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I made it to the second portal level and was very confused, thought there might be a way to move the portals but not sure. You might have gone overboard with the particle effects because it wasn't running great in the browser. I like puzzle games so I had a decent time anyway.

Fun game, I think I like the bullet bounce more than the rewind, pretty much killed every enemy by bouncing bullets around corners. Having destructible objects was a nice touch and I'm glad there were checkpoints because I died a couple of times.

Really great game, cool visual style, plays really well. I like the visual language of only the red objects rewind. I think the platforms move a little too quickly which is why you end up mashing the button so much . Consider using a different button than shift to rewind because my PC kept trying to turn on sticky keys.

This game is great, one of the best concepts I've seen yet and very well executed. I think the combo meter might drain a little too quickly but other than that I don't have any complaints.

This was a lot of fun. I liked the challenge of collecting the gems and it's nice that they are optional. I like that you used the ghost images to show where you have been. It's probably one of my highest ratings so far, you can always add more levels later but it was a good size for a game jam anyway.

Yeah that's a good point, especially if you haven't played a tower defence game before. There are instructions on the game page but none in the game.

Really great puzzle game. I like the simple look, the tiles appearing at the start of a level looks great and it controls well. Having different types of objects was great to mix things up and you introduced them well too. I wasn't having much trouble until level 22 which I could not figure out even though it looks really simple.  Well done.

This game has really cool looking effects and environment. I'd suggest making platforms disappear after 1 second instead of falling away, because I hated mashing the space bar to jump as soon as I landed. The puzzles were interesting and I like the switches but I wasn't a fan of the platforming. 

I got stuck on the level where the wall moves out behind the force field.

If you want to play the WebGL version you can do that here

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Wow I've never played this before but it was a lot of fun. Probably took me 5 tries before I won a game (the ball got stuck on the others).  I also had some trouble thinking of a game to match the theme and I actually started making a puzzle game until I decided to just make a tower defence.

Good use of particle effects. I really like the platforms that come back. Music was nice but too short and repetitive. It was challenging at times but the restart is quick so I managed to beat it even if I died a whole lot. It's nice that you changed it up a little on the last level too.

This game controls well and has a really nice look. I had some trouble with the cloud part in level 2, I get that you can block the shots but it was still difficult. I guess my main criticism is that I wish it was a little easier so if there were checkpoints that would have gone a long way.

Nice game, I really like the rewind effect. Having more than one or two balls was a bit complicated and with the randomness you basically have to keep restarting and hoping for a good pattern. The zoom in when you fail was a good touch so you know which ball was hit.

Sometimes the next level button didn't work but I'm glad there was a level select so I could go back in.

I love this game! I didn't pay much attention to the par system but it's nice that it was there, maybe you could make a 3 star rating or something for each level so that people will want to replay levels to try to use the fewest moves. I wanted to make a puzzle game myself but couldn't think of a good concept so I just made a tower defence.

Really cool art style,  just not sure what you're supposed to do when you get to the flower.

Hey thanks for playing. I know people can exploit letting enemies reach the end and I'm totally fine with it, I wanted to make it easy enough for anyone to beat without punishing them and you can play it how you want. Adding the time buttons was a late addition but I'm really glad I did it. Not sure why the second and third towers didn't work for you, I tested the game a lot and never had that problem.

It's definitely worth beating once but you didn't miss much by not playing through again, just another theme.

My next project is going to be like overcooked so I thought this would be good practice. I used a trigger collider and just select a bench when it enters the collider but the problem is when more than one bench is in front of the player.

Yeah thanks, it's supposed to be like overcooked, turns out it's hard to make a game like that in 2 weeks. I wanted to improve the bench selection but I ended up just using a simple method which doesn't work very well.

Really fun, cool mechanics. I like how the colour change is only one button away so you can quickly change between them and those bombs are great. Cool style too even if it's just cubes.

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad someone found some hidden presents. It would be nice if there were more audio and visual cues in the snowball fight so I'll keep that in mind.

I know it's difficult to control 2 characters at once especially with the keyboard but I think that's part of the fun. There are only 2 minigames, I had more minigame ideas but didn't have time to add any of them.

Fun game, I managed to wrap 60 presents.

I will definitely make some minor changes and fix a few things when the jam is over but I don't think i'll make it bigger than is.

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Good modelling and animations. Fun stealth gameplay. I like the use of lighting.

Love the 3D modelling, the low poly style looks great. The gameplay is also fun, I like managing what each bear is doing and the controls are simple and easy to use. I also like that Goldilocks is still happy even if you don't manage to get everything done.

Really cool concept and fun game. Took me 3 tries to beat it but it was very satisfying when I did.

This game is really cool. My first 2 attempts went poorly but once I hit 1000 points it really ramped up. I like the gameplay and the sound effects were really good. My best score was 3390.

Yes thank you for this comment. I know the snowball fights are very difficult and I should have made them easier but I think if you're playing with 2 players it will be easier. I can manage to beat it by myself but even I struggle and have to keep trying over and over. There are secrets in this game which is where the surprise comes in but I'm not sure if I should just tell everyone or wait and see if someone figures it out.

Thanks for the quick comment, I appreciate any feedback. In the snowball fights you have to throw snowballs at the enemies and stay away from them. To throw snowballs with Keyboard it's 'e' and 'ctrl', and with Gamepad it's R1/L1.

This is fun, I really like the colour based mechanics but when I got to level 2 no enemies spawned.

Good style, puzzles and mechanics.

This is really cool. At first I didn't realize it was a clicker but once I started I didn't want to stop :)

Really difficult but really fun game. It would be nice if the music continued between attempts, I think I heard the first 3 seconds of that song 100 times :)

Love the style of this game. Had a good time trying to figure out how to get the most points too.

Fun game. It would be nice if it showed how long you survived for on the game over screen.

Thanks for the comments, glad you guys liked it. I thought this would be a good opportunity to learn/practice using particle systems and I wanted to make a consistent style so I tried to use them for everything.

This was really good. My highest score was 89, now my hand hurts.

Not bad, good to see you go all the characters in there and thanks for the unlock all cheat :)

This was cool, well done. I like the pixel art, animations, sound, music and the gameplay is pretty good too.

For some reason it skipped the taco eating section the first time I played it but it worked the second time and I got a total score of 837.