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The zip file output files are allways 1024x1024, even if I choose a higher resolution in the top of the editor.

I just noticed this. It's a slight oversight. I'll have to rectify it in a patch.

Sorry for the late reply.

I'm really thinking about adding Copy&Paste, Undo/Redo and the DropDown in v0.2.0 instead of v0.3.0. They seem a bit too crucial to skip.

Awesome! Keep em coming!

I was experimenting with creating marble-based textures

Seeing the new version is up and my brick wall featured in the update was a pleasant surprise today for sure!

Your brick wall is still the best thing i've seen made with textuelab to date

Thanks for the continuing development of what is shaping up to become a very versatile and powerful tool!

This is my passion project. I want it to be the best!

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I added a gradient node. A new build with it will be up by monday.

Nice. I should look into adding labels in the graph in an earlier released then.

The node system is already diverse enough that many things can be improvised, but of course it would be nice to have more compact and streamlined tools.

In v0.2.0 I'll be focused on adding some of those crucial nodes that's needed to make very high quality textures like substance's tile generator, blur, slope blur and and hbao nodes.

I've noticed that the "tiling" setting in the preview doesn't affect the height map :P

The heightmap tiling issue is a bug in three.js. I'll probably have to write my own material to fix it. 

Great idea. I had built the ui and written some shader code for it but didn't have the time to properly integrate it. If it's needed that badly then I'll delay the stable v0.1.0 release to add it. A gradient node will open the possibilities for a lot of cool height-based effects.

Wow those are super cool. I should really step my game up lol. I didnt even know you could make knitted textures with TextureLab.

Made a quick tactile pavement material. It's mostly tiling and shapes so it's low-hanging fruit.


I had made this a while back when I first added the Hexagon node and was looking for something interesting to make with it.


I got the idea from a post on substance share. The original one I made is on the old texturelab website

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I am by no means a texture artist so using TextureLab is probably as much of a learning experience for me as it is for some of you. From time to time I might try doing something new and/or make a texture. I learn things on the way but I probably wont have the time to do full tutorials.

This thread is solely dedicated to posting snippets of things I've learnt or just whole textures. I'll also provide the actual texture file. 

If you want to post as well then that would be great given you provide the texture file or a sufficient screenshot of the nodes so others can learn as well.

TextureLab community · Created a new topic Suggestions

Hey guys. I hope you like TextureLab so far ( and if you don't then let me know why). 

It's still in heavy development and I have A LOT of features planned; both short-term and long-term. I am still very much opened to feature suggestions from the community. While I'm the developer of the tool, I'm not its best user. So, I'm relying on feedback to see how I can best make improvements. Texture artists are my target audience, so I'll prioritize UI/UX and Node suggestions or issues. 

The obvious missing features in the editor are:

  • Undo/Redo
  • Copy and Paste
  • Multi-Select

Let me hear your ideas.

Wow this is amazing!! I dont think I've ever many anything this impressive with it lol

Keep up the great work!