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A topic by chilly_durango created May 05, 2018 Views: 153 Replies: 8
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| Use 4 colors and 4 colors only. no more
| use a 128x128 window size

Do we pick one, or do we have to use both?


Okeydoodle, cheers :)


yes you must follow all of the requirements of the main theme


Does text color count towards the amount of colors? How about different shades of transparency?


Answer on the transparency?

Wanting to draw some transparent white lines but technically it's grey and an extra color.

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i think blaze means just 4 colors to make sure the game looks like an old school arcade game. using alpha channels technically means more than 4 colors. even if you're using one transparent color, the color can overlap other colors and make new colors. did i manage to explain what i mean?   :p

i think you got the idea whattamytalkinbout

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blaze wrote it's not allowed to use alpha channel

Jam Judge

yes no alpha channels are allowed. so.. just dont use any opacity settings.