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Thank you so much! Yes sorry for the theme, only visuals are "growing up" and the game is pretty hard as it is so most people didn't see much of this evolution, we'll have to work on it!

Nice game, there is a lot of work for polishing but the ideas are here and it is a total fit to the theme. I must admit, the game does not feel super great for now with its control as everything I did looked clumsy to me but I finally matured :p 

Now, the environment is really pretty, it feels like the most advanced part of the game and this is great. I didn't feel much sounds effects, the music is good but maybe too short, it feels a bit empty on that side to me. Maybe if you put a bit more sound effects when items are grabbed, when water is being absorbed... It could really add something important to your game for little work I think. (Also you should try to fix that space jump haha)

Anyway, I know it is about time so it's a pretty good job for the time allowed, congrats!

Well, I liked the aging mechanic which is a great fit to the theme but the game is a bit difficult to play at first. Maybe the concept was a bit too difficult to implement in such little time but you still made something that can be enjoyable to me, nice work.

It was in fact terrible and still is! Please let me know when the bug is fixed because I did the game a second time and exactly the same happened :'(

I'm saying this not to pressure you or anything though, just to show you that it was really a good experience to me.

That is so sweet! Even though I have to say I was kind of angry being stuck talking to a girl I had no poem nor dresses to give and the invitation to the lake wasn't working so the game kind of softclocked... From what I played though it's so creative that I was so much into it, great fit to theme too, awesome job!

Very nice idea for the theme! The game is quite long also, I liked the music and you did great visuals for the basic shapes you used. I wish it were a little more explosive/dynamic though (the bullet refill sometimes in the game can feel a bit long for instance) but I cannot ask too much for so little time so congrats that's a very good job to me.

Yes we love Super Hexagon so that's absolutely a big pleasure to hear such comments! I understand what you mean with the theme, the problem we had is that the core idea we had with the theme on the gameplay side was found not funny or very hard on a level design level to make interesting... So we decided in the end just to keep the evolution of visuals effects in order to make the game crazier and crazier more than respecting the theme strictly, for the fun.

Anyway thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Thanks for the feedback FactioneR and glad you liked it! The game was more a challenge for us to get some nice visuals than getting a very original gameplay. To go back to your request, to be honest, the speed goes up only when getting at the end of the level which is pretty difficult to get to for now so we will work on it in the futur.

Anyway thanks for the idea of speedometer, we might use it in the futur!

This is for sure a great concept and we can see doing the game that you had lot of ideas that went with it. I hope you can get something more polished in the future but I still had fun so well done! Nice game concept and very nice ideas of level design! By the way, the music was amazing so shout out to mister Lentz!

That's really nice. I liked the animations and graphic art. The game totally fits the theme and the audio effects are good! Well done.

That's nice! Of course the game looks and feel really cheap (maybe need a bit more work on how to use best your tools) but the idea in itself is appealing. The music is good though I wish it were a bit more long. Anyway, best luck if you keep the idea, it's worthy.