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You can't keep getting away with this. This generosity is unreasonable. I will not stand for your excellence any longer. Your benevolence angers me.

I've been using your textures a lot recently (thankyou). I often layer them for complexity/tiling, so this pack is a real treat. Amazing work, as always :)

Yes :)

Ah, I wasn't aware of the implicit license. That's interesting - I'd assumed the opposite was true, that something that wasn't licensed would be completely unprotected.

Ah! Thankyou - done. I feel like Itch should make this something you have to fill in by default.

Apologies, just updated the page with the license info - it's CC0 v1.0, no attribution required - but if you make anything with them I'd love to see it 😽

Welcome 😽

What a cracking little tool! I can never be bothered to download an app like this that I'm only ever going to use once in a blue moon - and all the other web-based apps for this are SO SLOW! This was perfect, I'm bookmarking it (high honour), and am very grateful to the author.

The whole jam is about exploring alternatives to capitalism. That S on the end makes the word plural. The word 'Communist' doesn't appear anywhere on the Jam page. You're an idiot.

Hey, thanks for asking! These are really simple luckily - if you check the 'Sources' post under the Development log you can see links to the original images. I find photos and chop them up in Photoshop to lay them out for the mesh. Sometimes you have to get creative - the body of the pump is actually side of a jerry-can. The hub of the turbine is actually the wheel-hub of a tank - and so-on. Imagine it like you're kit-bashing models - just grab parts you need from other photos and stick them together - the pixellation hides a lot of sins.

I'll usually keep images in their original dimensions during modelling, and use brushes to add shading or detail. When I'm happy with the overall look, I'll export those images downscaled to an appropriately low resolution using 'Nearest Neighbour' downsampling for jaggy edges. You might have to tweak the pixellated image a bit after that, but it usually comes out quite tidy.

Best of luck!

Well, I am quite the muppet. When I disabled save/load, I used a quick fix that would just reset the game after death to bypass the load menu. That reset apparently includes the seed of the random generator - meaning you always see the same level. I cannot believe I missed that. Regardless - I really appreciate you taking so much time with my little game, and giving so much valuable feedback. I haven't sat down to do any dev stuff since the end of this jam, but I'll open the project later and see if I can fix a few bugs to make the current version a little more enjoyable.

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You should be able to find an altar which will accept a sacrifice of a given type of corpse. Find the right kind of corpse, bring it to the altar, and the shrine will crumble. Apologies that this wasn't made clearer - but thanks for playing! I really appreciate the feedback. A lot of things got left on the cutting room floor, one of which was a 'quests' dialog which would track these things for you - I'll try and make it a priority to bring that back in the first post-jam update, along with a bit more variety in how to unblock barriers.

The paedophile gamer equivalent of starting a sentence with "I'm not racist, but..."

Thankyou! The models are put together with texturing in mind, so I hope that works out - check out this post for my attempt at texturing the Python, if you haven't already :) 

Oh wow, wouldya lookit that...

Someone probably played it on a stream, tweeted about it, etc. Check the bottom of the Analytics page for details on where your views are coming from.

I have this on some of my games that have never been downloadable. I THINK it's something to do with the desktop companion?

Awesome, thankyou! I think this might be the first credited use of this little pack? Which is very cool. I'm a big wuss for horror games, but if I can suitably gird my loins at some point I will give it a go. I'm honoured!

For those wanting to use shader graph - create a blank shader graph, add a 'Vertex Color' node, and plug its output directly into the 'Base Color'.

Yeah; the models have slots for each material they can use. You'll need to make a material for each texture you want to use, then put those materials in the slots on the model renderer :) This way you can mix and match, re-texture existing assets etc.

Actually kinda fun! I tried it a bunch of times and didn't complete it, but I don't usually try something more than once if I don't enjoy it, and I'm not usually a fan of platformers either. The basic premise is really engaging and the mechanic is well executed. The flashing is a lot to look at though - and my eyes kept darting from the timer at the top, back to where the action was. Maybe making the player pulse instead of the background, and keeping the timer near the player, would ease the fatigue on the eyes. The color palette is also pretty sharp - it's clear and easy to read, which is good - but the clashing primary colours are hard on the eye too. Maybe check out coolors and try some of the palettes there? I don't think the game needs sprites, but animating the player with a little bit of squash and stretch might be nice, and pretty easy. I really like that there's different ending messages depending on how far you got; that's a really nice touch. Don't take the criticism to heart if you're happy with where the game is at; for something made in such a short amount of time, it's good fun :)

Construct 2 doesn't distinguish between different types of number - everything's just a number, which inclines me to think everything is most likely just a float

I don't think so - it was written in Costruct 2 though so there's no code, per se. Realistically, it only took two or three days to make (IIRC) with me just adding features as they seemed necessary, so it's almost definitely easier/better to just write it from scratch than try and reverse-engineer anything. Thanks for the interest! If you've got any specific questions I can probably answer them still.

These will come in....

....... HANDY!

Eh? Eeeeeh?

Hey, thanks Verser! I can recommend this video by Miziziziz, which was what got me excited about this particular style. He's got full courses on Udemy as well - although I haven't checked them out he's not the kind of guy to waste people's time or money so I would trust that they're pretty high quality.

This was basically me finally sat down and learning retro texturing, so I'm not an expert at all. If you're already familiar with Blender it shouldn't be too hard for you. If not, this style is a great way to start learning, as the models required are so low in detail that you can put them together with a few rough shapes. I made the texture sheets for these by using Blender to project and pack the UVs, then I used Photoshop's layer styles to texture custom shapes for each face. This is kinda overkill, and only really the sort of detail you'd see on main characters from this era - as the video points out, most textures in older games are reused in creative ways. If you check out the other asset packs I've posted since, you'll see examples of textures designed for more 'abstract' use like this.

I can confirm in case anyone's unsure; the *.dae model files are included in each *.rar archive, along with the *.png image textures. This is not a scam.

Possible, yes - and although I haven't considered it seriously I have always thought this little project deserves a sequel, or a remake. But I'm a hobbyist/jammer mostly, so I wouldn't necessarily start holding your breath just yet.

It's not that I don't care - it's that I no longer have the source for this jam game that I made in a week nearly 5 years ago. I reduced the flashes in line with previous suggestions when I still had the source, and I will update the description now with further warnings for photosensitive people - but other than pull it down altogether I can't really do anything else :/

If you click the Another One button it usually fixes that :) 66 times out of 67 at least. 

I made an app for another jam - it selects two random genres. Good for inspiration, if you need it :) 

I made an app for another jam - it selects two random genres from a list expoanded from the one above. Good for inspiration, if you need it :)

I like this and thank you! Implemented, uploading now.

Mission accomplished, boys.

Wow, thankyou! The capx is compatible with C3, and runs a fair bit faster in that runtime :)

Ha, thanks! Yeah the premise has always been a good one. Side-scrolling roguelike has a real nice feel to it somehow. This is one project I often want to return to and do justice, but now isn't really the time. Regards data formats I have no idea, I'm a filthy non-coder who uses middleware so I am clueless as to what's actually going on under the hood, sorry :(

Yeah it's a horror, sorry! Thanks for playing though. Unfortunately this was just a jam game and there won't be any more developments - balancing on the game is terrible, particularly the end-game. To properly test the end-game I added a developer cheat-key that would reload the game from 10 seconds earlier (allowing you to beat the RNG to simulate a 'lucky' run). If I'm completely honest I can't remember whether I even left that key combo in the game, nor can I remember what the combo is.

Yes, afraid so. I don't think I even have the source anymore so there won't be a desktop upload either I'm afraid :(

I thought it would be a grey-area thing - thanks for clarifying!

I doubt I will try anything like this, but messing around with the format a little could be fun. I also thought a different resolution might work better for a mobile game with no on-screen controls.