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Thanks a lot for the kind words. We also loved your visual art style!

We wanted to add three levels of difficulty but ran out of time with the visual and audio polish! Balancing difficulty is always a complex task which requires hindsight and playtesting.

We forgot to add a simple slider for mouse sensitivity. It was only after the game was submitted that I thought about it haha

Thanks a lot for the kind words!

Yeah we had quite a hard time balancing the difficulty of this one. We tried different apartment setups and tried to search a good formula to calculate the ghost score over time but didn’t have time to test and polish.

Glad you enjoyed it still!

Really simple but cool idea, the game feels really nice to play! I got 20 ghosts before smashing my skull against a bush but that was worth it.

Congrats! :)

I love the intro “You were a fierce warrior but now you’re dead” hahaha this gives me some kind of Elder Scrolls vibe.

Very cute visuals, I love it! It reminds a little bit of Secret of Mana on some aspects. I also really like the fading/health bar mechanic, really clever. You also introduced multiple levels of complexity one at a time throughout the game.

The only annoying thing I noticed was the fact that you had to smash the arrow key multiple times to move. I know it’s because movements in your game have to be precise and calculated but maybe you could add a timer to your input when the player keeps the key pressed for a certain amount of time, it moves automatically!

In the end, really cool, congrats for your first submission! :)

The visuals are really nice, I like it a lot! I wish it was animated but I know it’s a game jam and a one-person job so congrats on that!

I think it misses some simple audio effects and a little zen type music to fill the atmosphere of your narrative. I also noticed that the difficulty wasn’t increasing very much, I was at 200 points but the pattern and frequency of ghosts were still the same to me so it was a bit boring at some point. Maybe you could reinforce the “survival” aspect of your game by increasing the scaling of difficulty exponentially so that the high score becomes more interesting for players!

Overall, great game, keep it up! :)

Thanks for the support and feedback, it’s really detailed and useful!

We don’t really know what causes those graphical issues, it may be related to WebGL depending on which versions the browser uses but we are not sure.

Yeeees we heard about this issue but forgot to tone down the standard sensitivity in time. :(

I think we thought the experience as a kind of survival game so the player was fighting against the time with the ghost. We wanted to keep it short and enabling the player to decrease the ghost’s score would have maybe been more complex in terms of balancing.

We spent quite some time trying to balance the difficulty level by creating some kind of mathematical formula based on probability but didn’t have time to push the balancing further.

Thanks again for all your kind words! :)

Really cool flashlight mechanic! It’s super simple but it creates an enjoyable core mechanic which you can easily iterate with. I also like the visuals, it reminds me a bit of Baba Is You!

I had the same collision problems as the people below so I won’t elaborate on those.

Overall, great submission and great game, congrats! :)

The concept is cool, I would really love to see a top-down slender-like game like this! Being able to enter buildings was a nice surprise too!

On the other hand, the map felt quite big for no reason because there was nothing to see for approximately a minute. The flashlight/batteries mechanic was nice but, as people in the comments were saying, it misses some kind of visual clues to let the player know the power state of the flashlight. For me, it suddendly went off and it was just pitch black. I had to spam the turn on button to create a rave-like lighting and continue exploring haha.

Overall, nice experience, I enjoyed it and I can see a more polished version with a good potential!

Congrats! :)

The idea is cool and although the mechanic was simple, I enjoyed it.

There was some problems with the controls and player character that were frustrating for me. Climbing on your own projectiles to get past some obstacles is not very intuitive out of the blue I think. They disappear too quickly also. Maybe instead of deleting them over time, you could have a limit of two projectiles so that the player has more time to climb. There is also a problem with the character blocking its own projectiles if you shoot in certain directions.

Apart from the mechanics, I would just add a two frame animation for the character so that it feels a bit more dynamic.

Overall, congrats on submitting your first game to GWJ! I hope this feedback can be useful for you :)

The idea of the ghost train is really cool and original! I think it’s cool for it to be a rail shooter where you are literally on rails. It just misses visual and audio polish.

Congrats for the job!

It was a bit hard to understand the controls at first but you get used to it pretty fast. I didn’t understand if the God’s hand you move around with the mouse had any function or not. The use of backtracking in some levels was a bit annoying also.

Apart from that, I really love the visuals man. I think it has a great sense of humor and personality. It reminds me of a mix between South Park: The Stick of Truth and a Youtube Poop video. It could be really interesting to develop a more polished game with refined mechanics with this style! The audio was also nice.


Really cool! I am impressed by the amount of work that went into this. The UI and tutorial are often missing from jam games because of time but you managed to deliver a game that I feel could be released with some minor tweaking outside the jam!

I see it’s already been mentionned underneath my comment but yeah I think the perspective is a little too low and you cannot distinguish all the tiles very well.

Other than that, it’s a great game, congrats!

The ending was quite something, I think it summarizes everyone’s mental state at the end of the jam haha.

Nice game, the visuals were really pretty and the audio fitting! The herding mechanic did gave me Mount & Blade: Warband PTSD but that’s me haha.

Anyway, congrats! :)

Really nice experience, I like the visual simplicity and the audio is very well done! You can feel the tension is here but without the need to use scare jumps.

Nice work, congrats! :)

Very nice visuals, I love the drawings. The atmosphere is really cool also.

I felt the difficulty was a bit rough for me. I’m not a big platformer player so I died a lot and got discouraged. The attack feels a bit uneffective when two or more ghosts attack me and can regenerate in less than five seconds. The insta-death of the spikes and water added to the frustration also.

I know it’s hard to tune the difficulty of a game while creating it but I’d suggest toning it down by enhancing the player’s attack or giving him a special attack with a cooldown.

Overall, it was a cool experience for me. Congrats! :)

Really nice experience, you can see there has been a lot of work into this!

First, the multiple enemies are really well thought and the combat mechanic while simple is really effective and the movements of the wolf satisfying.

The way you can use ectoplasma to improve your character’s abilities is a nice touch. I think it’s one of the part that kept me going.

The flaws I see are that it’s a bit too long. I expected some type of special super ghost as a final enemy but making me repeat the process three times is a bit frustrating. I think your enemies were really interesting and you could add one boss enemy with interesting attack patterns to replace your current boss sequence.

The fact that you can move forward with “Q” or “S” was a bit strange, maybe you can think of something that uses only the mouse for movement/attack/interaction? I feel like the keyboard is underused and not very important in your mechanics. It is way more satisfying and technical for the player to aim and move with the mouse.

In the end, it’s an excellent game, congrats! :)

Thanks a lot! It is possible but we put the difficulty quite high so that people don’t beat the game on their first run. Maybe it’s too high at the moment, we wanted to add three difficulty levels but didn’t have time with the other things to polish!

Hahaha the story could be presented as a ghost with ADHD vs. OCD person.

Thanks a lot for the kind feedback! :)

Thanks a lot! I like to say that the meta for this game is to stay on the door step between the bedroom and the living room haha.

Love the 8-bit inspiration and minimalist audio! I liked the fact that you can pick fight one at a time by not glancing at the ghost’s position.

Really nice, congrats!

Really cool game, the visuals and audio are top notch! The movement feels very satisfying.

I think it only misses a few combos to make the combat less repetitive and the game more fun. Maybe just two types of attack, slow and powerful/fast and weak.

Overall, I think it has a great potential outside the jam, keep it up and congrats! :)

Nice game, the visuals are simple but cute. It was pretty easy.

At first I thought that the flashlight was meant to scare the ghosts away but it doesn’t seem to do anything. It’s not really useful in term of lighting up the way either because of the huge white ray which covers everything in front of you. The fact that you cannot aim while walking is also kind of strange.

Still, congrats for your game and keep it up! :)

Thanks a lot! Yeah, we forgot to tone down the standard sensitivity and remembered about it after submitting.

Amazing production! I truly loved the art direction (visuals and sounds). The dialogues were also really nice!

I had to restart 3 times in order to complete the game, I think the difficulty is just on point! I will say the only flaw I see is that it is a bit confusing with the colors related to the scale. There is also a happy emote popping while you’re mixing the cocktail, so I thought it was meant to indicate that you reached perfect mixture but it doesn’t seem so.

Overall, great game, one of my favorite of the jam. Congrats! :)

Really original concept, I love the idea of dead cats collecting the ghosts of their nine previous lives. This narrative comes with really cool visuals.

I had a bit of trouble understanding what to do at first, there is a lot of information passing through the screen.

Great game overall, congrats! :)

Nice The Ring reference haha. I got the cute ending I think. The story is nicely brought, the visuals are on point!

Congrats! :)

Very original idea, I was hooked by the game mechanics of repelling the ghosts with my light and staying safe near my shrine! I played for 20 minutes straight but couldn’t reach the end as I lost my shrine in the ghost land, I only had the gem of the end to pick up!

The visuals and narrative are also interesting. I would say that the frustrating part is that the ghosts dash super fast at you sometimes so you’re dying a lot.

Overall, really cool that you chose to create a game around this trade mechanic. Congrats ! :)

I really like the ambience and the visuals, great job! Making a game on your own in a jam context is a tough job, I’m really impressed!

I would love to see a concept like this polished outside of a game jam. I think most of the flaws comes from the lack of time and it’s totally normal!

Anyway, congrats overall! :)

I didn’t fully get the controls I think. I managed to wander around with my light around the level but couldn’t turn on the light. Maybe you could give some in-game hints for the player to understand your mechanics better so that they get hooked in your game!

I really like the visuals tho, the light effect works really well.

Congrats ! :)

I spent few minutes to get used to controlling the weapons with the mouse but it was super satisfying when I got an hold on it! You just rip through swarms of enemies and it’s cool.

The visual reminds me of Terraria, I like it a lot.

I didn’t fully understand what I had to do. Maybe because there is no score or timer. I got beat up in a corner at some point and it didn’t seem like a game over. The swarm was also hitting the crystal many times but it didn’t do anything.

Fun game overall, congrats! :)

I didn’t get passed the 3rd level, I rage quitted haha.

I love your take on the ghost theme with Charon delivering ghosts. His boat is drifty asf tho, he should try doing a crossover with Need For Speed or Initial D at some point.

The graphics are cute and the sound is cool. Really nice game!

There is audio cues for each objects the ghost is messing with but maybe it’s not really clear. We thought of adding a visual indicator around the screen but didn’t have time. Thanks for your feedback!

Really enjoyed the visuals and the controls! The fast-paced shooter mechanics are really effective.

Congrats! :)

Really smart and original idea, I love how some words affect the state of the player. I also love the visuals, it’s really fitting to the game.

Really soothing and interesting experience.

Congrats! :)

Nice game, despite the simple graphics I enjoyed the adventure because of the little narration you kept teasing through the pages and the ambiant music and sound effects. The turn-based movement is a really nice mechanic, I like it a lot since it brings a bit of strategic without cutting the pace too much.

Congrats! :)

Nice to see you used Godot 4 for the jam! We were unsure too about if we used it or not. The raytracing and the visuals are top notch. The mechanics works really well. Bravo!

Cool game! I like the story and the take on good and bad ghosts. The graphics are cool, did you use some sort of CRT screen shader ? The game was really effective in terms of spookyness, well done, it’s not easy to generate stress upon players! I had some problems with the large doors blocking the way when opened and the go-fetch/find quests were a bit frustrating for me but I think it depends for every player. Congratulations! :)

Really nice game, love the art style and music! The game mechanic with the limited vision and movement is cool too! Congrats!

Lovely game, the modelling, texturing and physics were on point! I enjoyed it but it feels more like a physics-based sandbox, the scoring mechanic alone is maybe not enough to keep entertained gameplay-wise. Congrats!

Cool and nervous gameplay, reminds of Devil Daggers!