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Immersive and innovative dungeon crawler · By RETREAM

100%! Completed! (What a great game)

A topic by alby87 created Aug 16, 2023 Views: 82 Replies: 1
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I finally managed to complete all 100 missions of BOH. Really, what a great gem. And it is so sad that is not more known! If I knew it before, I would have bought the physical version :D

Oh well, still a nice experience (clocking 36 hours, 36 minutes and 33 seconds :D)

Ancora complimenti :D (ho sempre scritto in inglese per rendere il forum leggibile da tutti, ma quando ci vuole ci vuole!)

Developer (2 edits)

Congratulations! It's a great pleasure to know that you've finished all the missions, and I'm glad that you submitted your records to the online standings :) I see that you've set the best time on several missions/phases, so congratulations also on that!
The fact that you've finished the game is a huge compliment itself,  but thank you also for the spoken compliments!
If you feel like, spread the word about BOH and my other games ;)

Edit: almost forgot... did you see the ending as well?