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Definitely want to at least finish the main gameplay loop and see how it feels.

Thanks for the feedback. Having the farmer and the store owner have budgets was something we ran out of time to implement. Definitely something required for the game to actually be fun.

Had fun. Wish there was some bassier notes.

Pathfinding felt a bit rough. The player kept running into the spike I made and wasn’t sure how to get them to avoid it.

Loved the concept!

Very silly!

I had fun with the shooting. FOV felt a touch small.

Reminds me a bit of Mario Bros.

Note: game is unfinished. The main gameplay loop of picking items and the farm updating is mostly done, but there is no economy, and no success/failure states.

Really great feedback on bevy. Some of the pain points you mentioned are being worked on like the asset system is being completely reworked. Other things like there being a lot of runtime checks won’t change anytime soon. (Fixing this in bevy would require a way to get a const type id, which isn’t really possible with how rust currently works.)

Comments on the issues you were having:

I was thinking it should have been a custom schedule maybe, that I would run manually somehow

This is what I would recommend for anything turn based.

load configuration from lets say a json file at runtime

I usually use bevy_common_assets for this.

I have no idea how to take ownership of a component.

The problem here is that the world owns the components, so you can only get ownership when you have access to &mut World. For what you want to do I would recommend writing a custom EntityCommand.

Once I read the comment about not pulling back, game was much more playable. Though it was very scary with the effects on the last level waiting to find out if I was going to slide off or not lol.

Very impressive work! Especially for a jam entry. Sometimes things felt a bit unintuitive with the sticky effect. I struggled with the controls a bit when changing between the floor and ceiling.

Couldn’t get past the second jump as the game was dropping my jump inputs

Really interesting game. I had a fun time with it. One issue I had is that I felt like I was guess and checking towards the end. I had a hard time understanding “promotes a healthy appetite”. I think it was because I would normally expect a mouse to eat cheese even without any drugs.

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You had some fun puzzles. It might be better to make the platforming a bit easier though to give more focus to the puzzling aspect. I fell and died a couple times on the second level after I already knew how to solve the puzzle.

Really cute art!

fun puzzles!

Interesting idea. I had a lot of trouble giving the drink to the patron that I wanted to.

It was fun seeing the levels change.

Got stuck on the third level when the first enemy fell to the bottom.

Fun game!

interesting idea. only tried with 2 players but I can see it getting really hectic with more. My one complaint would be the rotational momentum. It made things feel very unresponsive when trying to change directions.

Fun game. My one crit would be that it would be nice to have some visual indication on top of the text of the debuffs for the already placed towers.

Feels a bit like vampire survivor

How do you drink?

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game is crashing on windows for me.

Hope you had fun!

Very pretty. I like the loop between searching and shooting.

Nice effects. Felt a bit tedious as the game wore on. Probably needed a way of collecting the earlier resources faster as the game progressed.

Really enjoyed the art!

Couldn’t get very far, but I liked the controls for the boat. It was very hard to dodge some of the shots. Especially when there were multiple cannons.

It could use some indication of different waves to give a better sense of progression.

Good job on your first game.

Some good puzzles in there!

Nice effects with the tire tracks and smoke.

Took me a bit to figure out what I was trying to do. I think it was partially because I didn’t know what was behind the ???’s. Could be pretty fun if there was some goal/challenges involved.

Could be interesting with the traits implemented. Seems a bit too simplistic and random currently.

Life is just so unfair at times…

nice game. you should add in the description that the distance from the bee to the cursor determines your speed. I game up the first time I played the game, because I didn’t figure it out.

Tried the fix and it helped a lot. I was able to beat it.

It still feels a little awkward, since the enemies rush you in a straight line but if the reticule is too close you tend to miss the next enemies rushing you. since the bullets will go off on an angle then.