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I've had that happen before as well. We'll make the teleport more reliably eventually, but for now just try to avoid dodging into the Prism ramps! That's where I've had it happen most often. 

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to make more folks are aware that we're also slowing building up a community over on our Discord server, where you can share suggestions, report bugs or just chat with the team and learn more about the game! 

We'll hopefully also be starting some community challenges soon so be sure to stop by!


Yeah the pipe collisions can be annoying right now. We'll try to get that fixed in one of the upcoming patches! If you ever accidentally fall on one for now it's best to just jump off immediately usually. 

If you're still having that crash, our best guess on how to fix it is to try updating your video drivers! We also just updated the game to 1.0.4A with some fixes so be sure to download that as well. 


If you got stuck in the acid ocean loot dungeon it's possible an enemy was stuck in the acid preventing the arena from finishing. Not much you can do there to fix it other than diving back into the acid and trying to find it, we'll try to get it fixed in one of the upcoming patches. 

The aiming reticule should be fixed in the 1.0.3A patch as well! 

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Hi there! We currently have no Linux support planned but might consider it in the future as we port to more platforms. Good to know our perf is still ok in Wine :P

Hi there! Please email it to mcorsaro@monothetic.com thanks! 

We will definitely look into it :)

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We did a couple optimizations that should improve level 2's performance in the most recent patch. Definitely still has some work to go though to get it fully smooth! 

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Our wishlist page is up now! 


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We should have a full soundtrack on Steam release. For now you can check out the SoundCloud here! 


One of our upcoming patches in 1-2 months will have a music pass on the entire game as well with unique tracks for each level, so look out for that too! 

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Thanks for the feedback! 

Controller support overall is very WIP right now so if you use it over keyboard expect a few bugs. We'll keep pushing improvements to it over development and definitely have these issues sorted out before Steam release. Keep giving feedback on it though! There's always suggestions or a demand for a certain feature that we might have overlooked. 

We definitely want to do a pass on the UI to improve readability as well for things like Stamina as you mentioned. Last patch we added a new reload reticule to the crosshair so we'll keep adding small improvements bit by bit. 

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Hey! We wanted to get the game out to a smaller core community and felt Itch was the best way to start whilst we add content and address bugs/feedback etc.

We will definitely be bringing the game to Steam though! It will likely be towards the end of the year, but we’ll have a page up soon to wishlist the game!


Unfortunately rotating the camera would require a lot of rework for our existing areas but we do have enemy silhouetting planned for our coming patches.  We will also look into making sure these kind of level instances are rare in the seed!

Very happy that you're having a good time with the game, watch this space for new patches :)

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Thanks for the feedback! We're still improving the controller support, so look out for improvements in that over development. The latest patch did some tweaks to the controller aiming so it should be a bit easier to use. Eventually we'll get around to adding controller re-binding as well. 

The map has been fixed as well so it should update from the beginning of the level always now. 

Also there is no persistence with mutations yet, but that should be added in the next week or two! 

We will see if we can implement a hover tool tip or something for UI tutorials like this instance!

Thanks! This has been added to the Known Bugs List Thread! https://itch.io/t/224521/beacon-v10a-known-bugsissues-list#post-411619

Thanks! This has been added to the Known Bugs List Thread! https://itch.io/t/224521/beacon-v10a-known-bugsissues-list#post-411619

We definitely plan to improve the depth of available video options over the next few months!

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- Item model origins are sometimes offset
- Muzzle flash in Codex screen
- Sound level resets when opening the game, and then goes back to desired once options window is opened.
- Pressing ESC in the options window closes the game
-Items sometimes display the wrong swap UI information (Will still swap the item correctly)


- Collision issues on pipe walkway
- Drop drone puts player in a death loop after falling off collapsible overhangs
- Enemy projectiles can sometimes pass through if they are too close
- Foreground terrain sometimes obscuring camera
- Chilopods sometimes despawn/clip when rolling down/up inclines
- Fireflies/Primes sometimes get stuck flying into cliff sides
- Awkward collision between succulent tree and root bridge
- When opened, some chest items fall/sink into the void(edited)


-Shadows flicker
- Broken/flickering shadows on Swamp Brush models

We'll be adding to the list as and when new bugs are discovered and will announce when a patch is ready!

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we have one available now! 

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If you're having trouble finding loot, make sure to use the map and look for the yellow waypoints. Passives/auxiliaries spawn at the yellow cog waypoints and weapons/grenade mods spawn at the yellow ammo waypoints. At least one passive/auxiliary spawns per level and 1-3 weapons usually. 

We'll be optimizing the game more as well as development continues! Sorry you're having issues with performance on this build. 

Hey! Thanks for bringing this to our attention & sorry you're having these issues!
We'll look into it as soon as we can!

Hi there! I believe we found a makeshift solution on Discord for the time being (but posting here for posterity!)

You can delete the input file to reset the controls, located here:

We'll look into fixing the key bindings menu as soon as we can!


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As an early-access game Beacon is bound to have a few bugs or other issues. You can help us help you by providing a descriptive report about any bugs or odd things you might encounter by following this simple template:

  • Let us know what kind of issue is this:
    • Bug: general things like "I fell off and my weapon no longer works"
    • Crash: the game crashed -- bummer
    • Other: general fluff like "this box is floating", or "there's a typo here". We know about pretty much every sorting-issue too, so don't worry about reporting that.
  • Your PC specs: OS, GPU, RAM, etc.
  • A screenshot or video or gif of the problem. It's not required, but it always helps!

You can also drop-by our Discord server and use the #bug-reporting channel here:


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Hey! Just Windows for now I’m afraid! But we will update you on an a Mac build when we have one ready! Thanks.

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Hey! Thanks for the question! We will be setting up a bugs/issues thread in the next few days for any issues players have! We’re also in the process of setting up a discord server for the game that will run alongside this forum! Any new details on bug reporting will be updated in both communities respectively! 

Replied to LiamD in Beacon FAQs

Thank you! Sadly we currently have no plans for Linux at the moment, but will revisit it once our mother platforms have received releases (PC, Xbox, Mac) 

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General FAQ

How long will First Access be open?

Currently we estimate the first access to run for 6-8 months leading up to the full release of the game. Over first access we'll continue adding more content to the game, including a large patch in the summer with Level 5, and will be tweaking and balancing the game based on feedback from our First Access players. 

Which platforms will Beacon be available on?

The First Access will only be available on PC. We're currently planning to release the final game on Windows, Mac, and Xbox One, but may expand to other platforms at a later date.

Is there a Press Kit for Beacon?

We’ve put together a press kit for Beacon and Monothetic in general, which you can find here. Additional material can be found in our Media section on our website.

Who do I talk to for ______?

For general inquiries, send emails to info@monothetic.com.

Will I get a Steam key once Beacon launches on Steam?

Yes! Anyone who buys Beacon on itch.io before the Steam release will get a key to redeem on Steam

Technical FAQ

What are the minimum requirements?

We don't have a real set of minimum requirements yet, but roughly:

  • An i5 or equivalent processor
  • A GPU that supports DX11, (Nvidia GTX 660 equivalent or better)
  • 4 GB of RAM or more
  • 2 GB of disk space
  • Windows 7 or higher

Which engine is Beacon built on?

Beacon runs on Unity 5. If you'd like to know more about specific technical aspects don't be afraid to ask on our Discord here.

Does Beacon have DRM or anything like that?

Beacon does not have DRM, or even an installer.

Where does Beacon store data on my PC?

Beacon stores data in the following locations:

C:\Users\%USER\AppData\LocalLow\Monothetic\Beacon\playerstats.bsgGeneral stats such as items discovered
C:\Users\%USER\AppData\LocalLow\Monothetic\Beacon\settings_audio.jsonAudio settings
C:\Users\%USER\AppData\LocalLow\Monothetic\Beacon\settings_input.jsonController settings