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The description of some of the parameters are still confusing to me. I see them, but I don't understand what exactly they do.

The newest version of the skill tree erases punctuation, so I had to go back to the older version. The older version can have problems when keeping older trees and getting new ones. To make it work, I had to attach one tree to the character (actor) and one tree to the class upgrade. The starting classes mostly do not have skill trees attached.

I love your work. I had an issue with these, though. The 3x size used for MV is still too small. They aren't working right for the program for me.

Thanks, getting any positive feedback is very encouraging!

What is involved with the "smart enemy AI?" Does the system know to protect magic users/archers by having other units/tanks prioritizing that?

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The Lady of the Lake (RPG) is finished, and it is now verion 1.1. It is being sold for $5.

This is an old school turn-based JRPG-style video game in the world of King Arthur. 

You start with Vivian, Merlin's apprentice, and known in many stories as the Lady of the Lake. Her small quest is to give Excalibur to the chosen one, but her journey quickly becomes a big adventure.

It was made with RPG Maker MV. We spent over a year mostly full time making this game.

10 Details about the game

  1. Order turn battle (OTB) system: The battle system is similar to Octopath Traveller the way the way a character can have an action as soon as it's their turn, you can see the turn order for the current and next turn, there are ways to manipulate turn order, and you can use BP to power up skills.
  2. Possible scenarios: There are multiple possible scenarios that can happen, which mainly involves attacks or conquests of Camelot. In one scenario, you can get a boss monster to join your team. Scenarios are based on the characters on your team and the bosses you have beat (or left alone).
  3. Skill trees: The ability learning system uses "skill trees," which are based on the character class or monster type. A character gains at least two skill points at every level up, and skill points are used to learn abilities.
  4. New Game plus: After you beat the game, you can save it. If you choose to continue a game and use a saved game that was already completed, you start a new game in new game plus mode. That changes how the game proceeds a bit, and you get to choose your starting team. There are no monsters that will join in new game plus mode.
  5. Monster allies: There are several monsters that can become allies, especially early in the game. The monster you recruit first will usually determine what other monsters will join later on, starting with a rat, bat, goblin, imp, or wind spirit. 
  6. Front & back row: (a) The front row protects the second row. The front row is closer to the enemy. They are more likely to be attacked, their chance to hit is higher, their evasion is lower, they tend to deal more damage, and they tend to take a little more damage. (b) The second row is further from the enemy. They are less likely to be attacked, their chance to hit is lower, their evasion is higher, they tend to deal less damage, and they tend to take a little less damage. Characters with the guardian or bodyguard trait also protect allies in the back row by sometimes jumping in front of attacks. They will "take a bullet" for their friends. (This is more likely when they have more HP and the ally has low HP.) Your row preference is saved and reset after every battle.
  7. More realistic monetary system: In the early game you use silver pieces. 80 silver pieces is equal to one gold piece. For example, an iron sword is worth 80 silver pieces or one gold piece.
  8. Beat it solo: It is possible to beat the game solo with Vivian or Merlin, and that comes with a bonus. (More information.)
  9. Quest menu: The main menu has the option to take a look at your unfinished quests. This can help you remember what to do next when you stop playing for a while.
  10. Help menu: The help menu has information about almost every element of the game, such as what each stat does and what the status effects are about.

Lady of the Lake (RPG for Windows) by recoculous (

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I am using your plugins (especially for dual wielding) in my game, the Lady of the Lake RPG. The full game was officially released.

Your shield block and parry plugins are also being used.

I greatly appreciate these plugins!

I finished & the game using your plugin, Lady of the Lake v. 1.1.  I had an issue with class changing causing the game to crash, and the newest version of the plugin fixed that, but it disabled commas in the skill descriptions. I decided to just hope there's no serious issues for anyone with that at this point.

Okay, I figured it out. After you change the settings for a project to charge money, you can start using placeholders for free demos and pre-orders.

I do. I don't see that checkmark. Where is it?

The instructions for having a pre-order says: 

"A project is a pre-order if all its public uploads have the This file is a pre-order placeholder checkbox ticked. It will allow buyers to purchase before uploads are made available."

I don't see that checkbox. Where is it or what is going on?

Does this additional plugin work with MV and MZ?

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That would be awesome, thanks!
I have been using RPG Maker MV, but I might have to get MZ soon because of these plugins.

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Are SV battlers for the scene plugin only for a cutscene type of view?

I would guess Visustella has an animated SV enemy battler option, but you also made one better for this system?

Edit: TheUnproPro said his SV tactical plugin will likely work with your system. If that can work, I think it would be very exciting. I was worried he might have given up on the project, but maybe he has worked on it off and on for years.

Thanks for the quick replies!

This looks impressive and it is tempting me to get RPG Maker MZ. (I have only used MV so far.)

How does this battle system determine turn order? It looks like you don't need a Fire Emblem style player/enemy phase at least. Are the turn order functions customizable?

Have you seen the tactics system that TheUnproPro was working on? He was using the animated SV battlers for the system to use action sequences and more animated interactions. Is it possible to be able to do something like that for more animated skills and attacks? Or maybe it can be an extension plugin at some point?

Synrec has been working on a tactics system a lot, but I like your idea of using action sequences and Animated SV battlers. Can there be a way to have both?

We have released the Lady of the Lake RPG demo -- around one third of the final game. This is around three hours of the story. (Made with RPG Maker MV.)

You can download the demo here.

This is an old school JRPG-style video game.

Merlin has taught Vivian magic and sent her on her first simple quest. She quickly finds herself entangled in multiple possible adventures, such as saving kids kidnapped by goblins. 

Some details about the game:

  • This story is inspired by the King Arthur legends.
  • The game is inspired by Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Octopath Traveller.
  • You can get some monsters to join the team. The monsters you can get depend on the first monster that joins your team.

Lady of the Lake (RPG Demo) by recoculous (

Thanks for being very responsive. I downloaded the update!

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I made a new project and just using your plugins and the other plugins needed, such as auto-passive states (for the shields to have shield blocking enabled). It also is not working right with just the YEP Core Engine, Battle Core, & your Duel Wield plugin.  

I am still getting two dual wielding attacks when I used the dual wielding attack skills, whether a double strike or attack on all enemies. It works fine for regular attacks, but skills with action sequences are not working for me. I am still getting double attacks when using a two handed weapon or shield. (The problem exists for the modified plugin and the original, v2.69.)

An example of a dual wielding attack skill notebox:

<Dualwield Skill>
<Whole Action>
dualwield action: 6
motion attack: user
motion wait: user
action animation: opponents
wait for animation
action effect: opponents
death break
</Whole Action>
<target action>
</target action>

Edit: I think I found a simple solution! I noticed that the plugin has a state for disabling dual wielding. I added that to shields and two handed weapons, and that seems to be working!

I am using a skill tree for learning skills, and learning Dual Wielding (using an auto passive state) mostly works. However, I am getting extra attacks , even when using a shield or two handed weapon. I was hoping "state resist" on the shield or two-handed weapon would stop the extra attack, but it's still happening anyway.

I am not sure if there's some kind of plugin incompatibility. I am thinking I might have to add dual wielding to a class rather than use it with an auto passive state skill.

I am using auto passive states, and I suspect it is part of the problem. I tried to give two handed weapons and shields "seal state" to seal the "dual wielding" state, and that isn't working either. I can't find any google results for how auto passive states responds to the "seal state" trait.

I wanted dual wielding to be something you can learn. How do you deal with it?

Yes, I think bare handed is working now. It was an obvious mistake in retrospect.

Does this specifically happen with the default version of the plugin as well, or only with the modified version you're using?

Looks like the default one has the same problem. I think it's only a problem with action sequence skills.

Secondly, are your shield equips actually shields?

Yes. They are regular shields.

This is the skill that is attacking twice when using a shield:

I think I fixed the barehanded several attack problem, but I made the same mistake for the weapon version and never had an issue.  I had the "dual wield action" include another "dual wield action." This is the attack skill that is leading to several attacks when barehanded:

(2 edits)

Right now allies with shields are getting two attacks still. My version of the plugin was modified using your advice, so that I could have more attack hits beyond the dual wielding ability.

I have it set so that bare hands can also be used as weapons. 

I noticed that the plugin was not below Damage Core as the instructions specified, but that should be fixed now. 

I am using auto passive states to give characters the dual wielding trait.

Is there a way to stop shields from giving additional dual wielding attacks?

Edit: I am also using action sequences for dual wielding, such as for a double strike skill. Two attacks should become four, but when barehanded, the ally has several attacks. Not sure what is going on with that.

Thanks for the reply. The whole tree does fit on one screen, but the starting position of the trees are sometimes off, and I have to click around to get it into the right position.

That makes sense. Thanks for the reply.

This doesn't seem to work with Olivia's OTB battle system either. 

OTB is supposed to allow multiple actions. Any idea if there can be work workaround?

This plugin sounds really good.

I love your plugin and I have used it for a long time. I have a few questions: 

First, I don't understand what all your plugin parameters do, and it's not explained anywhere. 

Second, what is "Main Cost Items" in the Tree Builder app? I thought it was going to help position the tree by giving the Unique Identifier, but it must be an integer. 

Third, the trees are not positioned correctly when I first open them and the whole thing should fit in one screen. Is there a way to fix that?

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Thanks for the update. I will look into the update.

I think I figured out what I did wrong, and what you are saying sounds correct.

Edit: I think I did see an issue with the parameters before, so I updated it with the new version.

Were there any other recent updates involving the blocking or dual wielding plugins? I think I might have an issue with the parry one now.

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 I made a new game and I ran into a slightly different error. Two possible issues: 

One, an ally has zero equippable weapon slots and I gave them dual wielding. I assumed it would just think they are bare-handed. 

Two, their weapon's unleashed default attack  was missing an action sequence that would enable it to be used as a duel wielding skill. (The regular attack is also missing that action sequence, but it works, and I don't know how all of these things are handled.)  

My current guess is that the first one is the problem and I am testing it now.

Edit (2-5-2022): I think I solved the problem. I played the old save state that was giving me a problem and it seems to work now. I am guessing the first solution worked. 

You might want to warn people that Equip Core can cause issues if you don't want to find a work-around for the issue.

Here's the error message I got.

(2 edits)

Hi, everything has worked well for me for a long time, but all of a sudden I started getting a setObject undefined error.

The game was working again when I turned your plugins off.

Do you see anything wrong with my plugin order? It is easy to move something in the plugin order without noticing sometimes.

Edit: The newest plugins I added were for Victory Aftermath & Aftermath Level Up, but I don't see those mentioned in the error log. I can't remember when I added them and I don't think it was in the middle of the current save file. 

(Edit: I disabled Victory Aftermath plugins and the same error occurred.)

I haven't figured out how to do it right with the Japanese plugin, but I think a substitute counter-attack is generally impossible, and I like the idea as well.

Thanks for the quick reply. There's a Japanese plugin for substitute as well, and I will have to see if that shows the substitution. Not sure if that would help you in any way. I do think your plugin does a lot that the other one doesn't, which is appreciated.

The Japanese one also allows you to make an actor use a skill after each substitute, which could be interesting, and I'm not sure if yours does that.

I tried the demo and I don't see the substitute animation. It looks more like the provoke type of skill similar to an increased hit rate. Is the substitute animation not used for this?

That makes sense. I appreciate your work. Thanks for making something that so many games should have!

Thanks for the quick response; I think it is working now!

I got this plugin before I got passive states to work, and I don't think I read it carefully enough. The readme info doesn't seem to explicitly mention that the passive state plugin is needed. It says YEP BattleEngineCore & YEP BuffsStatesCore is needed right away.

Here is the block chance tag used.

The block chance plugin isn't working for me, but the parry plugin is working. I have the status plugin that also shows that a character has a 0 block chance even though they have a shield with a 100% block chance tag.

The image shows the plugins and order I am currently using.

Very cool, thanks!

Overall, this is working great for me. However, it doesn't seem to work with characters that have +1 attack.  They still only have two attacks when using two weapons.