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I'm glad you liked It, and yeah maybe that would've been better. Thanks for your feedback!

short but pretty good

I'm glad you enjoyed It, thank you for your feedback!

Yes, I know, I just think those typically one of in puzzle platformers. It's just a little nitpick from me, this is still my favorite entry so far. A really good game

Thanks for the feedback!

Pretty fun and challenging, thoguh a little annoying haha. Very nice work!

I have to give It a 5/5 on design, this has a level of polish that shouldn't have place in a jam lol. But in terms of adherence, I don't think it fits the theme all that well. Still, this one should be featured

Most original I've played so far! And most defnietely this adheres perfectly to the theme but aside from that, the game is pretty short. Anyways, still a great entry, I hope It gets featured

P.S: I jumped over the wall onto the zombie when he tried to reach for me lol

Love the style! This is definetely a 5 on design, but the gameplay did a little off. Personally I'd prefer It if the character was a little faster, then it'd be perfect

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I don't have anyone to play this with but I think the idea and execution are fantastic! great job!

I really like the design and theme but It's over in just 30 seconds lol

Great design! I can't believe you made this by yourlsef, that's pretty impressive!

I really like this game, tho I'm one coin short from finishing It. Love It never the less. The only thing I wanted to point was that you could've made It so that space is also used for restarting, to better stick with the one button rule. And right now you can also use the mouse click as a secondary space. Other than that, great game!

yeah I agree but we were pretty tight on time so we had to run with just these models. But I definetely could've implemented some code to make the variations. Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks for the feedback :)

Thanks for the feedback :)

I think It can be a little fun but I see what you mean. We'll try harder for the next time. Thanks for the feedback :)

Well, I guess It depends on what you define as a game. This is pretty much a different version of "Where's Waldo?" and I think everybody agrees that's a game lol. But I see what you mean.

In regards to the eprson being the same, that was the idea, although now I'm not sure If it was a good idea lol. All in all, this was my first jam and aureene's second so we didn't to go crazy with the scope.

Thanks for the feedback :)

how do you kill the guy on the third level? I got it the first time by accident but then the game glitched and had to reload. Now I can't get past that point