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Just came to the site to see if there was an update and wasn't disappointed!

Glad you liked it :D

I'm going to be using TextureLab to demonstrate note-based dataflow and introduce texture mapping to my first year CS students in a couple of weeks' time

this would be awesome!

Unfortunately there's a teeny-weeny little bug: the cube model in the preview window doesn't appear to have height maps applied.

I know about this one. This will be addressed in an up-coming release. I'm gonna add tessellation levels to the models. I just couldn't squeeze anything else in this release.

Not a show-stopper for me, as I can have my students use the plane instead, but hopefully something that isn't too hard to fix.

great! the sphere model it actually the most detailed.

Maybe so, but the sphere ain't great when your lesson is built around brick walls and tiled roofs.... ;-)

heh good point