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Thanks for playing!

Yeah, lot of people say that... maybe i will change that. 

Thanks for playing...
Hmm, nice idea :)

thanks for playing! :)

thanks for playing :) 
horizontal shooting is in there as constraint...

well yes, first level is more like "tutorial", but hope the rest wasn't so easy :)

i tried mac build, but it was not running.
it ends up with "application is not responding" message in the menu.

hi, thanks for the playing :)

The tool’s movement is quite random. As sometime it’s spawned outside the playable area it was the simplest solution... 

yep, on mac...

I see, sure will try and let you know :)

The graphics is very nice.
And the control is a bit hard :)

Jumping (better say falling) is too fast...
The platform sometime throw me away during the jump.

hmm, looks nice but...
isn't control platform dependent?

i tried the WebGL in safari, i was almost not able to jump over first obstacle.
in the chrome it was a bit better but in the second level i was not able to jump over first gap (dash is not helping, i ended up somewhere in the middle of it)

hmm, that score feedback (balloons) was added before the voting started, but thanks anyway :)

I would say the enemy crossed the broken net.
There is another sprite and shake effect.
But true, maybe something more visible should be good.

For me all this was made by iMovie.
It's not the best tool but as it's there and it's free, it's quite good.

If you compare with Final Cut or similar pro software, you have limited availability.
No multiple cam sync, no multiple video tracks, less effects...
But still there are lot of possibilities.

thanks :)

Fixed :)

There is a delay after spawning so enemy will not kill player right away.
And as there is ontriggerenter event, this will never happen...
Thanks for reporting, will fix :)

Thanks for playing!

Very nice game... from the visual, audio to the gameplay... Well done!

Fun to play... and definitely not easy :)

Nice concept!

Nice platformer :)

Awesome, well done!
I like the clean visual.
I really enjoyed the gameplay...

Lovely simple platformer.
Parallax effect for background and clouds would be nice :)


Cool, will check, thanks :)

thanks man :)

i used the basic setup offered on mac...

quicktime player for screen recording and imovie for the rest of the job.
also macos doesn't allow to record the audio so soundflower or other solution is needed.

the original video material was about 2h 40m.
cutting and so last about one hour...

Nice job.
I would suggest to allow more intensive shooting...
And some camera shake after explosion would be good as well :)

nice one, love the graphics and the music! :)

The visual (especially the hand drawn images) looks awesome!

I really like the audio :D

hohooo, so you made it to 10th level, right?
then it's too easy :D

but yes, the balance of the difficulty is the hardest thing...
for me, after that so many test plays, it was too easy...

yep, there is lot of potential to improve my pixel art skills :D
thanks for playing!

thanks man :)

Simple but not bad idea...

Why the source code is limited to *.cs files only?
As the goal is to let people to learn from the projects, it would be nice to have full project which is possible to import and run in unity...

That's really long ideas list!

Looks it's really useful to write down each idea that pops up and then think about all of them, remove, combine...
Something must be at the end of it :)

Nice one :)

thanks for the comment...

first two questions are answered in the description of the game.
also it's so simple that explain controls is a bit overhead.

fire was a decision to make it look more like old 8bit games.
there it was working lot of time exactly like that...

I've created the "making of" video where I'm working on the Boss level:

Do you have something similar?
Will you share it?

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I'm working on simple pixel art arcade game...

I've created the "making of" video:

The game is here:

Upload it to github or similar service, there it can be as "read only" so nobody can modify "that your version".
But still, you can't force the viewer not to use part of your code / solutions.

My notes are also only like “idea kickoff”... 

I like the pen and paper as I can think somewhere on the coffee or so... And comp can be a disruption sometimes...