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Plastic Diamond

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Recent community posts

This is fun, I really like the colour based mechanics but when I got to level 2 no enemies spawned.

Good style, puzzles and mechanics.

This is really cool. At first I didn't realize it was a clicker but once I started I didn't want to stop :)

Really difficult but really fun game. It would be nice if the music continued between attempts, I think I heard the first 3 seconds of that song 100 times :)

Love the style of this game. Had a good time trying to figure out how to get the most points too.

Fun game. It would be nice if it showed how long you survived for on the game over screen.

Thanks for the comments, glad you guys liked it. I thought this would be a good opportunity to learn/practice using particle systems and I wanted to make a consistent style so I tried to use them for everything.

This was really good. My highest score was 89, now my hand hurts.

Not bad, good to see you go all the characters in there and thanks for the unlock all cheat :)

This was cool, well done. I like the pixel art, animations, sound, music and the gameplay is pretty good too.

For some reason it skipped the taco eating section the first time I played it but it worked the second time and I got a total score of 837.

You got a lot of 'mileage' out of those mechanics :) but they were good so I enjoyed it.

I tried 7 zip and that didn't work. It says cannot open file as archive.

I had to disable the sticky keys shortcut on my computer because I was mashing Shift so much. Good job on the sprites.

Thanks Renahzor, glad you liked it.

I managed to get 3 of the themes into this game 'One Big Chomp', 'East vs West' and 'Waluigi's First Game'.

This game is legit, really good idea and well executed.

There are a lot of GB references and there's a good variety of decisions to make.

I played through a few times with different characters and I found Vinny and Dan to be the most helpful.

Also bonus points for Lockdown :)

One of the funniest games of the jam, glad to see someone try FMV. I played it on youtube and it worked fine.

This looks like a really fun 2 player game.

Thank you estlopez, believe it or not I actually spent a long time trying to improve the physics of the chompit league part but everything I tried made it worse :P so I just left it like that.

I had a pretty good run and managed to get 2500.

I enjoyed this. I had the issue with the cat not spawning the second time but refreshing the browser fixed that.

I died the first time but got perfect second try.

Not bad, this game looks pretty complete to me:)

Dan's stories during the quick looks cracked me up.

The game looks OK but unfortunately I think the camera is too close to the ship so you can't really do/see much. I had -800 points and then I died in case anyone wants to beat my high score.

Good look, nice modelling and animations.

This was really fun. I managed to get 59 after 2 tries (I doubt I could beat that).

This was great, you had me worried for a second there. I like the music.

This is cool, it looks good, especially the pogs and slammers. The physics works well too. It crashed on me too but that's ok it happens.

This was fun, I like how Jeff has a different outfit for each animation. I did Jeff's teleport one time by accident then I couldn't figure out how I did it.

Just finished playing it and it's great! Probably the longest game in this jam and I might play it again just to see what happens when you choose the other side.

I wasn't sure if you could change the resolution or make it full screen so I played the whole thing in a little window. The game could use music but I just put some music on while I played it, maybe I'll listen to the bombcast on my next play-through.

OK I just tried it again today and it worked :) Guess I should have just tried it a third time, not sure why it was failing before maybe because I was trying to download too many games at once.

Really cool game, best use of 'H' button :). Just 1 thing, whenever I pressed space bar it would scroll the web page to the bottom so I would have to scroll back up after every shot.

This game is fun, my high score was 4190.

I tried the windows version but you need the data folder with the exe, just put them both into a folder and upload that (exe alone will not work). You can also zip them to make the upload/download easier.

I've tried to download this twice and the download failed both times, also the file size is large so maybe try zipping it and uploading again?

This is really great! I think you got the difficulty just right, it took me 3 tries to get past the Langs (fuck Dave Lang) but after that I was able to beat it.

Thank you. I didn't expect anyone to get caught out by the portal under the goal lol, I think I put it there so there would be a cooler finish by making players jump into the end.