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I will send you an email as soon as possible... Now I'm curious!! 😁

I finally managed to complete all 100 missions of BOH. Really, what a great gem. And it is so sad that is not more known! If I knew it before, I would have bought the physical version :D

Oh well, still a nice experience (clocking 36 hours, 36 minutes and 33 seconds :D)

Ancora complimenti :D (ho sempre scritto in inglese per rendere il forum leggibile da tutti, ma quando ci vuole ci vuole!)

Thanks again! Now going for the final mission!

Thanks! 🙂

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Hi, hope to be in time before the release! On the eight floor of "Tribute to asimov", there is a not translated in Italian info point, the one by the mule 🙂

Wow, thanks!!!! 😁

No problem! Noticed also in the "traps" (the bubbling sound in C64) and in moving platform. Thank you for looking about it :) (and missing 3 missions to 100% :D )

I've noticed a small bug, not something game breaking but a little annoying: if you pause the game when an enemy field is on screen or near (with the droning sound), that sound reamins for the whole mission, even if one is away from that field. Hope you find this information useful :)

And... I made it, no guide. Really, sorry if I have loose my temper, but I really love this game, I really want to 100% it 😁 But really, this was a really difficulty level. 🙂

I'm playing that one. I know that should be "very hard", but I think that's the limit of "unplayable". I'm very careful around the stairs between the first and second floor, but that zone shouldn't be so fragile. But I had almost managed to complete it, except for one single point: I opened the G doors, got a key, but there is a room of all collapsible floor tiles with a monitor for clues. But I can not read it, I'm afraid of falling down after a whole half hour of tense play... And still I fell through the stair room. Where I should use that key? Maybe there is only one closed door, but still feeling bitter for this cheap dead. If the game is going to be this hard to the end, I think I will drop it, and I was really loving it!! 😞

Thank you!! I had completely missed the "degree" part of the solution. Now going to 100% the game :D

Hi all! I'm playing this little gem, I'm completing the middle/hard difficulty ones, but I couldn't understand the meaning of the X missions clues. I know trigonometry, the first clue was an easy one. But the other two? I've resolved by trial and error, but really you have my curiosity.

Thank you!