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This game... This game is one of the best experiences I have ever had online, and I'm not even that exaggerating... I'm much younger than you, but in a way feel a lot of similar emotions as you described in the game. I have always strived for women just to be with them. Not as friends, but romantically. I felt, so touched by this experience. I really thank you for making this. I don't know how to express such liking of something.

The simplicity of the concept and the storytelling elements are just... wow. I really do love it. I might just try talking to people instead of trying to date everybody. It is weird to say this, because I didn't really see my interactions that way until know. Or rather I saw them as such, but I've never really put much thought into that.

With all sincerity I can say, that this is one of, if not, the best game I've ever encountered. Thank you very much.  

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I personally am of the belief that the main character of your videogame, known as Mario "Jumpman" Mario is in a dire need of some prostitutes

Cool game, the last puzzle stumped me a bit, but i managed to get past it :)

Yeah, pretty cool

Ok you got me

Can I ask what do you do in this game?

Of course you have my follow ;)

Excellent job, wonderful music, wonderful art. The puzzles where a bit though though, keep it up

Kinda cool game, lacking some juice though (you know camera shake, music, SFX etc.)

Great Game, I haven't played all of it yet (just the first level). But from what can i gather it is a very polished top down shooter similar to asteroids, which is great. There is just one issue i have and that is i have a wider monitor than most 2560x1080 and the UI was a bit clunky, when i changed my graphical setting in monitor to be the standard 16:9 ratio everything worked just fine.

A great game wanna see more in the future :)


please don't look at it 

its a monster


Yeah I fell out in the hub right behind the altar thingy that talked to me, thanks for the reply it seems that you are working on it more so I am going to keep an eye out on how it eveolves

A cool game, a good idea just needs a bit more fleshing out. This could really work

Cool idea, its simple but not unoriginal, just needs a little bit more ........ polish

Are you telling me that los angels dosen't exist?!?!?!?1!?1!1?!1S?!S?!S!?!?!?!?!

Excellent game, just wish there were more enemies

Excellent, I have spend too much time with this game, a great timewaster, i could see this game being on the google play, just make efor mobile and you're done. Excellent job

I don't really like games with lots of text, so this comment is going to be a little bias, but i think you should add something to spice up the reading, in the process of looking at other people's game a stumbled upon a gem, a great game with loads of text, that manages to stay interesting (LINK here: To Get Her by Crow Seeds ( not going to spoil it to you, but i think you should check it out. It has the feeling of a videogame mixed in with the feeling of a novel.

Not that your writing is bad, from what I read (and I read little), I quite like the story, but there is nothing to spice it up. If you participate in a GAME jam want to see a game not a visual novel.

Sorry for the quite harsh critique, but I want to make my feeling clear

Bit clunky, but it gets the job done very well. I would like to see the game with only one character but you are looking at him from two different perspectives at once

An excellent game, I especially like how you can double jump when you hold the orb in place, not many issues other than I completed few levels and then i got stuck in a black screen, i don't know why


The enemies weren't designed to hurt you, tho it sounds very cool THX for the feedback

Good story and good idea, there are just some things to point out: 

  • The character dosen 't flip or turn when you move to the left
  • If you fall out of the map you just keep falling for ever
  • And you can use the hover ability to fly anywhere you want so that is a bummer

I feel that if you tried to work on the game a bit after the jam you could see a major improvement of the game, but there is almost nothing (other than the story, which is great btw) to separate it from other games, all I am saying is that you should try to add a new cool mechanic that would change the game. Perhaps you can use the souls for something else, maybe make more of them and use them as extra lifes; they give you a bonus mechanic, but they disappear if you take damage or something like that. 

There is a lot to work with, just try to focus on the three main problems I told you about first. A great idea, just needs a bit of polishing.

Thanks so much for the feedback, I honestly thought that if anybody would write any feedback, it would include the green gem and that it is overpowered, so it was kinda refreshing to see a new look at it

Yeah a good idea thx, you are really a cool dude ;)

Thanks this support really helps, I was trying to get a few of my friends into gamedev, but they resist. Which doesn't really matter. Still thanks for the support it really helps (also sorry for my bad English I am not a native speaker)

HOW do you make such funny games? I just played "to get her" and ended with laughter, now I am browsing through your games and just killed a horse that said "We could have been friends", as a toast is the metaphysical representation of  a stroke. WTF man, I wish my games where as good as yours

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I love the concept, the puzzles are challenging, but fair. In most of them I got that sweat ahh moment when I figured out the solution. The story is a typical love story you can't go bad there. The clues in the ? tab were quite helpful, and the tools are complex, unique, but original and understandable. I like how you include a little tutorial level when introducing each one of them. And best part was the ending I was genuinely laughing at the for solid 5 minutes like a simple man, which should be your goal as a gamedev; to make games that are funny/interesting. Music was excellent and the theme was done well. The blurred gif images in the background gave each scene a unique look and feel. 

If you are going to work on it more (which you should), I will probably buy this game ngl. 


*also very cool name

THX so much for the feedback. Now I realize in retrospect how overpowered is the green gem, I will try to learn from that. Also sorry for the bug pressing "R" should restart the level and reset the green gems original position.

I don't really get this one

This game has a very simple design, and that's great (and also a great name). I have some issues:

  • The main one is the camera which doesn't show much of the screen, so there is almost no time to react to the incoming obstacles
  • The characters feel very slippery, which shouldn't be the games for precise games as is this one.
  • And the music always gets cut out when you die

I would highly suggest watching: How to make your game 2X as fun! - (In No Time.) - YouTube this video as it was a great help for my earlier games, and I feel it should help this one as well, if you just give it one watch you should find a few ways to make it interesting

Quite a good game, i like the sound effects, and the inspiration from 2048 is clear, but it isn't the same which is positive. The interpretation of the theme is questionable, but a great game nonetheless

Quite fun, though it is quite repetitive after a while

Quite cool though some thing are a bit clunky, the game was clearly intended for a controller, but you should work a bit on the mouse input as well.  I think this idea has a huge potential, and the graphical side of the game is excellent for a 48 h game.

Very cool concept, I haven't seen something like this in a long time. I especially love the movement, it is snappy responsive but fluid at the same time.