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I'm not a big fan of infinite runners, but this has more of a Super Hexagon feel to it. Probably the dizzying visuals.

This is so far one of my favorite games of the jam. It just oozes juice; if that makes any sense. Love the music, love the animations. The area it does suffer in is theme though. Apart from your speed "growing up", it doesn't have much of a connection to the theme.

Yes we love Super Hexagon so that's absolutely a big pleasure to hear such comments! I understand what you mean with the theme, the problem we had is that the core idea we had with the theme on the gameplay side was found not funny or very hard on a level design level to make interesting... So we decided in the end just to keep the evolution of visuals effects in order to make the game crazier and crazier more than respecting the theme strictly, for the fun.

Anyway thanks for your feedback!