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Ok guys .

i 've just updated the game to fix the punitive death issue.It took me about ten minutes to do, and although i don't think the updates are legal within the rules of the game jam, I'd rather make the game more enjoyable than leave it barely unplayable for a majority of people. I hope some of you will give it another chance and really have fun playing it.

I like the idea,but it's super hard when english isn't your native language.Perhaps consider using color spikes or something on a white background to indicate wich color to use.

nice game!

I didn't understand what to do,but the art looks cool

super cool game!Sound effects would have been great!

I love how smooth those movements are!

Good job!Graphics are nice and you corrected everything I thought was a little problem when I first played it.I'd like to see a longer version of this game

The visuals are nice,but I could not play it a lot because of my azerty keyboard

Awesome!The gameplay is nice and everything is just so polished!The graphics and the music bring me old memories,nice job!

I love how smooth the movements are and how polished it looks!It would just be nice to add zqsd controls and more ennemies.

it's pretty cool,but I think it would be better if there was a  cursor with a bigger hitbox

I think the link is not working

what are the controls?

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z or w->move up

q or a->move on the left

S->move down

D->move on the right

Aim with the mouse,click to shoot

20/20,quel jeu incroyable - IGN

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/!\ Keep Moving to avoid Lightning /!\