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I fixed the bugs. Checkout the game!

I deleted the windows build by mistake and it won't let me upload again till the jam ends. Please get the windows build from here!AhUhoeRVIE3BsDtE5gg_UKCX2jSQ . Sorry for the inconvenience.

Get the windows build from here.!AhUhoeRVIE3BsDtE5gg_UKCX2jSQ

I was trying to upload the fixed build for Windows later, after deleting the previously uploaded one, I realized its not allowed to upload new builds until jams over. This is my game's page . Please let me upload my Windows build again.

I'll fix it. Thanks for your time though.

Thanks for taking your time! 😃


Thanks for your kind words and time! ❤️ If you can rate that'll be great!

it does act like a repellant

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thanks for your feedback! I'll have a look into the issues. As for the pests you can collect pesticides to get rid of them completely!

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Re-uploaded the MAC build. It should works now!! Also WebGL support.

Thanks a ton for your the kind words and time!

Thanks alot for your time!

Aw! I havent tried that. Thanks for your time though. :)

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