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Profound demo (demoscene production) [Amiga] · By RETREAM

Backstory Sticky

A topic by RETREAM created 18 days ago Views: 15
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At the end of 2017 I derived the graphics engine at the core of the demo from another engine of mine. Since then, I have been occasionally tinkering with it while trying to come up with a game that would make use of it, but I failed: the engine was too stressful for the eyes and unsuitable for small/medium-sized graphical elements; it was clearly more suited for a demo (in fact, some people proposed to make a production of such kind with it), but I kept on ruling that out because I prefer making games.
Until, one day, what was happening around the world changed my mind: I just had to say something - and that could be rather effectively and relatively quickly done with a demo. In the past, I had already tried through a book, but, since I'm Mr. Nobody, my message reached only very few people. With a demo I could reach somebody else - very few people again, but still some more people. Therefore, although part of my motivation was to make use of the engine, to have fun doing so and to give the Amigans a little something to enjoy, the demo's main purpose is to say something.