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From my experience, story based game don't usually do well in game jam games. (I also made a failed story game for a jam) The scope is just too wide to incorporate everything. Still, you made a good attempt in terms of coding. One thing that I'll mention is that the text was a bit too quick for me to read.

Haha, yeah, I've tried it twice now and you're absolutely right - I get to a certain point then it all blows out.  Seems like a good way to  get a startup burst for making a story game, but will never work as a finished product for a jam. Mechanic is king, right?

Thanks a lot for the feedback, and for playing! Actually, I had the text going at a two second timer, and it was initially one second. Maybe two seconds felt right to me since I already knew what it said... I added all the text parts in the last 90 minutes of jam time, so just had to rush it in there in the quickest way I could think of.