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Created a new topic GDQ Twitch Stream for OMGJam

Hey everyone! We will be streaming our play through of every OMGJam game on October 27th, at 10am PST. If you can't make the stream, we will be recording it and posting it to our twitch channel www.twitch.tv/gamedevsquest so you can still watch it. Can't wait to play all of your games on stream and share our feedback with you guys!


Taylor @ GDQ

Replied to crunchlaw in Thank you

Thanks crunchlaw! Glad you participated again and really liked your game! 

Nice! I love that there are bosses and power ups. Feels like a full blown game! 

Haha those voices are hilarious! Love the style and feel of it. I'm pretty bad though =( Thanks for submitting your game to the OMGJam!

This game is awesome! Feels like I should be playing it on a NeoGeo! Good work =)

Haha I agree, the pun is great! Thanks 72Milk for the great game!

This game is awesome. Great job at capturing that old school, one mechanic feel!

Wow, this is a beautiful game! Good work and thanks for being part of the OMG Jam!

Cool idea! Thanks for being part of the OMG Jam!

Crunchlaw never fails to entertain! Great level design on this one. It was really fun =)

This is really fun! Nice job =)

Really cool idea and a lot of fun. Great work!

We are so glad you joined us for your first jam! We'll be doing more of these and definitely invite you to join. Hope to see you on our discord server =) 

Created a new topic Thank you

Now that the game jam has concluded, we just want to say thank you to everyone who participated. Our last OMGJam we had 3 submissions, and this time we had 21! It was very exciting for us to have you all involved and we can't wait to do another in a month or two, so keep an eye out for that. 

We will be streaming your games on twitch.tv sometime this week, and a podcast about your games and our experience with the OMGJam will shortly follow. For more information about us, follow us on Twitter, https://twitter.com/GameDevsQuest, and check out our website for our latest podcast http://airpodcast.com/category/gamedevsquest/.

Thanks again for being part of the One Mechanic Game Jam, we are proud of the games you made! 

Taylor @ GDQ 

Your game looks great! Can't wait to play it. Thanks for being a part of the jam! We'll be hosting another one soon. 

Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it =) 

You should be able to submit another game. Others have already submitted more than one. 

Nice job, I'll have to play this one a bit more =) Thanks for being part of the OMG Jam!

Very cool game! Great job =D

Cool game! I love the style, art, and music. Only recommendation is to indicate what button to hit to start the game. Thanks for being a part of the OMG Jam!

Great job! This is a really fun game =)

Wow, great job! Love the style and mechanic you chose. 

Nice work! Thanks for being part of the OMGJam!

Sounds cool! I'm not at a computer with unity installed, will you be submitting a compiled game to the jam? I definitely want to play your game! 

So fun! Great take on the OMG Jam! Glad you participated =)

Really fun simple game. You guys should play this one!

Nice! Very simple mechanic which is really fun. Definitely captures the spirit of the OMG Jam. Great work!

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It's all good! Thanks for sharing =) I like that you added the different stats you can level up to help you on the next round. 

Wow, this is really fun! Nice job!

It's like the new Dark Souls! So awesome, great work Djego and 8bit_e!

Replied to poqa_tj in So it begins!

Awesome! Share your link when you do stream, I'll join if I have time! 

Taylor @ GDQ 

Created a new topic So it begins!

Hey everyone, just wanted to say thanks for joining us for the One Mechanic Game Jam! We have such a great turn out, and are very excited to see the games you submit! Remember, if you need help, don't be afraid to ask either here or on our discord server. If this is your first game jam, try to stay focused on keeping it simple, and take breaks and rest when you need it. Once you finish the jam and submit, remember to keep an eye out for our podcast where we will play and discuss the games you have made!

But for now, good luck, and get your jam on! 

Taylor @ GDQ 

Glad it helps! And thanks! We are excited to see what you all make =) 

Taylor @ GDQ 

Hey NWin, if itch.io allows you to submit two games for the game jam give it try. The more, the merrier! 

Thanks poqa_tj I didn't realize itch.io doesn't show the time zone. It would be awesome to have you and your team join us and submit a project, so I've gone ahead and extended the time frame to include Sunday. Official hours are now 12am Oct 6th to 12am Oct 9th Pacific Standard time. We definitely want to be as inclusive as possible, so I hope this helps. Can't wait to play your game! 

Taylor @ GDQ 

Hey poqa_tj. Thanks for signing up for the jam!  The jam is from 12am Oct 6 to 12am Oct 8 in Pacific Standard time. We chose these times to try to make it time zone agnostic and to encourage people to try to do the jam in a single day. We have had several other jammers who were confused about this as well, so for future jams we may consider changing the times. Do you have any recommendations? 


Taylor @ GDQ

Created a new topic Discord Server for OMGJam

Hey everyone! 

In an effort to boost collaboration, we have created a Discord server. Sign up for Discord and come join us at https://discord.gg/aE9P4eZ. Hope to see you in there!

Taylor from GDQ

Posted in Sound Designer

Anyone interested in teaming up with 8bit_e? We have sound covered at this point. 

If you want to take a stab at programming/art, we can give you some resources that might help you out. 

Posted in cheating?

Haha. We encourage you to start and finish within the allotted dates, but as there is no ranking or prizes, it's really up to you to decide. 

Glad to hear it! Yeah, probably the best place to stay in touch with us is on twitter @GameDevsQuest. We plan on doing more game jams soon but don't have a date scheduled yet for the next one.