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Noa Tugy

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Hellu!~ <3 my name is NoaTugy! <3 I'm a singer and a voice actress <3 

Here's my demo reels! <3

of course!! Feel free to DM me or message me on my mail!


I'm drawing on the animr manga style♥

Here's my portfolio

Please message me if you need me♥

I'm drawing on the animr manga style♥

Here's my portfolio

I'm an artist on the anime genre and I helping a team is one of my biggest dreams♥

I'm a student and around December-January and April-May I'm busy with exams with barely no time for art but other than that I'll use all my free time for the project♥

Here's my portfolio! <3

Hi there!♥♥

I would love to work for you! <3 I have a bit problems with boys but I'll try to work it out♥

Here's my portfolio<3 Good luck on your project♥

Thank you so much♥♥


My name is Noa Tugy! I'm a musician, an artist a writer and a game developer♥
Art and music is my biggest passion and my dream is to work with a game team and to sing and to draw for them and to write stories for them♥

I'm working on confession for quite a while and I'm having SO MUCH FUN! <3
Here's my devblog for confession:
and my discord server:

You can check my social medias here:

My discord is Noa Tugy#7603

I can be a writer and an artist if you would like!

Here's my art portfolio:

I could send my wattpad if it would help you to see my writing style

I could do it for free! <3

I would love to help! <33

Here's my portfolio if you would like me! <3

I can draw backgrounds and girls on an anime style! <3 I could do it for free >w<

do you need an artist? o u o

yeah I know! thank you soso much♥♥♥

btw is there any name for the protagonist or is it on purpose? :)

omg... the visual novel is amazing!! and it got to me in so many ways! "there are no second chance"

thank you so much for working on it! I'm sure remember it and I'll probably cry for the rest of my life