to enjoy it: it comes also as a regular installer that allows to install it as if it were a native application.

Version 1.0 was released in 2010, and today sees the release of version 1.7. With the occasion, the game has been released also here on

Game page:


Like for MAH, regrettably I had not mentioned QUOD INIT EXIT IIm when I originally released it here. Well, I have just released an update to it, so I thought it was about time ;)

QUOD INIT EXIT IIm is a platformer for the Commodore 64, and it stands out for its 100% hires colorful graphics, super-fast (50 fps) full-screen sub-pixel scrolling, and alternative gameplay - for once, you don't stomp on enemies' heads ;)

It's the sequel of QUOD INIT EXIT (hence the II), originally released in 2010 (I plan to release that game here as well). It fits in 16 kB, and that's where the m in the name comes from: m = minimus (so the full name reads QUOD INIT EXIT SECUNDUS MINIMUS).
I'm working on a multi-load version that isn't restricted to 16 kB (but that will take a looong time).


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Thanks! I appreciate that you appreciate those ;) I've put a lot of work into them. And the on-disk manual is even more detailed!


I failed to make an announcement here when I originally released this game on, but now I have just released a little update and reworked the page heavily, so I thought I'd better let you know ;)

MAH is a Commodore 64 game (but, to make it easy for everyone, it also comes with a installer that lets you try it without fiddling with emulators). It's an arcade game... and that's about all I can do here: it's such an original and complex game that there's no way to sum it up in a few words. That's why the page here ( is so rich - and still it fails to completely describe the game.
My warm recommendation is simple: try it out, and be brave (it isn't one of those self-completing games) ;)


Huenison is an innovative arcade shooter that takes various elements from Arkanoid, BOH, Decathlon, Dyna Blaster, Impossible Mission, Oil's Well, Pac-Man, Pang, Qix, Slam Tilt, Space Invaders, Tetris, and Vital Light, and puts them together in a hectic mix. All in retro visuals and synthetic sonorities that recall the revered Commodore 64's SID chip.

Huenison has just been updated and, with the occasion, has found a new home here on - just have a look at the page to discover all the many features, download the demo, watch the videos and the screenshots, listen to the music, and, of course, buy the game.

Should Huenison's originality and depth puzzle you, please feel free to ask questions here or by email (


BOH is a dungeon crawler of a kind you have never seen before. You need to solve puzzles, collect items, open passages, avoid traps, kill the Evil Masters and the creatures they generate endlessly, and eventually come out of the mazes in one piece. Thanks to its unique aspect and gameplay, is an immersive experience that makes you feel as if you were actually lost in those treacherous dungeons.

BOH has just been updated and, with the occasion, has found a new home here on - just have a look at the page to discover all the many features, download the demo, watch the videos and the screenshots, listen to the music, and, of course, buy the game.

(This trailer is from 2014, so it doesn't show the features brought by the updates released after its creation, but it gives an initial idea.)

Should BOH's originality and depth puzzle you, please feel free to ask questions here or by email (