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Haha! Glad you enjoyed the game. And thanks for confirming it doesn't work on Linux 😂

Hey, thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I must not have reset the scores after each round, that was an accident so I'll fix it. Thanks for letting me know! And those are some fast scores, better than any of mine 😂

Oh cool, I'll give it another try when I get the chance and see if I can make it to level 5.

No problem! I got "peaceful" from minecraft which let's you play with no enemies. I actually didn't make it super far, I got stuck on the 3rd or 4th level where you go inside a long building with stages and there's an end boss with spikes in the middle. I tried for probably 5 to 10 minutes and gave up. I really liked level 2 where it first introduces enemies (slowly) and you have a few obstacles including water, that was more what I was expecting. I didn't play with anyone, but I can see that being easier and more fun!

Nice, looks like the controller worked, so I got to play! Really fun game. The throwing mechanic feels really good, and so does the catching. I definitely need to practice to be able to play when there are enemies, that got chaotic really quickly! Love the vibe though, art is really nice, music is really good, too. This might not be what you are going for, but I wouldn't mind having like a "peaceful" mode where you are just playing the frisbee golf game without monsters. It was challenging enough just trying to get it around the level without having to also fend off enemies :D, but maybe also difficulties with a slower progression would be nice. Overall though, glad I got it working. Nice job!

Glad to help! Elite rooms sound awesome! Looking forward to trying them 😀

Thanks for the reply, I'm glad it is helpful! No, when I hovered the mouse over the options, they didn't highlight, which seemed like a warning sign. I'll try your suggestions and see if that fixes the issue. Hope you have a nice vacation! Thanks! 

Hey thanks for playing! I'm not a pro driver either so I'm fine tuning the feel to make it a little easier. Really enjoyed the jam! 😀

Haha! OK, no worries. I'm fully satisfied with my meager score of 480. It's a personal best 😉 

Hahaha amazing! Great job, it was definitely a unique endless runner 😀

Hey, nice start to the game! I really like the vibe, art, and gameplay loop. I did notice that some levels didn't spawn enemies which worked out for easy XP, but it left me wanting more to do. I also noticed that some of the tutorial was little hard to follow. For some reason, when I went to play a card, it didn't seem to let me play one when I clicked the card. I'm not really sure how I got through it, I just started clicking around the screen until it let me get to the next screen. I'd love to see more cards, variety in enemies, and different level layouts. But I do think you have a really solid start to the game and it is going in a good direction. Good job!

Hey there, your game looks really interesting and fun but unfortunately I can't get it to run. Not sure if it is helpful information for you. I am able to get to the main menu (awesome background btw), and I can click any button to continue, but then when I try to choose single player/multiplayer/quit, none of the buttons work and I have to alt-f4 out of the game. Tried using the arrow keys and various keyboard buttons, but not luck. I'm on win10 and have run plenty of other Unity games without issue. I thought it was because I have a 4k display with my display scale set to 125%, thinking maybe something with the scaling was messing up mouse detection, but I tried relaunching the game multiple times with different scales and resolutions and still have the issue. I also tried re-downloading the 64bit zip and that had no effect. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know in case it helps. Would love to give your game a try :)

It's a great game. Really loved it and draw a lot of inspiration from it myself. Nice work! 

Great use of assets and loved how unique all of the different moves are. Also, fantastic self-made sound effects and easter eggs! They all fit together very nicely to give this a charming vibe. For some reason, I kept getting 6 (SUCK) though, so I guess the game was trying to insult me :P Nice job!

Oh wow, I thought I did really well, but I'm not even close! :P. Was I supposed to not have any more obstacles after I fell out of the game?

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Best intro cut scene EVER! How did you make a game that was so fully featured? I mean, the cut scenes, the game play, the evil villain, the CATS! I had to stop early so I could make it to work on time :P, GREAT JOB!

Loved the vibe you have going here! Neat puzzles and good use of the themes all around. Can somebody say BINGO?! Also, being a cat is fun!

spepis? SPEPIS?! hahaha. This is amazing. I love that it started off as an anime style dating game and turned into... well, something else ;) Great job!

LOL. Amazing sound track and mechanics. I'm not sure if I experienced the crash or crash, but I made it to the house in the top right and you all said bye and then I couldn't move so I quit. Fun joke game :D

I definitely felt the stress when the ghosts rushed me from behind in a big pack! And great use of the cat :) Also really enjoyed the flashlight mechanic. Nice work! 

Neat game! I'm not sure how you made the ball look like its rolling, but that is a really impressive effect! I struggled with the controls so didn't make it too far, but I think the mechanic is really clever and interesting. Nice work!

Wow, amazing Jam game, one of the best I've ever seen. This game reminds me of One Shot mixed with Portal in its tone and mechanics. I got stuck at the platforms because I'm really bad at platformers, but wow is this clever and fun!

Oh heck yeah! Thanks for playing and I'm really glad you enjoyed it! LÖVE is pretty cool and I think I'll be continuing to use it for future projects. Can't wait to play your game, the thumbnail image looks amazing!

Thanks for playing my game. Sorry about the controls! I also found myself getting stuck in walls with the car and am looking to fix that in a future version, but glad you had fun! Looking forward to playing your game too!

The first ever recorded time has been marked here, by YOU! Congratulations World Leader :D. Thanks for playing my game. Looking forward to playing yours soon!

Thanks for playing my game! I love the idea of the par feature. I am planning on working on this some more and that will be included. Looking forward to try your game when I get a chance :)

That's great, thank you! And nice work 😊

What a cute game! I love the idea, the artwork is fantastic, the music is great, and the controls feel good. This may be because I'm not much of a platform player, but I could not get past the first couple of platforms. I tried for about 15 minutes and gave up. I thought maybe I was on the hardest difficulty, or clicked the wrong option, but it seems that I'm on the first level and its too hard for me. Would love to see some difficulty options or a more gradual build up to the difficulty which would allow me to learn the game a little better. That being said, everything else about the game is great! 

Really well thought out and fun. Has surprisingly complex depth for so few mechanics. I definitely hope you keep working on this and turn it into a mobile puzzle game. It would be nice to have a little background music while playing, something pretty low key to not be too distracting, but something to set the tone, maybe some kind of thinking music. Overall, the game is great and offers some good challenges and cool mechanics. Also loved the devlog video you did on it. It really shows what is possible in your game. Great job!

Whoa, love this game! The aesthetic is unique and feels great. I love that it feels like you are looking at the battle from a map, like you really are the general of these armies making orders from afar. The mechanics are really easy to grasp, and the progressions feels good. When I was in a tense battle and got to use some of the powerful abilities at a crucial moment, it felt awesome! The UI and music are also very well done and fit the theme perfectly. The only thing that really hung me up for some reason was the icon on the map screen that was pointing at your next battle, I don't know why but it took me a little while to figure out what to click on. Maybe adding an outline to the icon you need to click on to make it stand out would help. Definitely wishlisting this! Would also love to see it on mobile so I could play on the go :) Great job!

Really fun puzzle game! The graphics and music fit really well together, and each time a new mechanics is added, it is fully explained so it makes sense. This is a well polished game that makes me feel like I am playing NES again. Great job! I also really enjoyed that you are traveling around the globe, so you see a lot of interesting places. My only recommendation is to add a description when you lose because you will inevitable run out of moves. I was confused a few times when I just suddenly lost, but it was because I would have run out of moves if I ran all the way through the level. Overall though, this is super fun. Would love to see it make its way to a mobile platform with a bunch more levels.

You rock! Thank you so much for streaming. It really helped community engagement! Don't be a stranger <3

Awesome, love to hear a first time jammer having a good experience! And that film maker spirit definitely made your game stand out as unique! Great job!

Nice work on this one! I love the polish with the death screen effect, when you shoot out of the mushroom, and all of the movement you have with various game objects. The feel is good, too. Only thing that caused me trouble was sometimes I'd hold space and jump upon landing by accident which would then kill me. Overall, really good game though!

Really fun game! Great mechanic. Clearly explained. And a great balance between being really difficult and easy. Took me a few tries to get the hang of it, but once I got it, I really wanted to keep playing. Good job!

I love this game. The aesthetic is spot on for a submarine iSpy type game. The pulsing music is spot on. I couldn't quite figure out how to get past the first level, but I like the little hints you have to help you find the items. Love the artwork too. Great job!

Yo, this is awesome. Reminds me a lot of the Snowman. The piano on top of the crude artwork is really charming. I'd love to see more of this. I just sat there watching that little guy walking for quite a while hoping more was coming :D Nice job! 

Nice job! Loved the enemies and the bosses and recycling the ship parts. Really no complaints other than it would have been nice to have some sound/music. Great game!

Hey, great job on your first game! Love the artwork, reminds me of some commadore 64 games. I found it difficult to actually kill enemies, I think mostly because the attack animation was very slow. If you sped that up a bit and maybe had an indication when the enemies were about to shoot, the player could anticipate that and move out of the way while still attacking. Overall though, great job on your first jam! Loved that banana enemy :D

Wow, best cinematics ever for a gamejam! I felt like I was watching a movie and there was a massive call to action! Also thought your joke about the dev not having enough time was really funny. The game itself is fairly basic, but I like that it is educational :) Good job!