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Procedural Texture Generation 路 By njbrown

Post Your Textures Sticky

A topic by njbrown created Nov 20, 2019 Views: 3,279 Replies: 22
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Developer (1 edit)

I am by no means a texture artist so using TextureLab is probably as much of a learning experience for me as it is for some of you. From time to time I might try doing something new and/or make a texture. I learn things on the way but I probably wont have the time to do full tutorials.

This thread is solely dedicated to posting snippets of things I've learnt or just whole textures. I'll also provide the actual texture file. 

If you want to post as well then that would be great given you provide the texture file or a sufficient screenshot of the nodes so others can learn as well.


I had made this a while back when I first added the Hexagon node and was looking for something interesting to make with it.


I got the idea from a post on substance share. The original one I made is on the old texturelab website

(2 edits) (+4)

My testing thing from today (also has a height map but looks a bit silly in the preview) :D

I'm trying not to spend ALL free time on this, but it's hard not to. Looking forwards to some QOL improvements, but it's VERY usable in its current state.

*edit* I made some knitted wool-like material, inspired by Simon Thommes' Knittr. It's still an early prototype but looks kinda cool and it's relatively easy to make new patterns!

*edit 2* here's also an "earth" material setup. Not bad for half an hour of messing around :D



Wow those are super cool. I should really step my game up lol. I didnt even know you could make knitted textures with TextureLab.

Made a quick tactile pavement material. It's mostly tiling and shapes so it's low-hanging fruit.



One more from today! The node tree is kinda large and thus not very readable, but it's basically a bunch of warped cell stuff on top of each other.


Nice. I should look into adding labels in the graph in an earlier released then.


I was experimenting with creating marble-based textures

Sources in:


Awesome! Keep em coming!

my second material in TextureLab, not sure what i made tho.. xD

heh i make weird stuff all the time too


I've been doing wonders with my new TileSampler node.

I followed some youtube tutorials and made this:

I need to add a few more new nodes to complete the look and make better rocks.


My second texture with texturelab (rendered with blender)

(1 edit) (+1)

My first Texture Lab:

Gold Time Planet.

Render in Marmoset Toolbag.


Looking pretty sweet! Didnt know the textures would look so good in marmoset :D


8k Texture Lab Render Light Animation

Emblem Shield.



Design: Turtle Shell.

Nodevember is coming.

Made with Texture Lab and Maverick Render.


Sci-fi Shield Planet

It protect the essence of love 鉂わ笍

In Instagram and Twitter I am using hashtags:



Please join in Nodevember with whatever list of challenge but with a community hashtag of your choise so We can build a community.


Here is my very first material!

First contact with any node-based-texture-generation software and is AMAZING.

Download *.texture file


This is beautiful!

I made a few edits to the file, I hope you don't mind. 


1) The Simplex Noise node isn't seamless, so I changed it to a Gradient Noise instead. That fixed the discontinuity in the pattern that shows up after you applied the Directional Noise.

2) I changed the Hexagon margin to 0.94. That fixes the Floodfill node's output. 

The directional warp caused gaps in the hexagonal pattern when the lines are too thing. This causes the floodfill algorithm to breakdown.

Join the Discord Server to see other textures being made by the community.

Keep making more textures :D


Awesome! And thanks for the help, gonna take those corrections in count for the next materials I make.

I will definitely keep experimenting with this tool, it has a lot of potential!


No prob! Just keep the materials coming :D