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I played with this idea for a while, but ultimately left it alone since for various reasons I found it a bit too complex for what I was trying to accomplish with this tileset (for example, CONGRUENT doesn't have several "border" tiles since at that resolution they wouldn't be visible/would be hidden behind other tiles; also, it would mean creating terrains for every color variation which was just too time consuming for me)- there's always an option of creating the terrains yourself, though :)

Thanks a lot! :D

It's my GameBoy-themed retro-viewer thing I made in Blender :)
It features customizable resolution and Eevee-powered realtime image quantization up to 32 colors!

Thank you! I've overlaid several paper textures to get that effect, and on some other results I've also used the "displace" filter to have the contents of the image conform to the "paper" texture :)

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you're enjoying working with the tileset!

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I tried integrating snippets of examples all around the page, but having dedicated "screenshot" examples is probably a good idea :)

*edit* I added some tileset usage examples!

Thank you!

Hey thanks :D

Thank you!

No problem and thanks! I've managed to export stuff manually by copying and pasting layers into a new document, a bit tedious but worked fine :)

Hey hey! I tried to play with parallax/3d using multiple layers, but I can't seem to export them properly- all exported layer .pngs are the same (flattened document). Maybe I'm doing something wrong :D

Thank you very much! Feel free to show off the results, as I'd love to see what people can do with the tileset!

Hey, Microbe is a charset/tileset, the demo image screenshot is supposed to showcase what's possible to make using that tileset.

Thank you! :D

I can now start the application! Thanks!

Just a heads-up, Bitdefender deletes the .exe claiming it's malware. I get that it's most likely a false positive but you might want to know about it!

Thank you! :D

Would be pretty cool to have a hotkey to quickly swap the foreground/background colors for the current tool :D

I noticed this got updated, and I don't remember having the option to set custom resolution before.
I'm very happy to see the little tool being updated, as I'm kind of obsessed with using it as of late :D

Thanks for the update! I'll be sure to give the new version a try when it's out!

Separate frames, or an option to export an animated gif output from an animated gif input would be fantastic for pixelart-related interpolation!
Also, thanks a lot for this, seems like a formidable interpolation too, your demo videos are mesmerizing :D

Hey! Playscii is one of my favorite go-to applications for relaxing and building concept stuff, so I was thrilled to see the new version up, but apparently Bitdefender flags it as "potentially malicious" again :(

Hey! Seeing the new version is up and my brick wall featured in the update was a pleasant surprise today for sure! Thanks for the continuing development of what is shaping up to become a very versatile and powerful tool!

The node system is already diverse enough that many things can be improvised, but of course it would be nice to have more compact and streamlined tools.

I've noticed that the "tiling" setting in the preview doesn't affect the height map :P

One more from today! The node tree is kinda large and thus not very readable, but it's basically a bunch of warped cell stuff on top of each other.

Hey! I was trying to make an "earth" material, ended up using a bunch of color and blend and map range nodes, would a gradient map node be possible instead?

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My testing thing from today (also has a height map but looks a bit silly in the preview) :D

I'm trying not to spend ALL free time on this, but it's hard not to. Looking forwards to some QOL improvements, but it's VERY usable in its current state.

*edit* I made some knitted wool-like material, inspired by Simon Thommes' Knittr. It's still an early prototype but looks kinda cool and it's relatively easy to make new patterns!

*edit 2* here's also an "earth" material setup. Not bad for half an hour of messing around :D

I'm really impressed and I'm very happy to have a tool this versatile to just play in.
Keep up the great work, I'm already spending a LOT of time playing with the nodes :D

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This is crazy, possibly the best application I've tried using recently. Thank you very much for all the hours I've spent playing in Tilemancer! :D

Here's the stuff I was making, I'm a bit overwhelmed with possibilities.