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Wow I didn't think about this. A player can have 4 buttons (minus the d-pad) by simply changing the dock state. You could also have a near infinite amount buttons if you use the crank to cycle through different sets of buttons. Holding a button while spinning the crank could activate a secondary crank state. It could be useful to map out all possible combinations in a spreadsheet to find more creative ways to embed actions. Thanks for sharing!

I would love to see more! I wish I knew what object I was looking for instead of having to rapidly click everywhere

On my screen I wasn't able to see the submit button so I wasn't able to play. Pressing Enter did nothing either.

I wasn't able to find an exe to run in your download

Not a bad idea...

I got 29,333!

Thanks for playing :)

You can blame Shahbaz for the last few hard ones lool.

i like the idea and the tone. It has a nice charm to it. I wasn't sure what my health was or how much health i had. Dying feels unfair, since I am either fighting the mechanics or get sniped by projectiles that go through walls. The color palette and animations are great. I wish there was audio

You should add ammo pick ups that spawn at random points, that would be fun. I think i found a bug, after I exited the main menu, I lost my mouse cursor.

Nice lighting and use of reflections. 

I enjoy open-ended gameplay so this was fun for me, although I think the combat was too chaotic.

Very bizarre

Hey Tyler, thanks for the review :) 

I do agree with the mana types as I was unsure how to indicate the value of them visually to the player. I also agree with your thoughts about the potion progress.

The game has excellent art. I didn't find the gameplay as enjoyable. Deciding the order of my actions was nice but there was no long term strategy that got me hooked.

Cool looking game that made me think. Having the elemental sides in addition to the numbers added variety to the level. My favorite part was the ability to change perspectives to see hidden buttons, although, in some parts the level, the cube can hardly be seen.

I think if anyone likes math, they will like this game. I really enjoyed the falling off animation for some reason. I never got mad when I fell off.

Nice job creating upgrade and crew progression. I didn't understand what significance the tiles had, except for the cannon one. At one point, I think I accidentally sold my only cannon because I lost it. I wish I was able to board the enemy ship.

Nice work with making AI move around the map, talk, and kill enemies. It gave me the sense that I was in a online game. Spectating AI was enjoyable but then game abruptly closes. I assume this is the mmo ending, but it felt more like a crash. I didn't notice anyone disappearing or reacting to the shutdown.

Nice work, I didn't find any bugs, aside from some buttons that wouldn't do anything. I would be helpful to see names and descriptions of the cannons. And I would be helpful to see the range of the canons before I place them.

Nice visuals and gameplay idea. This is a creative way to use the keyboard and shows that the hardware interface can play an important in video games. It was challenging to play and I would die with 15 seconds, which turned me off. I realized I had to jump a second or two before the obstacle reached the animal because the feet could get hit and I would lose. This became difficult with more than one screen to look at. The walking sound was annoying. The background wasn't distracting and characters looked great.

I though your tree simulator was an interesting idea, although I was confused most of the time when I played. I wasn't sure what effect I was having on the system. I do the potential for learning about plants in this. If you can figure out to communicate what is going on clearly, then others who play may enjoy learning about how a plant lives.

This is visually impressive. You did a great job with the doodle aesthetic in both the animations and environment. The drawing mechanic is what drew me in but I quickly got bored with it. You don't do anything interesting with it. The drawing puzzles you created reminded of The Witness, which used a limited form of drawing in a successful way. The dialogue was fun to read, but often went on too long and involved too much clicking. But maybe your target audience will dig that, I personally don't enjoy text dialogue in games (usually). As a result, I didn't find the intro to be interesting and I skipped most of it because I wanted to get to the gameplay.

The alien looking terrain and pretty lighting drew me into playing this game. I didn't get the fun of exploring from the core mechanic because it was difficult to use the grappling hook, jumping over blocks was annoying, and the player controller needs more polish. With the hook, I can never tell when I am in range, and I found the left and right click functionality to be confusing. The few moments where I was swinging fast through caverns or falling into the ocean were exciting. When I was drawn to something in the terrain, it was either a cave, high spot, or a spot that might be fun to swing off of. The visuals are beautiful and simple, which I personally enjoy seeing in video games.

I think a jet pack or super jump ability would be cool. Portals gates would be cool too, maybe they have an emission material that can be seen from the distance. They could be color coded. Perhaps the player can place down portals. What if giant flying whales wondered the space and you ride them. More gadgets would be cool because that would help me role play as an agent. Maybe a x-ray machine that can help me see hidden objects or caves. Check out the gadgets that ghost investigators use. What about a long range zip-line gun?? That would be fun to zip across large valleys and save time.

Using the gravity mechanic as a grappling hook or an alternative way to travel was really fun. I couldn't see how it could be used for combat yet, although I could see how I could jump down from a ceiling and kill someone. The fps controller needs a huge amount of polishing. That's going to take time to get right. The environment and models looked interesting.

The cat feels so good to control, you nailed down the bouncing, nice work!

The level in this game is beautiful, I applaud the great work. The gameplay, which I enjoy as well, is fun and calming. I hope to see more updates.

I enjoyed playing through all the challenges and beating game. This game has some interesting puzzles.

Nice visuals and combat, I'm looking forward to more updates

The gun play is exciting! I can tell you all put good thought into the design and balance of each weapon.

I love the drone strategy, nice work!

I too, made a bullet hell game, well it is kind of like a bullet hell game lol. I have not played many bullet hell or rhythm games, but this to me felt like a difficult boss battle that put the player in interesting situations. I enjoyed the different stages of the boss since they all made me think and move differently. I didn't understand the rhythm part of the game and how I needed to dash with the beat of the music so having a visual or sound indicator would be helpful for me. 

This reminds me of playing lego star wars with another person. Both players had to stay on the same screen lol. I think the camera should pan out more so that the player can see incoming projectiles better. The art was interesting and had me wondering what was going on in the game.

I believe this is meant to be a 2 player game but I was able to play by myself for an extra challenge so nice! I thought using a tether between the two players to defend the platform was a creative take on the connection theme. I wished challenge would progress faster, but again, I was not playing with someone else. I think there could more obstacles that attempt to break the connect and force players position themselves is more interesting ways. I also wasn't sure why the platform keep disappearing. The game felt polished to me and the art and sounds were great.

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I thought this game did a good job at conveying an emotional journey through action. I don't believe emotional journey is the best word to use but basically you had moments where the player is running in the playground or just trying to say hello. Those are experience that are difficult to describe and I enjoyed the way this game did so. When running in the playground, the ecstatic energy that I would have as a kid is expressed by jumping through the level with an skipping momentum. The fear of saying hello to your friend is expressed by traversing platforms that go up and down, which to me, I felt symbolized hesitation. Then the level repeats itself, but this time, your childhood memories push you all the way up to finally say hello.

On thing I think could improve is the art. I actually liked the art, but I didn't feel like it reinforced the desired emotion of each level. For instance, in the level where you hesitate to say hello, the level art seems to have a dungeon theme and that threw me off a little because I couldn't relate that setting to the moment in the story. But that's hard to do lol. I'm glad I got to play this, nice game!

This is a really neat concept, I love the idea. Furiously swirling the mouse around to trap all the stuffed creations not only felt cool but tested my reflexes and quick planning. I was very confused at first because I didn't read the tutorial. I figured out how to thread only by accident. In terms of difficulty, I thought the dog was spawned to often and I was frequently getting overwhelmed. This was especially the case when dogs where coming to me in different directions. At that point, I couldn't move my mouse around that fast and precise to defend myself. Aside from those things that I think could be improved, I enjoyed the game :)

Thanks! I'm glad you like it :)

Nice work, I like the artwork. The main menu looks good too

This was fun, the choices were very entertaining!