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Hey, I've encountered a wild softlock when playing Roll vs Wily Machine attempting a basic weapon only run.
I remember I entered Wily fight, defeated the machine with the broom and the game softlocked, leaving just the big skull part on the screen and nothing else. Game was not reacting to my input.
(I dunno if it's relevant, but I remember I also paused and unpaused once before the fight)
Settings: Difficulty hard, infinite lives, disabled boss intros, default the rest.

Besides, is Roll's buster shot riffle lower than Megaman's? Because my friend reported that hitting phase 2's weak point was way harder as Roll.

To be honest, the sounds especially during the view change can be a bit tedious, nevertheless I can't get enough of how well designed this game is.
My favorite thing is the multiple use of the face, as person, as passport, as wanted poster, all playing around the LCD limitations.
Not to mention all the iconic elements from the original game. Even the passports from different nationalities have varied emblems.

I really like the twist on the Sokoban formula, sadly it's completely unintuitive to see at a glance.

What I mean is that if you'd fall off from top or bottom lane, you loop back from the other side. For that reason, if I get lost in a melody (and I swear, up and down are uncomfortable directions to mash), I cannot doubletap an arrow to align myself with the top or the bottom lane.

Pretty rockin' music, but damn, it's tough to recover without any bounds.

I love the concept. IMO, it's a perfect simple game for code practicing.

As a stress test, have you tested what happens if two or three conditions are fulfilled at once?

Wow. I dare to say those cars' sprites are Retro City Rampage tier.

Besides, I ended my first playthrough with 3 spare medals. Are they extra, or there is a thing to spend them on?
Also, when I did a quick replay, I gave away the box first and I couldn't return the jewelery.

Mentioning Final Fantasy is as meta as the game itself.

First of all, I think you should include some epilepsy warning. It had no dramatic effect on me, but I can imagine people having problems with it. Only the skulls gave me a terrifying jumpscares.

I like the mechanical simplicity of the gameplay. You move on a grid, some tiles teleport you, some tiles change if you use an item next to them, some tiles make a dialogue appear, sometimes several depending on the held item. For me this is very adorable.

The visuals are lovely. Pixelart looks very good, and areas have distinct aesthetics. Character style and animation is very reminiscent of Final Fantasy on NES. There is only one melody, but its slightly varying arrangement makes a fine background for the adventure.

The puzzles were a joy to solve. World exploring has numerous obvious references to the first Legend of Zelda. Clues you gain from signs and NPCs are clear and useful, however it is sometimes possible to get a solution by chance before seeing the clue.

The titular Meta element is very striking. It raises a topic I like to think about from time to time. Personally, I didn't like the conclusion, nevertheless I find it rather good.

What a charming survival horror.

By the first glance, this game reminded me Emoji Simulator by NCase, or Tiny Islands by David King. Indeed it has a lot of cellular automaton vibe.

On the complimentary side, I really enjoyed the minimalist aesthetics and economical with variables. Tiles evolve in mostly scripted manner which allows for quick understanding and intentionality.
It was also thrilling when the lightnings stroke and turned the gameplay upside down.

On the feedback side, I wish you followed the example of the latter and explained how some mechanics work, like which house will be occupied after reproduction, or how soil fertility will change based on surrounding tiles, or when will the wildfires start and which tiles will set on fire.

Overall, it's a pretty simple, very fun and addicting game.

This brings me memories from Robbo Millenium.

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Absolutely genius idea, well executed.

Oh my god!

I have never seen a game that takes you on a journey to learn how to beat the title screen.

Was I supposed to get stuck on the stairway?

I haven't seen such brilliant line since the dialogue before the final battle in Guacamelee 2.

Great game. It really made me feel. Feel joy, feel guilt...
It was a simple, yet significant twist how long the adventure actually was.

Great Game!

Wonderful idea in its simplicity!

Cool idea.

Unfortunately the game softlocked at the first level with a bee and knife.

.pck file missing

Pretty cool game.

I really like the outline aesthetics idea, and the leitmotif music. (The latter reminds me one of my favorite retro games - Monster World IV)

By transitions I meant switching frames.

While playing I was randomly warped to weapon get screen.

Wow! The new engine is very impressive. New sound effects rock as wel.
However the transitions don't work properly. And it's not a compliment. Fix it plz.

Fantastic game over the Sokoban formula.
The aesthetics work really well to enjoy the game much more with the cute bouncy graphics, calm music, and snappy movement.
My only wish would be for more possibility space. Solutions were often about doing the only possible thing. Like Hanoi Towers. In that manner, I respect very much level 16. This one stumped me like none other.
Overall, GG!

An archer, a knight and a mage. This combination is so classical.
Death has never been so much fun.

Yeah. Pretty good for my first Bitsy game.

The game is okay. Perhaps if you have added mouse control, the game would feel more dynamic.
I don't see much "roll" however, unless you meant the whole planet. And what's even evolving here?

Reminds me Cyber Shadow.

Do I see some Into the Breach inspirations?

I've added a learning mode. Is it enough, or the text explaination is a must be?

Very interesting game. It's the second one I saw so far which crams RPG-like gameplay in 3x3 space.
I find it really curious how taking place of an object in practice make it replaced by another, fixed object.

I really adore the visual style. Areas and NPCs look absolutely stunning. I have however an issue to the gameplay pace. It's very fast and dynamic, a bit in expense of precision.

Nothing however can beat the Sanky series.

Here's my old little game. It is very much "so bad it's good", but it's not cyberpunk.

I even wanted to record the ending of the game, but due to some difficulties I have just a photo.
Gameplay is almost non-existent, but graphics are pretty nice.
I look forward to see more of yours.

Cool. I'd encourage to try again when it's finished. I'm preparing some animations and alternate dimensions.

Nu pogodi!

This "game"... It can be finished, but I can't imagine anybody being engaged to do so.

The program doesn't want to fully obey me, so I went with a simple puzzle with multiple catches. I'm glad you liked it.

The project is a bit buggy, because I'm working on a hurry.
I can't recreate your glitch, but I'm concious of a different one with revive heart.

Can we, for instance, flip or rotate sprites?

Rules are, that we can't edit the sprites, but we can scale and merge them.

What else is allowed to do by us?