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This takes me back to the XBLA days and that's not a bad thing. The only bad thing being that the movement is very jerky.

In Parsec you pilot a spaceship through a field of asteroids trying to destroy as many as possible before they destroy you. You have three different weapons that can be picked up around the world, their spawning is random. Health can also be picked up from random spawns and sometimes dropped by asteroids.

Play it here:

I'm glad you like it. The first game I made was rather complex and too ambitious for my skills, so I decided to join a game jam and make a simple game in a short amount of time. After the game jam I decided to do another simple game, something so simple it's hard to mess up, and thus this was born.

I don't think I can accept your offer, though I will seriously consider it.

I don't think name confusion should be much of a problem. The other game is on another website, in a different engine, the name is stylized differently, and was released three years earlier. Despite this, if any name confusion is apparent I will find something to do about it.

Rock Dodger is an aptly named infinite runner made in the Unity engine over the course of three months. In the game you control a spaceship that must dodge rocks in a cave. The cave is too narrow to fly in the middle of the rocks, so you must weave in and out of them with simple one button controls on PC and Android.

You can find the game here:

 All information such as installation and system requirements are listed on the game and download page.

I hope you consider downloading and playing my game.

This is exactly what I wanted to do at first.

Glad I changed my mind.

I am planning to update it within the next 3-4 days with extra features and multi screen levels.

It's fun, only thing is that it forces fullscreen.

That wreaks havoc on my two monitors.

I'd keep the old version up under a different name until you know %100 that the new one's up.

I think you did what I did, I accidentally submitted my game before uploading it.

See you in 2 weeks.

It's a good game, it's just that the window is too small and I can't tell if the ship is changing colors.

I think that the guy who started the jam said the window can be scaled to fit the screen, it just has to be 128x128 originally.

Does text color count towards the amount of colors? How about different shades of transparency?

PlatformJumper is now free to play to everyone, if you want to donate alongside your download you very well can.

Speaking of downloading, it can be found here:

I'll be honest  here. The reason I've made the game free is because I feel the price is a massive  disincentive.

The main idea of this game is to attract attention while still being a playable and fun game.

It is also an exercise in my skills, this game has tested my skills in various areas.

I am hoping to gain a following with this game so that work on future games isn't wasted.

Speaking of future games, I have a side project in the works. It won't take priority over PlatformJumper, but it will hopefully be done within four - six months.

That's a very rough estimate, so don't get too excited for September or November.

That being said, it could even come earlier. I have no idea, it isn't my main focus.

The tag for this post says "finished" but it isn't really completely finished. I'm just saying that it wouldn't be that bad if I just dropped support for it.

Yes, I know I've been posting quite a lot here today. I've been doing many things today.

PlatformJumper will be on sale for $0.25 for the first month of it's release.

The intent of this sale is to gain players by lowering the price.

The sale starts at 10PM EST today.

The game in question can be found here:

PlatformJumper, the aptly named plaformer, now has a demo.

I, and probably everyone else, believe every game should have a demo and I am sorry the game did not launch with a demo.

It now has a demo.

The demo is alongside the normal game on the same page here,

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PlatformJumper is a very aptly named game, you jump on platforms.

The game has 3 sets of 5 levels.

Set 1 is just normal platforming. 

Set 2 has platforming and dodging falling rocks.

Set 3 has rising lava.

This is my first game that I have actually completed.

If you do not feel this is worth your money, please try the earlier versions.

Here are some screenshots.

The game will continue to receive updates.

This is the latest version, available for purchase:

The earlier versions, free to play:


Hello again, today I released Alpha 6 or the Christmas update.

It's a pretty large update, and I want people to play it

You already knew that if you saw the last post here.

I'd put the project at around 40% complete.

So, please visit the game page and give it a try.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


This is a work in progress 2D platformer. 

There is not much in the way polish, but basic gameplay is there.

This game has been developed for 15.43 hours since 12/12/17

That's not EXACTLY "just started" but I can't really put a percentage on this, as I don't know where it's going.

Yes, the title is a working title.

Yes, the first 3 lines of this are pasted from the game's page.

Yes, I want people to play it :)