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Cool idea.

Unfortunately the game softlocked at the first level with a bee and knife.

.pck file missing

Pretty cool game.

I really like the outline aesthetics idea, and the leitmotif music. (The latter reminds me one of my favorite retro games - Monster World IV)

By transitions I meant switching frames.

While playing I was randomly warped to weapon get screen.

Wow! The new engine is very impressive. New sound effects rock as wel.
However the transitions don't work properly. And it's not a compliment. Fix it plz.

Fantastic game over the Sokoban formula.
The aesthetics work really well to enjoy the game much more with the cute bouncy graphics, calm music, and snappy movement.
My only wish would be for more possibility space. Solutions were often about doing the only possible thing. Like Hanoi Towers. In that manner, I respect very much level 16. This one stumped me like none other.
Overall, GG!

An archer, a knight and a mage. This combination is so classical.
Death has never been so much fun.

Yeah. Pretty good for my first Bitsy game.

The game is okay. Perhaps if you have added mouse control, the game would feel more dynamic.
I don't see much "roll" however, unless you meant the whole planet. And what's even evolving here?

Reminds me Cyber Shadow.

Do I see some Into the Breach inspirations?

I've added a learning mode. Is it enough, or the text explaination is a must be?

Very interesting game. It's the second one I saw so far which crams RPG-like gameplay in 3x3 space.
I find it really curious how taking place of an object in practice make it replaced by another, fixed object.

I really adore the visual style. Areas and NPCs look absolutely stunning. I have however an issue to the gameplay pace. It's very fast and dynamic, a bit in expense of precision.

Nothing however can beat the Sanky series.

Here's my old little game. It is very much "so bad it's good", but it's not cyberpunk.

I even wanted to record the ending of the game, but due to some difficulties I have just a photo.
Gameplay is almost non-existent, but graphics are pretty nice.
I look forward to see more of yours.

Cool. I'd encourage to try again when it's finished. I'm preparing some animations and alternate dimensions.

Nu pogodi!

This "game"... It can be finished, but I can't imagine anybody being engaged to do so.

The program doesn't want to fully obey me, so I went with a simple puzzle with multiple catches. I'm glad you liked it.

The project is a bit buggy, because I'm working on a hurry.
I can't recreate your glitch, but I'm concious of a different one with revive heart.

Can we, for instance, flip or rotate sprites?

Rules are, that we can't edit the sprites, but we can scale and merge them.

What else is allowed to do by us?

I'll remake it so it can be played in browser.

"Mind us try"?

It's not easy in Bitsy Maker, but in my opinion, graphic style you used in the Odd One somehow feels really original.

Sorry. Fixed.

Very clever approach to the theme, however the I'd the controls to be tighter.

Amazing game. I love the mirror and digging out of the cell. However I see a problem with "I'm your father, the King". I doesn't sound very natural for me. Also, the Human Feast scene looks a bit flat, compared to the rest of the grahics.

Well, I don't know PICO-8 very much.

BTW, I wondered why many PICO-8 games look extraordinarily. Does it just happen so that people who are good artists make games in PICO-8 and know the language inside out, or it's just that easy to create eye-catching graphics?

What else I can advise you is to make palette change option not return you to the game. It's pretty annoying to press enter, down arrow and X repeatably.

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Three colors for the whole game, you say?
Kinda like one of my projects for Color Scheme Jam -
However I'm gonna have only three colors at once, and they will change between the stages.

It reminds me The End Is Neigh.
Interesting game, however I'm finding two major issues with it.

1. The graphics are quite messy. I often miss what is what. I'd suggested to move all these moving particles into the background and and give them darker color.
2. Is it only me, or there is a serious input lag?

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Yeah. As I think, last days of our castle was the most beautiful of the entries, I think Old Glory was very good gimmick-wise.

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My main concern is, that it's not significant enough. I know, adding items which are counted after being collected is a solid start, however it would be much more useful if it affected warps. For example: A guard won't let you in until you pay him 10 coins.

And as the straydogstrut said, it should be possible to change the values on the fly.

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I've tried this while making the fountain in Old Glory. After all, I used the fact, that warping on a warp doesn't rewarp, but moving into the wall afterwards does. I think it creates a decent effect, however I'd like a notification to appear.
(Besides, I thought I would get more comments below the game...)

What can variables be used to, besides dialogue changing?

For example, how each of the parameters effects the planet's look, and what is the meaning of these maps that appear before the planet does..

(But honestly, it was just an ironic comment)