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Glad to hear it! Yeah, probably the best place to stay in touch with us is on twitter @GameDevsQuest. We plan on doing more game jams soon but don't have a date scheduled yet for the next one. 

Created a new topic Jam is complete, Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the #OMGJam and especially those who submitted a game. If you are ok with it, we would like to talk about your games on our podcast. We will let you know when we have the podcast up so you can listen, but in the mean time you can check out all of our other episodes at http://airpodcast.com/category/gamedevsquest/ or your favorite podcast app.

We had a lot of fun doing this jam and hope to do another one soon. If you are interested in participating again, let us know either on this thread or on twitter @gamedevsquest. If you have any ideas for  game jams, share them with us and we might use it for our next jam!

Again, thank you all and keep on making games!

Really cool game Djego! Love the easter egg too =)

This is a super fun game! Nice job =) and thanks for being a part of our game jam! What engine did you make this in?

Thanks for playing it! If you click on the cannon and drag you should be able to rotate it and that will change the path of the cannon ball. Sorry for the bugs you found, we'll try to fix those =). We haven't had a chance yet to dive into your game entry, but really happy you entered! Thanks for your submission =DD

Created a new topic How's everyone doing?

We just logged 9 straight hours of jamming and have made some great progress.

Here's what we are working on:


Show us what you've done so far! 

Created a new topic Twitch Streams

Anyone out there streaming their jam? Share the link! We would love to hop on if we are taking a break. We will be streaming on our channel, https://www.twitch.tv/gamedevsquest, at 8am PST. if anyone wants to join us.

Posted in Art?

You are free to use creative commons art or art you have made in the past if you'd like. 

No worries man. It is open for 48 hours though so hopefully that should help! 

We have opened up the game jam to start Friday morning at 12am to Sunday morning at 12am so that more people can join us. While the total time available is 48 hours, we encourage you to try to finish in under 24 hours. We plan on only working on the game jam this on Friday. Spread the word and share your results! 

Nice work Djego! This is really fun. I only got to level one though. I was really satisfying when I made the jumps, but I found it really hard. You may also want to re-upload the file so that platformer2 is the default file being used. Otherwise, this is awesome! Keep up the good work =)