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[ARTIST] Looking for an artist and a proofreader/writer for a commercial project**

A topic by winkchii created Dec 11, 2017 Views: 385 Replies: 5
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Hello everyone! I'm looking for people that are in this for the long haul and a possible career! I'm looking to start my own gaming company and I need some help with making visual novels. Such as with poses and illustrations for a visual novel as well as a proofreader for my writing. 
This will be unpaid at first until we post this on steam or other media platforms.
As for what I have so far is a partial script and some characters already done with about 6 poses and facial expressions.
I'm looking for passionate individuals that see a future in the gaming industry and want to invest in that future.
Comment below if you're interested!

I look forward to working with you.

the position of proofreader has been filled***

Also here is a small synopsis of my vn

Yuki finds himself swept up in his new stepfather's glamorous rich world and meets some interesting people and some beautiful girls. But something is off about these beautiful girls that he seemingly meets on separate occasions. While trying to figure out what that is, his stepfather's company is being sabotaged and a note was left saying Yuki had to leave Japan or his stepfather's company would be destroyed in one weeks time. Can Yuki find out who's sabotaging this company in time with the help of these mysterious beautiful girls?

Thank you everyone for the interest but a few obstacles have occurred in the progression of my visual novel. Because of this this VN is put on hold, once back up and running I will contact the interested parties. 

I apologize for not posting sooner, have a great day!😊



Hi there!

Nice to meet you! I'm interested in working as the proofreader for your VN.

Thank you! the position has been filled but I will keep you in mind if it falls through! 

Thanks again! I'll edit the post


What's the feel that you're looking for, art-wise? Would this be a high-tech, futuristic thing, or present day? Steam punk, or no? Traditional Japanese elements, or more of a generic "this could happen anywhere" kind of vibe? 

Regardless of the answer, I'm interested. Email me at if you would like to talk about art.



Hi there!♥♥

I would love to work for you! <3 I have a bit problems with boys but I'll try to work it out♥

Here's my portfolio<3 Good luck on your project♥