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Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely work on the replay tune feature. Glad you liked the game!

Very great design! I got two endings but I am not perfectly sure if one was the perfect one. Well anyways, I had plenty of fun! Not only the plot, but also the presentation and the "No. No! No~ ..." was hilarious. Thanks for this very cool interactive fiction!

Thanks! Glad you liked it~

Thanks for the feedback! I totally agree with the skipping animation part, I was stuck watching it many more times than I need during play-testing as well, and maybe that's why I ran out of time to implement that feature xD.

I can totally understand the time constrains! (look at mine, unpolished to the degree that almost ruins the gameplay (but still worth a play!) ) so seeing a game so polished, with so much potential, I couldn't resist point out a thing or two. xD I think my suggestions are a bit rushed, so please take them not too seriously.

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That music is the best I have listened to on this jam so far! The visuals are also one of the best I have seen! I think the puzzles are all quite interesting, and I think not being able to pause and think really makes the puzzle solving experience unique: You need to solve everything in one go! But following that idea, the enemy and obstacle design kinda contradicts the theme? The red chaotic enemies for example, while looks cool, doesn't show me its path / direction. This makes the game less a puzzle game but more a trial and error game when you just press restart over and over until you eventually tests out a path? I genuinely enjoyed this game a lot! Thanks for this cool looking and nice sounding game! (ps. and in case you are interested in my take on a puzzle game that focuses on "only one...", please check it out here! Feedbacks on the puzzle design / mechanics are especially welcomed!)

Thanks for the feedback! You can skip a level by pressing "S," restart level with "R", go back using "A", go to first level by pressing "Q" and sry I didn't manage to put in a skip animation button in time, maybe because I was stuck viewing the animation for too long during play-testing? xD Glad you enjoyed the puzzles!

I think the aesthetic was great! I really enjoyed watching everything. And I think the mechanic can be simplified and ties with being one buttoned a bit more? I feel that the battery charging mechanic paired with that slippery spinning takes too much control away from the player which makes that single button press feels not responsive and hence not very enjoyable, at least I wish the spinning can also be more controlled or more predictable. Maybe a double tap to spin 90 deg with half battery cost? And I have to say that the visual is the best one I have seen so far, the level of polish is awesome! Thanks for this interesting game!

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Any feedback is welcomed! I especially want to know about your thoughts on the level design and new mechanic possibility!

I really enjoyed the gameplay, that effect of smashing that bullet into its face was probably my favorite touch. Thanks for this cool game!

Love that art! I think Mark Brown's video on Celeste is a great video to watch that might help you improve on the "feel" of the jumping? Anyways, thanks for this interesting game (I especially enjoyed that cover art and final screen art).

I think the modeling, UI, atmosphere are all great! I think this could have been quite enjoyable if I am not alone in my bedroom xD. My biggest criticism is towards the "adherence to theme" part. I think the biggest problem with this setup of 5 fixed turns are that it is too predictable. I think an interesting way might be to have the players decide after each turn if they want to attack or not. If they both wants to attack at some point, then they attack each others? This is much less predictable and raises the stake of that one attack more? Anyways, I think this is a definitely a concept with potential! Thanks for the game!

There is a lot of pros for a jam game! The 3D, the water ripples, the light effects the great atmospheric scene, the sound of the boat was really "dirty" and "trashy" in a good way, and the movement was also interesting. However, I don't think this idea of trying to find one fish in a big pound with unlimited time and not much goal in mind is very fun. I think maybe add a time limit, you find it else you die, with some more clues added is a more interesting game loop? Anyways, thanks for this game!

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I personally think that there can be more done to the design. It feels like one sound but not really one same sound? One sound within 60 sec is kinda repetitive, I think having the sound moves around, or tries to avoid you in some way, or adding things like boosts? I fully understand the jam limitation, these are just some "what if" ideas. And the way that the pitch was changed was indeed very original in my opinion, using that to signal the vertical axis is a smart and original design decision in my opinion. I really enjoyed that sound only gameplay in general, thanks for the game!

Really cool concept! I think the switching mechanics fits the theme very well, and is definitely something I didn't think of, so it is very original in from that perspective. However, being a somewhat basic platformer without additional obstacles is what prevents this from a 5 star originality in my opinion. The difficulty curve of the levels is also something I think can be improve, like the very small jumps in level 2 or 3 was very tricky and there was not much blending between wider jumps and those very precise jumps, not saying those obstacles are bad, just the way it was introduced felt kinda unfair. Overall, I really enjoyed this trip in space, thanks for this cool game!

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I think the concept is really cool, but having the ability to turn the light on all the time, in my opinion, kinda ruined the experience / design of "One Screen". I also think this game feels a little too similar to other box pushing game in terms of mechanics, which prevented me from giving it a 5 star. The added difficulty from laps and water doesn't really ties to tat theme of "only one..." But I have to say that the levels are pretty cool, especially considering that there are so many of them. Thanks for those puzzles, I had a good time! (0 v 0)

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This is lovely! I am very inspired and feeling much happier now~

I think the concept is interesting and there is definitely potential! I didn't immediately understand where I was and I was "looking" at the block in front of me.  I suggest adding the player character with a direction so players can understand that they are looking and moving in space.

Glad you liked it! :D

Glad you liked it!


Thanks for the feedback, volume adjust is now added!

Cool Game! Really interesting idea using that ball rebound. The only problem was that it felt too hard? Adding sound effects would definitely help me enjoy the game more. Stripping that sound effect later on can be also a creative challenge. Just some thoughts :D

90-days till harvest... xD This game made me laugh. Well done!

(There seems to be a small bug? where wheat can be planted by clicking on the icon even when it is negative. Also any hint on cheat code?)