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Yeah we've seen the Holoshield bug a few times now. I thought it might have gotten fixed in 2.93 but unfortunately now it has to wait for 3.0 to be fixed. If you run into the item again in the current patch I'd just skip it. As far as I know every other item in the game is working correctly! 

We tried a fix for the calendar issue with patch 2.93 but we aren't positive if it works. If you are able to try out the game again soon let us know if you still have the issue! 

The holoshield is definitely bugged in the last few builds and is what's causing the issue, we'll try to have it fixed for the 2.93 patch coming out soon! 

I'm not sure if it's fixed in 2.92, but we did figure out what the issue is and will be able to fix it. I'll post again when I am sure if it is fixed or not! 

Thanks a lot for featuring us! We’re glad you enjoyed the game 🙏🏼🙏🏼

The elevator allowing you to fall through is a glitch that happens usually when FPS is low I think. I haven't been able to replicate it myself but we've tried a few things to fix it before, obviously it isn't 100% fixed though if you're still getting it. We can try something to perhaps fix it for 2.92, if you fall through ideally it should at least reset you back near the elevator. 

We also have fixed the ending screen not working when being rebound for 2.92. Once the patch is released, space should always work as well as whatever you have rebound Dodge to. 

If you are using a mouse to dodge I'm guessing you rebound it from Space to your mouse? That should be allowed, but I think that is why it wasn't working for the ending. I would try whatever key you rebound, and we will make sure that it works with space either way in one of the future updates. 

Thanks for the report! I haven't heard of anyone else having issues proceeding through the ending but we'll try to replicate the bug and fix it if possible. Were you playing on a controller or a keyboard? 

Also I'm surprised the game runs decent on a laptop but it is good that we have optimized the game enough where it does! The minimum specs are probably outdated but they are also just a suggestion. 

We'll try to get that added in one of the upcoming patches before launch! I'm not sure if there's a reason that movement can't be rebound currently, but it could probably at least be allowed for keyboard. 

Thanks for the report, I'm not sure if we've tested any directinput controllers recently but I remember we tried a couple when we recently changed our input API and it was working back then. We will test it out again soon and see if there's a bug with them.  Can you be more specific with what controller it was? 

The game should be automatically detecting if Keyboard/Mouse was your last input and switch to it, but maybe the controller was interfering with that. If the game is restarted with the controller disconnected Keyboard/Mouse should be fine. 

Thanks for the report! I never tried using that item on the boss actually because I either never carried it that far or didn't think it would work. We're releasing a big new patch today but there won't be time to fix that for it. I will put it on the list for the next content patch though.  

Thank you for giving the game a whirl! You can get automated updates via the launcher here :

Do note also that progress is saved in the app data folder separate from the game’s so even if you overwrite the game folder the save files should still be intact. 

Thanks for the report! We are aware of the Continue overlap after opening the options for the first time, I haven't seen the Codex bug though. I'd guess it's because you haven't discovered anything since you didn't play yet and it caused an error opening it. We'll try to replicate it and fix it soon. 

Sorry you had a crash there repeatedly! We've had a couple players mention a crash on the Level 5 beam puzzles but I haven't run into it myself. What you described with the beams can help us fix it maybe or prevent it from happening so easily. When the prisms get hit by a beam and 2 are pointing at eachother they get stuck in an endless loop where they power eachother, so I think when you added the main beam back on top of that it was crashing for you. We can probably set it to disable when two are powering eachother like that or at least turn the prism so it doesn't happen by default. 

Patch 2.8 should be releasing in a few weeks and will include Level 6, so you will be able to complete the first ending then. Patch 3.0 a few months later will include more endings and more Act 2 bosses. 

Steam does do some weird things with controllers, but I haven't heard of it being that aggressive before especially when you weren't even playing the game through Steam. We'll see if we can do something to fix it, but I'm not sure how much control we have over it. It may also be something that only happens with 360 controller. 

Patch 2.7 released today and we were able to fix the keybindings not saving outside of your current session. It should have been saving by default even with Apply disappearing, but if a keybind was placed onto your Mouse it wasn't correctly saved. 

Yeah we are aware of the keybinds not persisting over multiple play sessions currently. We're releasing patch 2.7 soon but I don't think that fix will make it in in time. It will be a high priority for 2.71 though. 

If I understand correctly, that is working as intended in 2.63. When a controller is plugged in, mouse and keyboard will be disabled and the controller will take complete priority. You can either toggle the Disable Gamepad option in Controls, or unplug the controller and it will give you control with mouse and keyboard. We will eventually make it so you can at least use the mouse to toggle options and disable the gamepad while a controller is plugged in, but for now if you don't unplug you need to navigate there with the controller to disable it while it's active. 

If you get a chance can you send us the log file generated after opening the game when the options is broken and trying to click on a dropdown? There might be an error there that could help us fix the issue. 

Here's where the log is located:

Local Disk (C:)/Users/(User)/AppData/LocalLow/Monothetic/Beacon/Player.log

Here's a few things that might be able to help us figure out why it's not working:

  • What mouse and keyboard do you use?
  • Do you have a controller plugged in? 
  • Do you have any 3rd party controller drivers installed? 
  • Double check that the latest patch has installed, itch doesn't auto update unless you use the app. The patch number in the bottom left of the Main Menu should change when updated. 

Thanks for giving Beacon a whirl, if you have any feedback or bugs to report feel free to drop into our discord any time :)

I did hear about this spot from another player too, I will remove that blockade for the next patch. 

I agree but it was a bit too difficult to balance the Radiation damage on enemies vs. the player, and getting stunlocked by your own bullets was never fun. When shots are reflected at you they will still deal the base shot damage, just the stuns and debuffs won't be applied from your ammo mods. 

Yes that's correct, too many people bought the bundle for us to generate enough keys and Itch also wanted to disable Steam Keys from the bundle to prevent key resellers buying it. 

The new Unity Input System we implemented in 2.62 is probably causing that, sorry. If you open your options can you navigate to the Controls tab, then de-select Use Gamepad.  

If Use Gamepad isn't appearing or you aren't able to navigate it we'll try to fix it in one of the upcoming patches. Until then the only suggestion I have is to disable vjoy or uninstall it, but I understand that's probably a hassle if you play other games with your joystick setup. 

Thank you! Unfortunately we just had to revert this patch back to 2.61 because of a freeze bug caused by DNA Mods being saved and a few other issues, but we'll re-release it in a few days with more fixes added on. 

I think this might be because of the new Input System in 2.62. We'll take a look at it and try to get a fix out for it soon! 

We've released patch 2.62 which replaces the Input System entirely! Hopefully this will fix the issue you were having, let us know if you are still having trouble. You can view the patch notes here.

We've released patch 2.62 which replaces the Input System entirely! Hopefully this will fix the issue you were having, let us know if you are still having trouble. You can view the patch notes here.

We've released patch 2.62 which replaces the Input System entirely! Hopefully this will fix the issue you were having, let us know if you are still having trouble. You can view the patch notes here.

This is an issue some players are having with the input system in the game. We're completely replacing the input system in a patch coming out this week, hopefully that will fix the issue for you! 

I think I've seen one other person mention this crate causing that, it should be fixed in the patch coming out this week! 

Thank you! Art has been one of our biggest focuses on the project from the beginning and we are glad to hear it is resonating with all of the new players. We put a lot of effort into building the visual languages of each faction and using that to tie together the enemies and their environments. Level 6 will be releasing with Patch 3.0 later this year when the game is fully released. Hopefully you will like the theme, it's very unique compared to the previous levels. 

I have noticed the joystick jerking back to an incorrect position after moving it as you described a few times while playing but I often use the aimlock so it wasn't as common. We can try to get that fixed by patch 3.0. 

We're releasing a new patch next week that will completely replace the input system to fix issues some players have been having with their input not registering. Hopefully that doesn't break your dinput! 

I will fix the items spawning in those loot areas not being pick-uppable, that item in your screenshot shouldn't have been dropped in that area. 

The Telemite Hooves causing you to fall when teleported into a wall is the currently intended behavior, but we're considering changes how it works when you teleport through a wall rather than a barrier or other secret area. 

The levels are generated randomly every time you die and restart, that is common part of the Roguelike game structure. Your objective is to complete each level and get to the end of level 6 to find your Beacon to escape the planet. Each level has extra loot objectives like Stockpiles that spawn Weapons and Caches that will give you Passive Items, and secrets where you can get bonus loot. Beacon is unique in the genre because of the Cloning system that allows you to apply DNA and gain Mutations after each death, giving you bonus stats and abilities for multiple lives. 

Let us know if you have any other questions! 

We've been getting reports with all of the new users of inputs not registering from some players. We're completely replacing our input system for the patch that should release next week, I'll post back here when it is released and hopefully it will fix your issue! 

Thank you for the mention! We're super happy you like the game and definitely hope you'll be sticking around for our future updates! 

The Radiation debuff is definitely a bit too punishing right now when applied to the player, there will be a tweak to it in the next update. The only way it can apply to you is if one of your own bullets with radiation is reflected back at you, so if you collect that ammo mod just try to be careful when firing at Holoshields or barriers for now. 

Also I'm not sure where you are describing with "purple grass barriers", my best guess is you meant the Solus quill areas with the purple sacks littered around. If one of the quill gates blocked you, usually there is a Quill Nest nearby that needs to be destroyed to open the gate. It's possible you rolled behind a loot gate though and it didn't lower to let you out after skipping it. If you get stuck again try to take a screenshot where it was and it will be easier for us to locate and fix it.