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I really love the concept of this game, plus the visuals are stunning. What did bug me out is that the aiming felt rather unresponsive. That, paired with the fact that basic enemies are bullet sponges, and it makes for a unfairly difficult game. I don't mind difficult games, but if I can't control the game, it becomes a bit of a problem. I'm also a fps veteran, so the aiming issue might have felt more pronounced to me. I also agree that teaching the player how to use his equipment should get a bit more attention next time.

Very nice use of the theme. The graphics do lack a sense of cohesion, but I'm being very nit picky right now. All in all, solid game jam entry.

A quick fix that I would suggest is adding a crosshair that the player can easily see. It's kind of difficult to know where you are aiming. The sound is decent. Visually I can clearly say that this was made by a coder, but no shame in that, just a big opportunity for improvement. I would've probably done worse with pixel art myself. The level design does need some work though. You introduce a dash mechanic but use a level that doesn't encourage the use of it. In my opinion, dash cancelling just over-complicates the game's mechanics a bit for a game jam game, but for a longer version it could have a place.

Unfortunately I couldn't get the game to work. I'd suggest using something that will install on a user's pc a little bit easier. Not leaving a rating as I can't really judge something.

Thanks Machdor. I'll tell the composer you loved it. 

Thanks SOGA, it's nice to hear that you liked the level design. 

Hehe, SOGA. The mobile port isn't a bad thing. It was just weird that you alotted dev time for it during the jam. Normally people spend that extra time polishing the game. Still, it is a nice thought from your side. 

So your visuals are gorgeous, but the timing on the rock cutting minigame is too difficult to hit. It basically had me ragequit at the end, which completely ruined it for me. (Might be influenced by the fact that I'm having a really bad day) I'd say that this was a good attempt, but mechanics wise I'm not liking this.

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Visually it looked good, the sound wasn't too bad either. Not being able to hit enemies where you swing your sword did ruin it for me a bit. It was also a bit odd for me that this game has a mobile version.

I agree with FactioneR and Wellzitu. Something that I can add is to perhaps diversify the soundtrack a bit and make it longer. It started to get on my nerves pretty quickly.

I've played it and left a rating. I'll limit myself to one criticism, as you were clearly learning the game engine as you were going along. I'd say short loop in the music made it a bit irritating for me. Having a slightly longer soundtrack loop will help. I'm also thankful for the volume slider at the start of the game.

I honestly have no idea what to do here. I can't tell whether this is good or bad, because I can't even figure out how to play. Unfortunately I have nothing positive to say.

What other stuff? The visual effects, terrain and the weather system?

Here is your weather:

Terrain has several packages you could've used and the visual effects I'm not going to put the time into searching for them. Still, you are still welcome to claim that this is your own work and live in your own bubble.

Thanks for the feedback Nemix. I agree that the bullet refill timings did kill the pace quite a bit. Unfortunately I didn't allocate enough time to polish the timings. I'm very glad that you enjoyed the game. 

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Thanks rooster. I agree with you. The "menu" ui was very last minute.

Edit: I also got really lucky with the composer that joined the project. He did all the sound in 24 hours. 

Theme wise this game did very well. Visuals and music were also very good. The story was a bit sad, but I loved the build your own path at the end. It feels like the creator hid a personal message in all of this. The only problem I have is that I didn't always know what to do with the mini-games.

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I'm going to be honest here: This feels like a previous project ported over for the game jam.

EDIT: I've looked at the video on this asset page: This doesn't seem to be your work. Assets were allowed, but you basically just submitted an asset from the unity store.

I'm not a big fan of infinite runners, but this has more of a Super Hexagon feel to it. Probably the dizzying visuals.

This is so far one of my favorite games of the jam. It just oozes juice; if that makes any sense. Love the music, love the animations. The area it does suffer in is theme though. Apart from your speed "growing up", it doesn't have much of a connection to the theme.

From my experience, story based game don't usually do well in game jam games. (I also made a failed story game for a jam) The scope is just too wide to incorporate everything. Still, you made a good attempt in terms of coding. One thing that I'll mention is that the text was a bit too quick for me to read.

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I wasn't part of the jam, but your composer worked on a game with me, so I thought I'd check it out. Really interesting mechanics and well done on rather tight platforming controls. You get a +1 from me. Well done on the music as well. It must've been difficult to compose for that constant switching.

Yup, I also made my game after work hours. It kills you.

I was wondering afterwards if the pesticides acted as repellent rather than armour. 

Visually this game looks great. Sound wise it also does well. The difficulty does however, ramp up very slowly and left me bored at some points in the game. I do like the sound effects that kind of act as a combo meter to encourage the player to dash from enemy to enemy.  Again, it is a pity that I only really got  to utilize them after the last growth stage.

Note: The arcade mode gets the game up to speed a bit faster, so it solves the problem a bit, but not completely.

Visually I loved this game. Mechanics wise it became a tiny bit repetitive, but it got fun again after I realized I could just throw around sauce bottles when I'm done with them. I had a problem where my sandwiches were getting so high that I couldn't get to the ingredients. Still a rather fun little game jam game. Think I'll go have a sandwich myself now.

A really fun little puzzle platformer. Gorgeous sound and a very interesting interesting mechanics. The big elephant in the room was the movement controls. This helped me immensely with physics based movement: 

So this was a very good attempt for a game jam. It put a smile on my face (Which I needed today). My only major criticism would be to work on the mechanics a bit. They feel very floaty and unresponsive. I assume you used the physics engine for the player's movement. Perhaps this talk will be of help: 

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Clearly a lot of effort went into the making of this game. It looks great, the sound is ok (Personal preference), but the controls and implementation spoils it for me a bit. Now a disclaimer before I sound like a monster: I played on the Windows version and I believe that this was a stellar effort by the team involved, unfortunately the project was hurt severely by scope and I believe that it could've gone a lot better if the scope was reigned in a bit.

Here are a few bugs/problems that I found.

The camera in the game (Which I know from personal experience is a nightmare to implement in a game like this) has  a very bad preset angle for me. The constant changing of angles is understandable provided the dev time, but I can never notice pests attacking me. I would basically just wither spontaneously.

The steep angle of puddles meant that I would constantly get stuck in them.

The jump is also pretty buggy, as I would shoot up into the air whenever I tapped the jump button after reaching a certain amount of food.

Sorry for sounding so negative. You guys really gave a good attempt. I also don't see other people having problems, so this could possibly be a problem with the windows build?

EDIT: I played the web version of the game afterwards. The jumping bug was no longer present and the camera felt more manageable. I'd urge players to use the web version of the game.

Thank you for the feedback jayshaffer. I'm very glad you enjoyed the bullet capture mechanic.

Thank you FactioneR. I really appreciate the feedback. :D I'm really, really glad that you like it.

I'm going to enter the jam to see whether I can complete a game. It would be fun to have an artist involved in the project, but I don't want to waste that person's time if I can't get functional code down first.