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This is probably an issue with my scoring routine. I’m going through every one of the 2964 tiles on the tilemap in every call of _process(), which is definitely not performance-friendly.

I would have optimized it more but I was low on time and the game only caused a 5% CPU load on my machine, so I focused on getting the game into a playable state instead.

Very nice use of the theme. I love the whole effect of the unveiling of hidden paths using colour. Nice, relaxing music as well!

Controls feel good as well, intuitive stuff.

I am a Linux user though, so I had to play the game through Wine. Works fine, but closing the game is a bit difficult. An ingame option to do so would be nice (like pressing ESC and selecting quit or something like that).

Anyway, good job!

Nice, simple simon says game. It’s a bit too slow, though, you could probably speed it up as much as 5x.

I agree with the others, it is kind of hard to see what’s going on around you.

Aside from that, the low resolution aesthetic works really well for this kind of game, feels very nice.

Out of personal interest: Some of the sound effects in your game sound a lot like they are coming from a TIC-80 fantasy console (I’ve made several games for it). Did you by any chance use a TIC-80 to generate them?

I agree, good platformer with good use of the theme.

I have a minor issue with the wall jumps, but I suppose that’s down to personal preference: I’m used to pointing my arrow keys against the wall to hold on, then pressing the jump button to push away from it. I’ve probably picked that habit up in Super Meat Boy… Here, though, you stick to the walls automatically and have to point in the direction you want to jump towards. This makes it somewhat unintuitive to do the wall jumps.

Aside from that, quite fun.

Nice artstyle, though the choice of colours makes it a bit difficult to see where to go. Aside from that, it plays very well and, for some reason, reminds me of early Playstation 1 3D platformers.

Colour overload! In a good way.

Quite fun, though quite stressful.

Basically asteroids with balls, and colours, and a lot of chaos.

Feels very polished in all regards. A fun game!

Looks really good, reminds me of Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

The controls are not really universal, though. I’m using a QWERTZ keyboard, so having the jump button be Z is really annoying.

Pretty difficult, but nice use of the color theme. You basically launch yourself around the map using explosions. I was unable to close the game, though, and had to resort to killing it to exit.

Thanks for playing!

Yes, I agree, this could pass as a multiplayer web game. I’d probably have to increase the map size and make it possible to gain more slimes / increase the circle size somehow.

Wow, this game is awesome!

Both the platforming and fighting as well as the puzzle elements play incredibly well. The entire game feels very polished, from the graphics design (in terms of clear communication of what’s what) to the controls and the very satisfying sound effects.

To my surprise, this game’s artstyle doesn’t seem limited by the (IMHO not very well chosen) limitation of two frames per animation, but actually benefits from it.

This game is really fun, I’d love to see a full release of this!

Fun use of the theme, definitely an interesting take on the endless runner genre.

Some of the sprites look a little bit blurry, but it doesn’t distract from the experience.

It’s certainly nice to look at, though I’d love to see where this game was headed gameplay-wise

Same issue here.

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Interesting, according to this turtle, there are hot singles in my area…

… what?

Weird fortune reading tool, but fun for that very reason

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I tried playing with a gamepad, but for some reason, my face buttons were not recognized by my browser. Not a problem though, because contrary to what others said, the keyboard and mouse controls are perfectly fine and intuitive enough.

I was able to cheat my way to the end in a few cases though; For example, I was able to just jump around the corner in this case. Whether that’s an issue is up to whether you like finding shortcuts for speedrunning: Screenshot of the issue

Overall though: Great presentation, fitting music, nice difficulty curve for the puzzles. I had a lot of fun.

Insanely satisfying while somewhat chaotic. The lack of cls() makes for a surprisingly good background effect. Good use of Pico-8

Surprisingly enjoyable, good use of the theme

Fun game, albeit a little short. No worries, the gameplay that’s there is good; It would be nice to have some more feedback from hitting enemies to make it more satisfying, though.

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Great concept and well executed, but argh, this game is hard! I’d probably need some kind of warning indication before the colour changes to make it past the third level. Anyway, nice game and good use of the theme!

Mmh, I agree. The little sound that is in the game was more of a last-minute thing. I’m not entirely sure what kind of sound design works with this type of game, though, but I’ll experiment if I continue development at some point.

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That was the plan, but I kind of ran out of time. If I were to continue development, that would be one of the first things I’d attempt to add, though.

Thank you for playing!

You may have seen shooters, rogue-likes or even rpgs realized in raycasting engines.

But have you ever seen a racing game... in a raycaster?

This is a raycasting-based racing game for the open-source fantasy-console known as TIC-80. I've personally written a custom raycaster from the ground up over the course of a few months. As raycasters are very demanding to run on fantasy consoles, there are a variety of graphical settings available to make the game run perfectly smooth.


You race against up to seven AIs simultaneously. It's a racing game, what did you expect?

Great, where do I get to try it?

You can play it right here on

Alternatively, you can get it on the official TIC-80 website: