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This is great, I love the rendering style and the general vibe. The acceleration based control with the mouse felt good (although the release to slide confused me until I needed to use it).

I tried to steer into the background when the title transition happened :D

Would be nice to let the player keep going on a collision, to keep the action going!

Good stuff!

This was good fun! like others, I got stuck on level 8, there seems to be no way to solve that one.

I liked how you introduce the puzzle elements with simple examples before using them in a more complex level :)

I played this for a few hours, and really enjoyed it! I love the look, and the feel of playing this - it is nice and juicy :)

I have a few bits of feedback, but take them with a grain of salt since it is only my opinion!

I felt like the friend and life systems should be merged... maybe there should be no lives but the game is over when the player runs out of friends?

The other thing that jumped out at me was that I never really felt as though I had a choice to save my friends -- might be cool to have the friends take a long time to die, so I can go and rescue them :)

There were a few other minor things as well -- it would be good if the shooting could be more than 8 directions, since the movement is, when I was playing with the keyboard I wanted to aim/shoot with the mouse, and when I played with a gamepad it seemed like a strange restriction.

Great game, I look forward to seeing more progress!

I especially liked the music, the intro sure was building to something! but then the future-lady said it didn't matter, and I was less amped to recycle the things...

I think it needed to introduce the bins and what they were for, I didn't know what the different colours were for, and because there was no penalty for getting it wrong I was just randomly dragging by the end and didn't learn a thing :/

Maybe she should be REALLY annoying, and when you recycle she starts fading from exisitence since you are changing the future by recycling ;)

Nice! I liked the vibe in this!

A few things that could be improved are the collision detection of the man -- It seems like you should be able to cross the bridge with your head poking out above the object. The collision detection behaves as if it is a top-down view, but the art is from a tilted perspective. I think the puch could be more responsive too, I was smashing the space bar and it looked like the guy would puch very late -- some feedback to the player would be good there (bigger visual / sound)

Good work!

Nice! The first thing I noticed is the acelleration and weight of the character felt good. As I played it more it seemed like there needed to be more control in the air, so that you could change direction more quickly to correct actions.

Could do with more forgiveness! letting the player jump slightly too late or to slightly miss platforms too.

I'm not good at platformers though :)

I thought the ship was quite fun to control, it did feel quite out of control though.

The main thing I felt was missing was any kind of penalty for failing to control the ship. The game didn't present any challenge (since you could bounce around for ever). But at the moment if you penalised the player for not controlling well it would feel unfair.

Possibly if you gave the player more control but offset that with a damage penalty for hitting the wrong stuff?

The boost Probably needs to ramp over time, instead of being instantaneous, I think it might be better if the ship controlled more like a lander ship (without the gravity) so the ship keeps more of its inertia and the thrust was weaker and the player could do it more gradually?

This is fun! It seems like you could teach the player more at the beginning, as the first level relied on something fairly obscure.... like turning around in a hall way. I gave up on level 2, but maybe this kind of thing just doesn't click with me!

Great! I love the aesthetic, especially the music and SFX!

At first it felt a little bit like the vertical movement was a bit too restricted, and the controls could do with a teeny bit of ease-in and out.

Great job!

I have a problem with not getting any actual gameplay in my jam games, going to try concentrate on interaction next time!

thanks for the feedback!

This was fun! The tutorial could show before the game .... probably everyone just presses play .... I had to go back to the tutorial to figure it out!

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for sure! When the balloon gets close to the ground the 'camera' pans down a little, and the background trees move up in frame. The sky background does not move up in frame when this happens, when I think it should? I am at work now, but I can make a little gif when I get home if you like.

Good job! The BG is a little disorienting as I think it should scroll verticall with the BG trees.

I like this idea! Unfortunately nothing happens when I right click? I can't seem to build anything :(

Arg, I wish I could play this -- I have a soft spot for maps and traffic. :D

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Great idea! I am so terrible at word games that I couldn't get past the 2nd level ....

Edit: I had a bunch of words on the second level that didn't work, so I though I had to place the word in a way that made 2 words at a time (as it says "words played" at the top. It could maybe say that the word isn't in the dictionary, and flash red or something?

I like all the little fading animations etc that you have added ;)

It seems like a good base to build on, lots of opportunity to add animations and flourishes. I have no idea how to play cribbage so I was just clicking randomly :)

nice! I am imagining the stick with stick arms and legs, getting up and trying to run away :)

I couldn't find all the cards .... I'm pretty terrible at finding my way around in these kinds of games -- some landmarks would help with navigation :)

Nice! I love racing games :) Would be good if I was racing against a time or something. The turning controls seem to accelerate too quickly, does the turning happen more quickly the longer the button is held down?

The boy was asking for it!

The music really gets you in the mood for some crazy clicking.... more fast things or different things at the end would be good, my clicky finger just got sore so I stopped :P

This is a neat idea, I found that if I just kill the minion that negates damage on the boss, then I can just mindlessly drag all of my cards to the boss and win, so I feel like there needs to be a cost to using cards or some reason to read the cards and use them or not.

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thanks! I was pondering finishing this off today, since finishing this seems a lot more tangible than finishing the main project I am working on.

ah I just missed that, maybe a little animation when the amount changes would help 🙂


I like your idea! Maybe some of the cards can be obstacles to create some risk :)

Great job! The card theme seems a bit forced in since the cards don't need to be cards, they could just be buttons and the gameplay would be the same, having some random draw would help!

This is fun, it feels like a complete game :)

I like the idea of combining the memory game with combat -- but at the moment it seems like the card game and the combat don't connect much, Possibly if different card pairs had different effects on the enemies you could introduce a bit of strategy?

I like this idea! I kept pressing the wrong button to choose the card, as I am so used to pressing w to go forward, it might be more natural to have the cards show up according to the orientation that the character is?

Nice and polished! It would be good if the character movement would slide past the fire instead of getting stuck. Maybe you could let the character run through the fire for a penalty?

Good job, I like the aethetic of this, it is nice and consistent.  I couldn't tell what to do with the floppy disk (I assume it should show me a code?)

I liked the text dialogs too, Found....A.......Key went in time with the music and made me laugh :)

Good job! I liked the stlye of the contour map on the splash screen. I think you need to add some more feedback to the flag collecting, as it took me a while to see that I had collected a flag. I also got stuck in a few puddles ..... but it is actually kinda fun to try and get out of a lake. :D

Nice idea! I like the mechanic.

If everything was a bit slower ... so more mass, less gravity etc I would feel more in control.

The other thing that I noticed is the X mouse position didn't seem linear enough so it felt unpredicatble for my left-right movement.

Good work! I didn't realise that my fires were limited at the start, so I used all of them being 'clever' and marking my progress. :) The camera pointed down into the ground after a while, which was a little disorienting.

I guess at the core this is a maze which I don't find very engaging in general, maybe if the minimap shows where I have been then it would be more fun?