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I have some suggestions for improvements, which I am sure you have already considered:

- The default attack button takes away from one's ability to use the left stick to attack. Rebinding this button made my player only attack towards 5 o' clock.
- The first town the tree beneath the house with the slime, the ground around the water by the tree pulls me in more than it should.
- There was a bug where I was getting the third attack's combo distance strike on all of my attacks, this was tough to replicate though
- One is still able to spam attacks by spacing the attack key by about 0.2 seconds, it feels like the combo should chain more aggressively. 
- I couldn't find your exploding rock. :c

The game is looking really good! 
Love your YouTube content; keep up the good work.

This is our first game-jam, lots of room for improvement, but we are quite happy with the prototype:

The magnet repel mechanic works almost angry-birds style. 

You must have believed.

The magnet repel works angry-birds style.
We did not get around to adding an indicator of how the mechanic works in this early version.

Thanks for your comment!

So you wouldn't be able to throw up without jumping?

I logged in to ask this:
How would you throw up and down?