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Visually it looked good, the sound wasn't too bad either. Not being able to hit enemies where you swing your sword did ruin it for me a bit. It was also a bit odd for me that this game has a mobile version.

haha thankyou Nuclear Mosquito okay iwill fix the sword swing, but i'm not agree with you about odd on mobile version, because not all of people have computer and laptop and if they want to enjoy the game must lend laptop or computer, i make this game because i want all people who play this game is happy, and i try on my android phone it works good and i can bring my game on anywhere, or like time wasting if you waiting some one on train station or on airport. 


Hehe, SOGA. The mobile port isn't a bad thing. It was just weird that you alotted dev time for it during the jam. Normally people spend that extra time polishing the game. Still, it is a nice thought from your side.