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A game about finding your way!... through a level that you created
Submitted by SquishyTurtleGames (@SquishyTurtleDv) — 4 hours, 36 minutes before the deadline
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Clever little game.  I like how the camp fire made it possible to see what was going on at the cost of time.  It made for a tense trade-off in terms of speed and memory-loss.  It was well executed, too!


Nice work! I love the theme of your game and the way you mixed campfire and cartography. One bit of feedback I'd give is to utilize more sounds to give the player more feedback on where they are going. When there was no light and I wasn't running into anything, it was hard to tell where I was going. Overall, great entry! Thanks for doing the jam :)


Thanks for the hosting the jam I had a blast!


Love the name and concept! I can see lots of potential for exercising children's memory. My only feedback is that while I knew what path to take, I didn't know how big the character was relative to the hallways, so I knew that I needed to turn but didn't know when since I didn't know whether I had travelled too far or not enough. Thanks for sharing!

Developer (1 edit)

I knew someone would appreciate the name


Interesting idea. I was able to get a lucky deck, and finish in 13.15 seconds... But you can just build away until you got a direct path down to the exit, by re-starting another game until satisfied. Then you simply hug a wall.

Moral of the game: we the people will greedily hunt for the shortest path! :D

Thanks for sharing this game!


I think you will hold the record for quite a while! thanks for the feedback!


Fun idea! maybe make it so you know when you stumble against a wall so that you get a bit more reation out of the game!

Developer (1 edit)

That was the plan but I ran out of time


I like your idea! Maybe some of the cards can be obstacles to create some risk :)


thanks for the feedback