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Allowed techniques

A topic by AgentAPM created Jun 01, 2018 Views: 157 Replies: 8
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Rules are, that we can't edit the sprites, but we can scale and merge them.

What else is allowed to do by us?


Can we, for instance, flip or rotate sprites?

Jam Host

Rotation is allowed and flipping us allowed. So your in the green! :)

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What about partial usage or merging?

For example, the mario character sprite. Could you draw the left half of the one without his arms, and the right half of the one with arms, so it's just one arm extended?

Can we draw sprites with alpha(transparency)?

Also this is really bugging me. Some of the tiles have a dark blue pixel on the corner, where some are transparent. They should all be transparent for the right bg to come through. Anything we can do about this?

The background for some of the bushes is white which makes them essentially unusable, its grey area with the rules if the white can be made transparent. 


The tiles with the blue are suppose to be like that, to look more solid. You can’t change the background filler color on the tiles, you can make the whole tile transparent, but not some of it (this should answer your Mario question) so no partial usage. As for merging, you can overlap but you can’t merge 2 tiles

Hope this helps

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can i use some my own art for cut scene and splash screen kind of stuff?

Jam Host

akashYd No sorry

indieLM Transparency is allowed but changing the blue pixels and merging sprites are not allowed.


Using plain colors as backgrounds is allowed?

what about gradients?

Jam Host

No gradients, unless done with tiles. And a splash screen is allowed, you will just loose a few points. An idea would be to make  a splash screen using the provided tiles. Hope that this helps =)