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Hi everyone,

Congrats on participating and completing omgjam7! We hope you enjoyed yourself and learned a lot! Please play each other's games, stream them if you can, and give constructive feedback. We don't normally do a month long jam, so this was an interesting endeavor. Next time, we will go back to a standard length, so keep an eye out for that. If you want a positive gamedev community to help you continue pushing forward, hop into our discord channel and say hello. Thanks again for joining, we look forward to playing your games! 

Taylor @GDQ 

Hi everyone,

Thanks for joining omgjam7, we are really excited to make games with you! Just wanted to mention we still have about a month left, so if you haven't started, that's ok, you have plenty of time! Please feel free to join up with others (remotely), and share your work in the community section here on, or in our discord Also, if you know anyone else who might like to join or benefit from having a month long to become a better gamedev, please share our jam with them to help us get more game submissions! This is our first month long jam we have hosted, so we are really excited to play some quality games! If you don't like the month long jam, please let us know, and know that we will be going back to weekend jams later this year.

Thanks again and remember to stay inside and be safe!

Taylor @ GDQ


Thanks for playing it! Glad it seemed like a good computer version! 😊

Wow. I think this might be the best jam game I've ever played. It is so well thought out and executed in every aspect of the game. I want to keep playing it. Shut up and take my money! :D

This is really fun. Very challenging! Reminds me of some old games I played in the 90s. Nice job!

A nice take on memory! I'd love to see the enemies do combos to you, too! Nice job :)

This is a great one mechanic game! It was fun, challenging, and was a perfect use of the campfire theme. I love saving Marshmallows!

Loved this game. The presentation was spot on and it kept me wanting to play it. Nice work, Krass!

The character was so cute and the world was fleshed out! Loved the adventure you feel! The controls were a little hard to control, but this is a solid entry that captures "cartography". Nice job!

Love the simplicity of this game. The art is so clean. It would be fun to see some other cards, like enemies, rivers, swamps, etc. Expand this! It's fun :)

Such a quality entry! The VO was AWESOME! And the atmosphere was top notch. Nice work MSW team! Keep em comin!

Nice work, Matty! This would be an awesome mobile game. I really didn't like that I couldn't used the word "Oregon" though. 0/10. JK! This is great, nice job!

This game was so simple and so fun! The puzzles were great. I think Mun is the perfect name for this odd world that was created. Nice job!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to say thanks for participating in the jam. We hope you had fun and learned a lot! I streamed some of the games on twitch and if you want to watch, the vod is here: So many good games were submitted, I've enjoyed them all!

We will be hosting another jam in a few months. See you then!

Taylor @GDQ

Haha! Thanks! I hope to add to it for sure. You should learn cribbage, it's a great game! 

I love that you don't know what your opponent's layout is! That makes every match different and interesting! Only issue I had was occasionally I would try to click on a red tile and it wouldn't let me, so I'd click around and eventually it would go. It seemed to happen more regularly on the tiles that were farthest away, so maybe it is because the hit box is smaller? Not sure. Overall, really enjoyed this! Nice job :)

This game is awesome! It feels very complete as a one mechanic game. At first my brain couldn't compute was was going on but after I started understanding the symbols, it was all about twitch reflexes. Super fun. Well done!

Nice job! I love the design of the level and the feel of the character. It was fun just walking around. I don't have microsoft word, so I couldn't read the instructions, which left me unsure of how to play the game. Otherwise, I enjoyed it and liked the overall feel. Thanks for jamming with us!

Nice effort here! I love the atmosphere and world you set. You had a cool character, and great music to set the dark vibe. I had a bit of trouble getting to the end because of how dark it was and seeing through the walls. One thing that might have made it easier is to have a tracker on the map to show you were you were in the level. Overall, I'm impressed with what you put into this. Nice job!

The simple concept of this game is awesome. It took me a little bit of time to understand what to do and when I figured it out and got to the end, I laughed! I was so bad (I got 1 out of 5 landmarks correct)! I love the character's animations. It may be nice to see some more landscape to help you get a better idea of where you are on the map, but for a jam game about being a cartographer, I enjoyed it! Nice job!

Nice job! This was a great one mechanic game! I thought the core game loop of picking actions during the day and night was really solid. I also liked getting the feedback from the characters with their faces indicating mood, and the zzz if they are tired. Also loved the little bounce animations! Nice job! Thanks for doing the jam :)

Nice work! I love the theme of your game and the way you mixed campfire and cartography. One bit of feedback I'd give is to utilize more sounds to give the player more feedback on where they are going. When there was no light and I wasn't running into anything, it was hard to tell where I was going. Overall, great entry! Thanks for doing the jam :)

Wow, this was such a calming experience. The ambient music with the gentle nature of the game was almost soothing. I like the idea of sailing around space and discovering the constellations. Would be fun to add onto this and see where it takes you. Great job! 

Thanks nimplay! Cribbage is a weird game to learn, but I grew up playing it and always wanted to make it a game. 

Thanks for participating, even if you didn't finish! We hope the process wasn't too frustrating. See you next time! 

Did you submit? If you didn't but want to, let us know and send us the url or your project so we can add it to the jam. 

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PropCog, we deleted your previous post because it looked like it was auto-generated and leading to an unrecognized url. We thought it was spam. Our apologies for the confusion.

Some people in the discord recommended going into the unity settings and changing the default ide to something else and then setting it back to visual studio. Not sure on the exact menus to click through, but I think that is in preferences. 

Hi delta halo. I'm sorry for the frustration. I've run into this issue in the past with a different version of visual studio, but the exclude/include trick worked. Have any of your scripts worked on this project? Not sure if it would help, but could you try using a previous version of visual studio, like visual studio 2017?

I'd also recommend hopping in our discord server. You'll get quicker responses and a lot of experienced unity developers that would be happy to help you out. 

Taylor @GDQ 

It's totally up to you. If you have something to showcase, even if it isn't finished, I'd say to go ahead and submit anyway! This jam is mostly about learning and getting inspired to do more gamedev, as opposed to a competitive jam, so you do you!

Hope the jam is going well!

Taylor @GDQ

3D games are definitely welcome!

Hi alexsilent. Don't worry too much about whether your game has exactly one mechanic, the scroll shooter sounds great. The idea is really just to keep your game simple so you can finish in the allotted time. This is not a competitive jam, so focus on learning and improving as a game developer, and having fun! 


Taylor @GDQ 

Themes are up now on the main page:

The jam technically doesn't start for about 8 hours. We'll be posting the themes in a few hours to get everyone a bit of a head start. 

Taylor @GDQ 

Yep! As long as you aren't breaking copyright, any asset is perfectly fine to use. 

You definitely can. When you submit a game to a jam, it prompts you to create a new game or choose an existing one. When you create a game it basically goes into your library of games which you can reuse in other jams. Our jam is very low key, so use it how you like for your educational purposes. 

Taylor @GDQ


Hi Everyone,

Thanks for joining OMGJam6! We are really excited to have you here and looking forward to playing your games. 

We have about a week left, so we recommend spending this time preparing for the jam before it starts. Get your workstation setup with the tools you need and clean the physical space around you to reduce distractions. If it has been a while since you last made a game, spend some time prototyping something new or going through tutorials to get that muscle memory back. Also, make sure you have cleared this time with your significant other/family to ensure they know how much time you will be spending on your computer next week. If you need a partner or just want a community that will be around to help or encourage you, join our discord!

See you next week!

Taylor @GDQ