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Yeah it's a horror, sorry! Thanks for playing though. Unfortunately this was just a jam game and there won't be any more developments - balancing on the game is terrible, particularly the end-game. To properly test the end-game I added a developer cheat-key that would reload the game from 10 seconds earlier (allowing you to beat the RNG to simulate a 'lucky' run). If I'm completely honest I can't remember whether I even left that key combo in the game, nor can I remember what the combo is.

Yes, afraid so. I don't think I even have the source anymore so there won't be a desktop upload either I'm afraid :(

I thought it would be a grey-area thing - thanks for clarifying!

I doubt I will try anything like this, but messing around with the format a little could be fun. I also thought a different resolution might work better for a mobile game with no on-screen controls.

64*64 = 4096
Screen resolutions of less than 64*64 are permitted.
Could I have a resolution of, for example, 52*78 - since 4056 is less than 4096?

It's pedantry I know, I'm just curious :)

Okeydoodle, cheers :)

mini jam community · Created a new topic Limitations

| Use 4 colors and 4 colors only. no more
| use a 128x128 window size

Do we pick one, or do we have to use both?

Can't help but notice the size of the prize pool has decreased since announcement - do we have any guarantee this won't happen again before/during the jam? I think it might bolster confidence if you could explain why/how this happened.

The Meta dictionary alone is enough - A and B are just buffers.

Apologies for delays! My job is seasonal and things got ahead of me - we're out of season now, and the Evie update goes live tonight!

No license as such, but here's one I made the other night, prepping for LOWREZJAM :) Use as you wish, no attrib required...

GOSHDARNIT! I thought I had that particular bug licked. I'm real sorry, man. If you clear your cache for this page, it should at least allow you to play again. I'm really sorry to everyone who's had this bug, I just can't seem to replicate it any more, and I've tried everything I can think of to fix it 'blindly' :(

There are some bugs regarding the ending - however you found Amanda! And you now need to return to the start. Sorry she isn't much to look at :(

Yes, Evie was written in Construct 2 - and her entire source will be available as part of the Toolkit very soon! To produce those sonnets, Evie read Shakespeare's sonnets (I believe there are around 140 of them?) about ten times - which means for each word she has a record of the frequency of all words preceding it up to the 10th precedent.

Keep those fingers crossed...

Nice! I like the double theme usage, and the graphics are lovely. Reminds me of some old classics I used to play on my Dad's Macintosh! I like how you get nods to potential future layouts in the dotted outlines. Lends itself well to repetitive play.

I liked this a lot. I love how much character you've gotten out of so few pixels, and how fluid the movement was. Sometimes I felt like the platform sizes could have been a little more forgiving, but ultimately I liked how the puzzles all played with your notion of first appearances.

I loved this - particularly how the different weapon types so massively affected the way you fly around - and yet they were each really easy to learn. I found myself developing different strafing runs depending on what gun I was using. Really good fun!

Good fun - love the soundtrack. Background art is delightful, as are the sprites :) Really nailed the Gameboy feel!

Love the character sprites - so charming! And the music fits the relaxing tone well. Also like the lighting and weather effects - really pretty. If anything it needs a little more exposition - a short tutorial, diegetic or otherwise, would really do the world of good :)

Thanks - it rides off the back of another tileset of mine, originally made for Tiny Town Saga (that's why I named them similarly). I released the spritesheet, you can grab it here:

There is one now! Just click / tap anywhere on screen :)

Oh wow, that's great to hear! I hadn't tried it on C3 yet (no license, working too hard during the jam) so that's great to hear :)

Still working those bits out - the jam is still in progress! Bear in mind the jam is to make 'clicker' games; "video games whose gameplay consists of the player performing simple actions (such as clicking on the screen) repeatedly to gain currency" [Wikipedia].

The core idea is simply to use this mechanic to explore a map on-screen. Aside from creating followers you can also spawn monoliths to draw your followers to new locations. The world is infinite, and tonight's update will bring in some new structures your followers can discover.

I will admit the game lacks direction - but it was conceived as I went along, mostly as an excuse to use technologies (flow fields, entity-component systems, infinite terrain) that I wanted to use but hadn't had a chance to before.

Hey - thanks for the kind words! There's a big update due soon, to the itch, Scirra and Google Play versions of the game, which will add a significant amount of new content to both free and pro versions of the game. I enjoyed listening to your catalogue on soundcloud, and there are some tracks in there which are really close to what I want. Specifically I'm after industrial and military themed chiptunes, if you think you can handle that brief? If you want to keep in touch I'm @chilly_durango on Twitter, and the game has its own facebook page at :)

Nice! I'll be keeping an eye out for the rest of your games this year :D

I'm a big John Carpenter fan - I'll always want more ominous scifi music! :P Have you got any plans for it beyond itch?

Could do with some ominous sci-fi music :D But otherwise I really enjoy it. Brilliantly simple control scheme. Sprites and tiles are lovely too - really evocative.

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Thanks for the feedback! I'll tweak the camera for the next update, which should be some time today :)

The music is placeholder, realistically speaking I'll launch with some original audio. I'm trying to source at the moment - if any artists are reading this?

EDIT: Camera has been tweaked - let me know what you think :) Also, feature add - crates and weapons!