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[Art] Seeking someone to make art for participation

A topic by Numia created Jan 29, 2018 Views: 354 Replies: 11
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I'm looking for an artist, but I want to create the greatest gaming masterpiece for a transgender pride in the future and start with more modest projects in the present.
I want to participate in this jam TGJam
All comers can write here
Creative successes to all :)


Нахожусь в поиске художника, да бы создать величайший игровой шедевр для трансгендерного прайда в будущем и начать с более скромных проектов в настоящем.

Хочу принять участие в этом джеме TGJam

Всем желающим можно писать сюда
Творческих успехов всем :)


I would love to help! <33

Here's my portfolio if you would like me! <3

I can draw backgrounds and girls on an anime style! <3 I could do it for free >w<

oh that's great) I'll gladly accept your help)
where it will be more convenient for us to communicate? maybe in a discord?


My discord is Noa Tugy#7603

this is the server of the potential team)

I'd be interested to help, and the fact you posted in Russian says a lot. 

It is healthy, alas for 8 days we hardly that that we shall be in time.
And so does my country of origin tell you)?


Oh, we got the News in the US of the public Anti-gay bashing that seemed to be supported by Putin  some years back. And,  how super religious groups with money and influence have supported hate/hate crimes against non-binary genders. At the time Obama was in office, so most of us were like, wow, how can a president support these kinds of groups? Now, LOL, we have F'f Trump :( .

I had students from Russia who studied in the US confirm the hardships non-binary genders still faced. Even the Overwatch news to not support Tracer bc she "came out" a couple years back says something.  Right? However, never visited the country, so my info is all 3rd party. 


That's right, we are people, 404, we simply do not exist, most of the population of the country is hostile and negative. The church has acquired a monstrous power, although in itself a mere form of business. The most terrible thing is that most of the country's population does not see this ...
Therefore, the only outlet for me is creativity for the transgender community. I do not impose anything on anyone, I'm just trying to paint a little life like me, though, through the world of games.

I want to help

Are you an artist?

chat project TGTeam