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Fantastic idea and graphics! "Luck" is super cute 😊

Cool idea and mechanics!
The mechanics were a bit hard to fully grasp at the beginning, but it became lots of fun afterwards.

Fantastic idea and mechanics! Totally deserves to be in the top 100. :)

Fantastic idea and graphics! Totally deserves to be in the top 100. :)

Fantastic game! Deserves to be in the top 100!
The art and gameplay feel very polished!

Hi, I'm super interested in playing your game but I wanted to ask if there was gore and jumpscares in the game?

All of them 😊

I really like the aesthetics, the UI and the gameplay loop.
Reducing the time between NPCs coming at you would make the pace of the game even better :)

I reached a 2000 score 🥳
This game is super addictive! I love the ragdoll effect when we get to scare people to death 🤣

Reminds me of that scene from Finding Nemo 😁

Very funny idea and gameplay 👍

This game belongs in the top 100!
Everything is brilliant : the idea, the art style, the design of the monsters and the gameplay!

One of the best games I played during this Jam!
Very addictive!

One of the best games I played during this Jam.
Very addictive. I did my best but I honestly couldn't beat level 5. 😅

The art and the idea are great!
With more time for polish and bugfixing, I could totally see this game being sold on Steam! (And I would buy it)

Yes, but the crisp wouldn't highlight :(

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Really nice idea and art style!
Unfortunately, I got stuck as I couldn't eat the crisp that the dog dropped at the beginning :(

Really nice concept! I hope you have time to polish your game as much as you want after the Jam.

Great concept and aesthetics!
I felt like the difficulty was a bit too easy but it's still an excellent job for a 48h game.
It would be even better with alternative paths for the character in a future update.

Excellent game! Deserves to be in the top 100!

Great idea and implementation!
I must confess I was a bit confused about how to win, because I would always fall into the traps I set in the first place and the killer would always catch me.
The music is really cool!

Nice idea! The quality of the voice acting and the post processing greatly enhance the experience.

This game belongs in the top 100 ;)

This has to be one of the most creative, crazy and funny idea for this Jam! 🤣

Very nice game with a lovely aesthetic and concept :)

Very good game : excellent idea and implementation 😁

The art and game are really cool, but I found the controls pretty confusing and often turned the level in the opposite way I intended. I didn't know there was a preview mode.

Highest score I got was 8 😅

I love the graphics and sound design 😁

Really nice idea and implementation! I had a lot of fun. The platforming part is really tough though for a noob like me 😅! 

Thanks! 😊
Not so easy once you're the one in the cage, haha 😁

Yes, I played and rated your game 👍

Thanks a lot! We spent a lot of time polishing the game 😊

Simple and efficient! Very fun to play!

Thanks a lot! We spent a lot of time polishing the game 😊

Thanks for sharing this game even though it didn't make it to the Jam.

The game is really fun and technically impressive for a 48h game (especially the path detection). The hidden button was a funny addition (I only found it after trying to make a very unsuccessful bridge in level 1 😅).

Here is our game if you want to check it out 😊 :

Really enjoyed the game and its mechanics, especially the camera. Great job!

Controls were a bit confusing, but good game overall :)

No worries, it was still a very enjoyable game 😁

I agree with Rowlof : the game is fun, but I think it would be even better if you could spawn several types of units and if Earth's defenses were a little bit stronger.

Cool game!
I wish the functionalities of the different monsters were explained a little bit more, but overall, I enjoyed unlocking and sending them to battle.

Very intriguing and bold concept!