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The best support right now is to promote the app :D

Hey. Still no way to donate as yet. Best way to support is to spread the word about texturelab. New rewrite coming out in a few months so look out for that.

Thank you for understanding. I think it's time I put up a support page on my site. I'll let you know when i do!

Hey. There's currently no multi language support. Sorry.

No prob! Just keep the materials coming :D

This is beautiful!

I made a few edits to the file, I hope you don't mind. 


1) The Simplex Noise node isn't seamless, so I changed it to a Gradient Noise instead. That fixed the discontinuity in the pattern that shows up after you applied the Directional Noise.

2) I changed the Hexagon margin to 0.94. That fixes the Floodfill node's output. 

The directional warp caused gaps in the hexagonal pattern when the lines are too thing. This causes the floodfill algorithm to breakdown.

Join the Discord Server to see other textures being made by the community.

Keep making more textures :D

I did run into an issue with the recent 3.3 update. I attempted to load a simple mesh as .obj, but it didn't seem to work.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll address this issue and provide a new update with the fix. 

 Additionally, would it be possible to use .fbx instead? Most DCC applications us it as their primary file exchange format.

I'll add more model formats in the future. The bigger plan is to add more features around models. Some models have several meshes and animations so I'll have to take that into consideration when building the ui.

This one works

Firstly, awesome tool! Have heard of these node based texture generators but never tried them and was amazed at what this can do!

Really glad u like it :D

I'm creating textures for a mobile Unity project and one thing I was after was the ability to output a single texture so it will be fast for mobiles (PBR's can be a bit of a drain). Would be great to have this as an export options. For now I wrote a scene in Unity to do it, which has two angle controls on a directional light and its brightness and then it exports an image. Bit fiddly but can take your output and "bake" it down.

I'm sorry but I have no plans to add this feature. If I do, it would be super low priority and not any time soon.

The second wish is for support for alpha. Not sure if this is a common thing for such tools but if I want to create a fence or some such then alpha would be really useful.

There's alpha support, it was just broken. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I fixed the issue. New builds with this fix will be in  the discord's #build channel.

Hey. Thanks for reporting these.

Yea this problem has been fixed a while back. New builds are up on the github releases page. Will upload them on itch shortly.

Join the Discord for the latest updates and builds

(2 edits)

Google Analytics no longer gives out Universal Analytics Ids but Measurement Ids instead. I cant track my site using GA because the new Measurement ID format is different from the UA format and itch rejects it.

 How soon will update it's setting area to accept the GA's new Measurement IDs?


Thanks! Gonna setup donations soon. Join the discord is you haven't for live updates or to share your art.

You can load a custom obj model for now


heh good point

Thanks for catching this one! I'm gonna have to fix is real quick.

Just came to the site to see if there was an update and wasn't disappointed!

Glad you liked it :D

I'm going to be using TextureLab to demonstrate note-based dataflow and introduce texture mapping to my first year CS students in a couple of weeks' time

this would be awesome!

Unfortunately there's a teeny-weeny little bug: the cube model in the preview window doesn't appear to have height maps applied.

I know about this one. This will be addressed in an up-coming release. I'm gonna add tessellation levels to the models. I just couldn't squeeze anything else in this release.

Not a show-stopper for me, as I can have my students use the plane instead, but hopefully something that isn't too hard to fix.

great! the sphere model it actually the most detailed.

yea..the random seed only affects the new noises

Image import will come in a future release. Join the discord server for the latest updates and builds.

Sorry for the late reply.

Wow it really has been a year. Development has admittedly been slow as of late, but it's still going. My primary focus for this release is having more powerful nodes, such as FloodFill and TileSampler, so texturelab will be able to make a wider variety of textures.  I haven't officially announced it yet, but you can join my discord to see quicker updates.

(1 edit)

Hey! Thanks. The Blur node and other awesome ones are coming in the upcoming release. If you're really curious, you can build it from source to see the latest features.

Thanks. Texturelab will be free for the foreseeable future. Then plan is to monetize other tools built on top of texturelab itself.

No need to apologize, this is the push/support I need. :D

Hi. Thanks for taking an interest in texturelab. Some of your ideas are pretty good.
I've never heard of Genetica 4 until now and but it seems like something I was aiming for texturelab to be where quick texture synthesis is concerned. I like it's huge library of starting templates too.

Hi. Yea I have new version in the works but personal life has gotten in the way. I'll be back to working on this project by next week. Trying to make it in time for #nodevember.

Sorry for the long delay.

Hey, this is a great idea. I plan on having it in v0.4.0 when I change the file format to being package (like a zip) rather than just a single json file as it is now. You'll be able to have regular images and even whole 3d models if needs be at that point.

Absolutely love this tool by the way, keep up the great work!

Thanks you!

Ooooh now I get it. This is a good idea, but it might have to come in a much later version.

Sorry for the late reply.

1. Tile sampler enhacement:
Increasy a property and this increase node input images available.
This allows complex shapes for realistic and  abstract textures creation.

Yea i want to do this properly but the way i had structured the nodegraph doesnt allow for it. For now, I can have 4 slots available. I'll make adding new images dynamic later on.

2. Quad transform:
It is like Transform 2D but this control 4 Points each one with a x, y property.
This allow even more complex shapes with fast workflow.

This is an excellent idea! Gonna be tricky to implement properly since i'd have to design controls for moving around the points in the 2d preview window. I think i might leave it for v0.4.0

3. To gray scale:
Color to grayscale and property for random grayscale.
This realese new possibilities, and combine with import images is killer.

Seems simple enough. I'll add this one.

4. Height Blend:
Like Blend but this has Bottom, Top, Mask Inputs and property height offset (mainly)

This one is also a good idea

5. Shape extrude.
(If possible) because looks like a complex one
Transform a 2D image in 3D (more or less).

This one will be very hard to. Not sure i'll be implementing this anytime soon . Sorry :/

Have a format file which is a material for drag and drop with tweakable options choosen in texture lab.

Texturelab files already support this but I just havent added support for the feature back to editor as yet. You can see this in action on the old website. Later on i'm gonna have a standalone application just for viewing texturelab files. Like Substance Player.

Thanks and keep the good work.

Thanks :D

Looking pretty sweet! Didnt know the textures would look so good in marmoset :D

Just want to say that this is the best free substance designer I've tried (out of 3). UX is by far the best.

Thanks :D

I know it's already on your TODO list but +1 on blur node. Imo the most important thing atm.

The Blur node is pretty useful, but I think the TileSampler node has way more impact and can allow for the creation of more diverse textures. 

Perlin 3D should be found if you search for "noise" I suppose

You're right. I'll add smarter search filtering in an upcoming version.

If I export to zip and extract, 7zip gives me a warning about headers (doesn't cause any issues)

This has been fixed and will be in the next release.

If I drag to highlight the text in the search box from right to left, and let go of the mouse button after I finish the drag while it is above the node canvas, focus leaves the text box

I know about this one. I'll address it in time.

Would love a rotate modify on the tile node (so my row could travel diagonally) (is that even possible?)

Great idea. I can make the rotation random or uniform too.

Undo/redo doesn't respect property drawers

Some of them, yes. I had already fixed all except for some cases where the gradient picker doesn't get updated.

Great news! I spoke to the guy who owns HDRI haven and he gave me the go-ahead to integrate with his website. There's a public api that's available so I can let users search for and download HDRIs directly from TextureLab.

Thanks. I do the best i can.

I already have a  Gaussian blur node that's working for the upcoming release. I tried implementing Bevel but I cant seem to get the math right. I'll keep at it tho.

You can build from source here if you're interested in seeing the latest features in development:

Thanks. I'm currently not taking any donations. Sorry.

Possibility to change hdri (it's free on hdri haven :) ) and change light rotation

This one is already in my bucket list :D

See in real time the color changes with the gradient map node 

This already works on the Linux version because chrome uses OS-specific color pickers. I'm working on adding a color picker that will make this work across all platforms.

Maintain control to move links from one output from one node to another 

Not quite sure what this means tbh

Also try to add things that do not exist in substance dessigner to be able to create competition and differentiate your sofware

In time it will. I just gotta hit the basics first.

In case you didn't get the update, all of these were added except texture import.

I've been doing wonders with my new TileSampler node.

I followed some youtube tutorials and made this:

I need to add a few more new nodes to complete the look and make better rocks.

Oh. Thanks for the headsup. I fixed it.

Hey. Sorry no tutorials nor manuals nor FAQs as yet. I'll have some done after version 0.3.0 is out.