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My new high score

I'm obsessed with the "script" from the first section omg

king of the bubs

That last one can be tricky to find! I'm guessing you haven't found the one that looks like a smiley face? And do you want a hint?

there's something kind of eerie about racing around rainbow road in complete silence, which I guess is appropriate for the void of space!

the end made me go "oh no"


Awesome, I'm glad you figured it out!

For sure! I've been using the love2d web builder linked in the game description (, it's a pretty convenient online tool. I usually use the "run project" option to fiddle with the memory settings and check error messages/fix bugs until it works, and then I'll do a proper build with the same settings. The only other thing is to remember to change stuff for your web build that doesn't make sense for the browser (for Skill Drop I decided to remove the full screen option and hitting escape on the title screen doesn't "quit" the game).

If you want to have a more in-depth conversation about it, feel free to dm me on twitter!

The art is so cute! Was this submitted to the larger ludum dare? I'd like to rate it but I can't find it there. :(

Exciting!! Congratulations!

Hey there! Thanks for trying it! I've added some tips to the game description here on, but if you're still stuck (I assume in the first section) try looking for the word "Nets". Once you've extracted your first big word, try going back using the history on the right and looking for "Beach". 

Still no plans to have a discord server, but if I do make one you'll be the first to know! 

Thanks for playing! I did spend a fair bit of the jam time on the look of the scene, so probably around 6-8 hours, but that's just an estimate. I was able to save a lot of time by having some elements, like the bookshelves, table and tree, be 2D sketches placed in the world instead of full 3D objects. I'm glad you liked it 🙂

There's another 11 levels, music and a lot of new visual effects! Plus a lot of small behind the scenes stuff.

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Skill Drop

Skill Drop is a cute little puzzle game where you have to abandon your abilities in order to progress. Solving puzzles seems simple at first, until you have to give up your ability to dash to climb a tall cliff, and but now you need it to get the coin at the top! As you get more abilities and the levels get trickier, you'll have to really think to get all the coins and get to the end of the level.

Skill Drop was originally made in under 72 hours for MiniJam 65 with the theme "Abandoned", where it got 2nd out of 60 entries in the OverallConcept and Presentation categories. It's been polished and added to for just over a month since then to bring you this Post-Jam version with music, new mechanics, new levels and a whole lot more pizazz!

Please try it out and let me know what you think!

Sad ending :( It definitely felt like I was controlling a hockey puck, the way you slip and slide around. Some sound effects would have really taken it to the next level!

Cute! I'm not sure I understood what was going on, aside from trying to get out of the mine, but it was a fun little experience getting these two miners to cooperate.

This is truly the dark souls of MiniJam 65 games.

Great job for your first real game! Putting something out there is the first step to putting something awesome out there. I liked the melancholy twist at the end. 

This was really good! I love the auditory feedback for grabbing and flinging pieces, it makes it fun to do, even when the pieces aren't going together how you want them to. I like how you took a concept that sounds melancholy (abandoned toys) and made it something positive by putting them back together. Really great job!

The game itself was really hard, those plastic bags are unforgiving! The music was great though, I wanted to keep playing just so I could keep listening to it!

Nice! The line showing you where you're going was a very nice touch, it made the otherwise tricky navigation much more intuitive. 

I really like the vibe of the game, with the calming nature sounds and the cute, animal-crossing-like world rotation. Nice job!

Nice job! It seems like we had a similar idea. I like how, at least as you intended, the mechanical theme kind of plays into an emotional theme as well.

Thanks for the compliments! I'm planning to make a post-jam version with more levels, so stay tuned for that!

Thanks for letting me know about the distortion, I admittedly did not test it in a variety of browsers. I'll have to figure out a tutorial or similar to teach the ability dropping mechanic. Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Awesome, I'll keep an eye out for it!

I like the idea! It has almost a horror vibe, with the black and red color scheme, dark atmosphere and frequent jump scares as the red pieces pop out of the darkness. Sometimes it was a little confusing why I got sent back to the beginning, as I either couldn't see or was just barely able to see the red piece that captured me before it happened. Maybe having the red pieces move to their positions a little slower would help? Great job!

It got kind of zen for me in the middle, I just spaced out and hit checkpoints and listened to the music! I think it lasted a little long for how much gameplay there was, maybe shortening the playtime by a third would have helped? The art was charming. 

I love the concept and the icons for the different band roles look cool! Interested to see what it would have looked like with more gameplay.

Cute! Congrats on getting procedural generation to work. When does Fang and Flower 7 come out?

I had fun! I loved the way the chicken moved, it felt really alive. I think you definitely picked the right style of animation for the game. I also really liked the music during the intro/explanation. Echoing what an earlier commenter said about jumping, specifically getting from the second to the third checkpoint was aggravating the first time through. Shaking the window on startup made me laugh out loud. Overall a fun time!

Ahh, I missed that. I'll have to go back and find it! 

I found the room with the reset button, is that the one? 

Thanks for the compliments! I don't have a discord server, but if you want to keep up with what I'm making you can follow me here or on twitter.

This was great! I caught myself smiling a couple of times when I'd accidentally do a trick shot off a wall and through a portal to get a crystal/gem/thing that I totally wasn't aiming for. The level transitions are a nice bit of polish, and you even have an opening cutscene? Awesome work!

This is a cool concept! I like where it's going, you should definitely keep working on this. I especially liked the 2D lighting effects.

I liked the kind of inspirational, kind of creepy ending! Fun idea, and congrats on your first game jam!

Thanks for playing! Pushing blocks into the spikes is a bit tricky, I've uploaded an update that makes it easier to just drop them in. Thanks for the feedback!