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Thanks a lot for your reply. I can't wait to play your games then :)

Hi, I'm really interested in your game, but I wanted to make sure before playing that there is no gore/jumpscares. I understand that the game delves into unsettling themes, but I just wanted to know if it was scary.

Hi, I'm a huge fan of the Twilight Zone, so I'm really interested in your games.
However, I'm really not into jumpscares and gore : could you tell me if there are such elements in your 3 Midnight Scenes episodes? Thanks a lot!

Great game :)


 I'm curious: What did you ask God to remove from reality?

(I chose hatred)


Hi, I'm very interested in your game.

How many players is it recommended for? Does it require a GM?

Hi, I'd love to give your game a try, but I need to know if it contains jumpscares or gore.

Thanks :)

Hi, your game looks really cool. I really like the art style.

Just to be sure, in the 2 players version, is a GM required, i.e. a third person?

How many players is it recommended for? Does it require a GM?

How many players do you recommend it for? Does it require a GM?  

This exactly the kind of short, deep and beautiful games I love. Thank you! (5/5 stars)

Thanks ! I'll definitely give your asset a try for my future animated videos.

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Hi !

Your asset looks really cool and I can't wait to use it in my personal projects.

Is it compatible with Unity 2019.4 (i.e. the Long Term Support version) ?

The asset store link says the asset is deprecated.

How many players is it recommended for? Does it require a GM?

Hi, how many players is your game designed for? Does it require a GM?

Also I wanted to tell you that I think the offer you made in the description of trading games with other game creators is very cool and I wish more game creators did something similar (I probably will when I create a developer profile on someday, tank you for the idea)

For how many players would you recommend these scenarios?

How many players is this game recommended for?

I really enjoyed your game, way more than "Reigns". I especially liked that the events are more developed and realistic in this game.

However, I'm not sure I understand how to unlock new card decks : I only got the scroll.

In addition, the voodoo doll losing its limbs didn't seem to always match what happened in the story : I lost an arm after confronting a robber, but the doll didn't.

Thanks, I'll give these a try with by best friend ;)

Hi, I'm very interested in your games. Which ones can be played with 2 players and no GM?


I'm stuck after I turned on the console and found the body 😅

Is there a walkthrough somewhere?