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[Artists] [Co-Writer] Developer and Scriptwriter Looking to Build a Team

A topic by SecretTruth created Dec 26, 2017 Views: 359 Replies: 3
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So, let's start off with an introduction. I'm Secret an aspiring author and scriptwriter. I am fairly good at using Ren'Py and have a story in mind that I'm hoping to make a reality. This is an unpaid project mostly due to me needing projects under my belt for more credibility. I am hoping to build a small team that can start off by making small free VN's and slowly build a name for ourselves. This will mostly start off as a fun side project until we gain popularity. Having your name on a project will allow for you to gain experience and also credibility for your work. I usually write fantasy stories, Rom-Coms, and others that I will go into more detail about with the members. I want to create a team where anybody no matter their position  can throw in ideas and work together to create an original VN. I am open to different art styles but am mostly a fan of Manga/Anime style drawings. I would like to come up with a team name once all or almost all positions are filled. 

Looking for:

  • 1 Co-Writer
  • 1-2 Artists


  • Skype
  • Google Account 
  • Works well with others
  • Be Open-Minded

HI, I know a little of storytelling but i know programming, so i can really help if you want to add a minigame or a certain action that a VN cann't handle. Also, if you don`t find any Artist we can try to do a text adventure. Seeyaa

I can be a writer and an artist if you would like!

Here's my art portfolio:

I could send my wattpad if it would help you to see my writing style

I could do it for free! <3

I could fill in as writer or artist, I almost always act as an editor for my friends in university and help them out. I also know a bit about programming but just the basics.