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I'll be streaming all the JimJam games! Sticky

A topic by TimRuswick created Apr 10, 2018 Views: 243 Replies: 3
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Just wanted to let everyone know the stream schedule for playing the JimJam games! I'll be streaming for the next few days.

Stream Times:

  • Wednesday 4/11 at 7PM EST
  • Thursday 4/12 at 7PM EST
  • And if there's still more, again on Friday 4/13 at 7PM EST which will take the place of our normal stream.

I'll be going through the submission in order of their submission time here:

I'll be streaming live on Twitch and YouTube.

*EDIT* You can find the recordings of me playing all the games here. Thank's to everyone who entered! It was a ton of fun!!!

Thank you again to everyone that participated! It was so much fun and I'm glad we finished so many damn games!


Can you please make the list of games like:

00:02:23 1 game

00:05:42 2 game



Will the part 2 and 3 live recordings on youtube eventually be full length? Both are only showing up as 2 hours long, missed game stream in the first part of part 3.

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That's a processing/caching thing on YouTube's end. It normally fixes itself within 12h-24h of the conversion from stream to full upload. (Takes some time to convert all the livestream data into a full video, especially if it was longer than 2h or so.)