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Procedural Texture Generation · By njbrown

Node Suggestions - Blur and Bevel

A topic by bmobius created Jul 15, 2020 Views: 354 Replies: 3
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This may have been covered in another topic, but I was hoping to see a proper Blur Node added to the app? Gaussian preferably!
Could I also suggest a Bevel Node that would allow us to add either a simple straight linear bevel or even a bevel based on a user-created custom curve?
Thanks for your time!


I already have a  Gaussian blur node that's working for the upcoming release. I tried implementing Bevel but I cant seem to get the math right. I'll keep at it tho.

You can build from source here if you're interested in seeing the latest features in development:


Oh hey! Thank you for the quick reply. I'm an utter newbie when it comes to building anything from source, so I'll happily wait until your next compiled release. Thanks for getting back to me and thank you for the work your doing on this project. Too many of these really useful tools end up at dead ends with their creators losing interest or abandoning their projects. Glad to see you're still working on it! I know it can be tough especially when you have a regular job to attend to.


Thanks. I do the best i can.