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Sci-fi Shield Planet

It protect the essence of love ❤️

In Instagram and Twitter I am using hashtags:



Please join in Nodevember with whatever list of challenge but with a community hashtag of your choise so We can build a community.


Design: Turtle Shell.

Nodevember is coming.

Made with Texture Lab and Maverick Render.

8k Texture Lab Render Light Animation

Emblem Shield.

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My first Texture Lab:

Gold Time Planet.

Render in Marmoset Toolbag.

Hello njbrown great tool

Here my node Suggestions:

By order:

1. Tile sampler enhacement:

Increasy a property and this increase node input images available.

This allows complex shapes for realistic and  abstract textures creation.

2. Quad transform:

It is like Transform 2D but this control 4 Points each one with a x, y property.

This allow even more complex shapes with fast workflow.

3. To gray scale:

Color to grayscale and property for random grayscale.

This realese new possibilities, and combine with import images is killer.

4. Height Blend:

Like Blend but this has Bottom, Top, Mask Inputs and property height offset (mainly)

5. Shape extrude.

(If possible) because looks like a complex one

Transform a 2D image in 3D (more or less).


While this is not properly needed but for future... It opens a wide range of possibilities:

Have a format file which is a material for drag and drop with tweakable options choosen in texture lab.

It is quite powerfull.

I imagine this is a difficult one.

Thanks and keep the good work.