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Immersive and innovative dungeon crawler 路 By RETREAM

Are you serious about the "Babel" mission?

A topic by alby87 created Aug 13, 2023 Views: 129 Replies: 4
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I'm playing that one. I know that should be "very hard", but I think that's the limit of "unplayable". I'm very careful around the stairs between the first and second floor, but that zone shouldn't be so fragile. But I had almost managed to complete it, except for one single point: I opened the G doors, got a key, but there is a room of all collapsible floor tiles with a monitor for clues. But I can not read it, I'm afraid of falling down after a whole half hour of tense play... And still I fell through the stair room. Where I should use that key? Maybe there is only one closed door, but still feeling bitter for this cheap dead. If the game is going to be this hard to the end, I think I will drop it, and I was really loving it!! 馃槥

And... I made it, no guide. Really, sorry if I have loose my temper, but I really love this game, I really want to 100% it 馃榿 But really, this was a really difficulty level. 馃檪


Congratulations on completing the mission! That's quite an achievement. Thank you so much for not giving up. I hope the feeling rewarded your efforts.
Indeed, this mission is a combination of huge size, tough puzzles and dangerous layout ;)


Now that you've finished also all the other missions, please contact me by email: there's a secret about the Babel mission I can tell you about ;)

I will send you an email as soon as possible... Now I'm curious!! 馃榿