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Clearly a lot of effort went into the making of this game. It looks great, the sound is ok (Personal preference), but the controls and implementation spoils it for me a bit. Now a disclaimer before I sound like a monster: I played on the Windows version and I believe that this was a stellar effort by the team involved, unfortunately the project was hurt severely by scope and I believe that it could've gone a lot better if the scope was reigned in a bit.

Here are a few bugs/problems that I found.

The camera in the game (Which I know from personal experience is a nightmare to implement in a game like this) has  a very bad preset angle for me. The constant changing of angles is understandable provided the dev time, but I can never notice pests attacking me. I would basically just wither spontaneously.

The steep angle of puddles meant that I would constantly get stuck in them.

The jump is also pretty buggy, as I would shoot up into the air whenever I tapped the jump button after reaching a certain amount of food.

Sorry for sounding so negative. You guys really gave a good attempt. I also don't see other people having problems, so this could possibly be a problem with the windows build?

EDIT: I played the web version of the game afterwards. The jumping bug was no longer present and the camera felt more manageable. I'd urge players to use the web version of the game.

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thanks for your feedback! I'll have a look into the issues. As for the pests you can collect pesticides to get rid of them completely!

I was wondering afterwards if the pesticides acted as repellent rather than armour. 


it does act like a repellant