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Travel through beautiful and diverse land of Elengrad to discover what mistery led to series of terrible events.
Submitted by Xiris — 2 hours, 51 minutes before the deadline
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Engagement and general#53.6673.667

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I went to check the submissions of previous months, curious of what people made for this jam.

I was shocked... This is beyond what I expected. This is way too good for something done in a month :O


Thank you so much! :) It took a lot of work actually. I calculated all the hours I worked on the game and it added up to around 160-180h :D.


A lot of back and forth, but man this feels like a complete game! I still need to finish the game, but what I played made me really proud. Great game in all the points!


Thank you so much for the comment :). Unfortunately the world in the game is pretty small at this time - that means I had to utilize available space. In around one month time hopefully there will be much more to explore. That should slightly decrease the feeling of going 'back and forth' :)

Good almost short metroidvania. It has basic stuffs for a metroidvania

It took plenty back n forth to complete this game but that's how metroidvanias are :). Good boss fights (I wish I could save near the boss before fighting ghost boss )

I accidentally missed some dialogues after defeating ghost boss since dialogue skip key is same as attack key

I believe the chest at the village is unused right?


Hey! Thank you so much for your amazing comment. The game will be a bit more 'metroidvania-like' after several updates. This is raw version prepared for a game jam. :) I hope to make it a little bit longer in the near future.

Regarding the save: the save next to the second boss is already implemented in the new version. I need to wait until the rating is over so I can update it. There are some other minor fixes as well. :)

The chest can be used to leave items in it. At this moment there is 'perfect' amount of items so you don't really have to choose what you have in your inventory. However one of the updates will not only extend the map but also introduce several new items. Then what you have with you will be key decision to make.

Hats off to you, this looks absolutely stunning, has a good story, good humour, and the gameplay is really good too. I just unfortunately screwed myself right at the end boss so didn't get to finish it :-(


Thank you so much! I love our comment. It is very encouraging. I recommend to give the game a try as soon as the game jam is over. There are some minor fixes which will make the experience much better - the most important is campfire next to the second boss area!

Ah I love you!! Having a campfire next to that boss would have been a game changer (apart from the one the other side that I didn't get while I had the chance). I absolutely loved the game though, I'm definitely going to play it again and actually beat it this time!


I watched the video. It is amazing. For long time I did not have such a great time! You are an awesome person! I know it is not much but you got +1 subscriber :D

That means so much, thank you 😊😊

Submitted (1 edit)

Wow, what a pretty game! Each screen must have had days poored into them, good job pulling it all together. The story and sound was equally impressive. Some of the areas felt a bit short, and there were some weird things with checkpoints, like it not healing you meant I'd get a checkpoint and instantly suicide to heal. Still though, it's an incredible game!


Thank you Justcamh for the feedback! The areas will be extended in the future :). At the end I want the 'dialogue' part to be much less portion of the game. I plan to add some side quests but nothing spectacular. There will be other additions as well. They will change the experience a little bit (I hope I will be able to improve the attacking + introduce a ranged weapon).

+ do you remember where did you encounter the issue with not being healed? I would like to check it out :)


None of the saving campfires healed me. I had to suicide to heal


Did you wait by the fire? :) The fire heals 1 point every second (I believe)


Wait, why doesn't it just heal instantly? That is a rather weird mechanic, that would need explanation. Or, better still, just instant heal and save the player some time


Because, sometimes you may not change a respawn point and you need heal. But maybe you are right - I can keep both, heal when you wait by the fire + introduce full save heal :)


Or why not just make the heal speed to almost instant?


This is actually very fair point :)


Pretty cool game.

I really like the outline aesthetics idea, and the leitmotif music. (The latter reminds me one of my favorite retro games - Monster World IV)


Thank you so much! I will definitely check the game out :). The music was composed by two amazing music creators - Dekkanoid and Paolo Iocca. I will be updating description page of the game and for sure will include their names there :).


I really loved playing this game. On my spare time will keep playing this until I reach the dead end or the final ending if it is already included!


Thank you! Please let me know if you are stuck anywhere or have any suggestions! :


Nice work!!


Thank you so much :)