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Nice puzzles, once I got the hang of it going through them quickly was fun

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Sound Effects
This would have been nice to know when designing the games.

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That's not really an answer, don't we get to vote 0-5 for several factors for each game?

Doesn't it make sense to know what criteria our games will be awarded points for?

Obviously theme is one. The others are a mystery. 

Last jam WTF was an category for example. Some people might lose WTF  points, not knowing they should be making it WTF in order to win more points.

JimJam #2 community · Created a new topic Vote categories?

Are the voting categories listed somewhere I'm missing?

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I'm not able to recreate  the collision issue you mentioned, there is one known bug if you hit a 90 degree corner just right you can clip through. 

As far as the movement, it isn't delta-time compensated, so if your not able to run at a consistent 60fps your movement could feel weird, it's tight for me, but there is a low pass filter on the camera that could make it appear delayed. 

For my playing experience, it can be challenging but it is far from impossible. It's only two short levels so it needs to be "nintendo hard".

Is it just me or does the vulgar way they ram into you from all sides make this kinda unplayable? Maybe I don't get the controls?

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What about partial usage or merging?

For example, the mario character sprite. Could you draw the left half of the one without his arms, and the right half of the one with arms, so it's just one arm extended?

Can we draw sprites with alpha(transparency)?

Also this is really bugging me. Some of the tiles have a dark blue pixel on the corner, where some are transparent. They should all be transparent for the right bg to come through. Anything we can do about this?

The background for some of the bushes is white which makes them essentially unusable, its grey area with the rules if the white can be made transparent. 

Like the last jam, I cleaned up my source code and published it under MIT license.

For anyone looking to start coding and move away from game-maker tools Processing 3 is a great and super easy way to get started with Java. Setup to run this from source could be done in a couple minutes.

There is a sound effect for getting hit, however it's not as noticeable as I'd like. Adding a flash to the sprites would definitely help a lot.

It is indeed from scratch in java, specifically Processing 3, no engines. After voting is done I'll clean up the source code and put it up.

The smooth look comes from using a low pass filter between the camera and the target(player). like cameraLocation = cameraLocation - smoothing*(playerLocation - cameraLocation ). Also using a velocity vector for the player, with acceleration, instead of just hard left or right. 

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/ is an alternative to clicking, also W and space are the same

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I implemented a modified version of this and your oculothorax  into my recent gamejam

I also made a tool for recoloring pixel art

Thanks for making such great freely available animations! the best on itch!

I like how much it looks like a real NES game

Wow, great concept and take on the theme. 

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ill admit for me it would be trivial to stack many images to completely ignore what is essentially the only rule.  The color tool I made could spit out multiple images to cover the entire 64 color nes pallet easy.

added some features, a posterize filter to reduce the number of colors used in the source image, an undo history list, and save/load apply procedures.

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I made this tool to help with recoloring pixel art. I've loaded it with the required NES pallet. 

There's a small bug that seems to mess up the right most column. I made this because I've had a lot of frustration with photoshop and pixel art, found it very helpful, maybe you guys need this as much as I did.

So for clarity,

these nes megaman 2 sprites break the rules because they use white+black+3colors?

mini jam 2nd edition community · Created a new topic rules

is it still 128x128? A more NES-like 240p? no rule? 

mini jam community · Created a new topic Open source
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After the jam I cleaned up my code and published it. 

Processing 3 is very easy to install and use. After installing processing 3, to run my game from source first you will have to go to Sketch >  Import Library > Add Library and get Minim and PixelFlow.  Then just open  starBreak.pde and hit run

I feel like the gameboy is just page art, not the game, and doesn't count. The game itself I'm pretty sure is 128x128 and uses only 4 shades of green..

oh I know,  all the wooshing ate into my development time!

Clever use of the theme for lighting and gameplay

The limitations/theme were brutally slain in this submission, the aesthetic appears highly polished

Made it to the end, good execution on the limitations/theme

Answer on the transparency?

Wanting to draw some transparent white lines but technically it's grey and an extra color.

I'm working on a 128x128 canvas but developing the game at 512x512, and can toggle between the two with a key while the game is running, I'd recommend it.

I'd be curious to see what the log file says if it's no trouble :)

Here is a new build of the game that creates a loadLog.txt file, if you were to run the game and get it to crash, and post the contents of your loadlog.txt file to I would be able to see where it's freezing and hopefully fix it. 

Definitely something going on with the GPU.  Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to fix it remotely very easily :(. Thank you for the details anyways, sorry you couldn't enjoy the game.  The pathfinders run on a shader in the GPU, something is going very wrong when loading the position of the enemies off the GPU. 

I get over 500fps,

This is a debug build of the game, if you press the b key during gameplay it will show benchmark timings for various parts of the game code, if you tell me which one is highest(one is probably very high) I might be able to track it down and fix it. 

If you decide to do all the path finding and locations in a compute shader on the GPU your gonna have a bad time

Will the part 2 and 3 live recordings on youtube eventually be full length? Both are only showing up as 2 hours long, missed game stream in the first part of part 3.

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The game isn't meant to be resized, I'd love to disable the maximize button but the code for doing that in the language I used seems broken at the moment.  Glad you enjoyed it anyways! Definitely agree on the sound, jumping and shooting sound effects would have helped tie it together. 

I'm glad you found it fun, thanks for the feedback.

If you progress far enough it gets plenty tense with the current rules, the difficulty scaling past ~130 kills gets quite intense! Artwork and sound would have been nice but I ended up pissing away all my time chasing down rare game-crashing bugs. 

Pretty sure there's no windows version inside the Win download.