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Just watched your vid for the first time, I missed it during the launch. Glad you had fun with it! You got some tough mutations unfortunately. 

I had a couple tips as well if you end up playing more. M opens the map and can help you navigate to the loot around the level more easily. There's always one item cache per level and usually 2-4 weapon spawns. Also you can hold two weapons, left control on keyboard switches to your second weapon and when picking up a new weapon it will swap whatever one you're holding. 

BEACON community · Created a new topic Claiming Steam Keys

If you've participated in the First Access launch of Beacon you are also eligible to receive a Steam key free of charge. To do this, you must access My Purchases on :

Once there, click Download under Beacon at the My Purchases page, it should take you to the confirmation page for your Steam key.

Please feel free to drop in on our discord if you have any questions!

We'll take a look at the issue! Seems like something with the Reset button broke your genome. If you start a New Game from the menu it should reset your genome and work correctly again. 

BEACON community · Posted in demo

Hi there, I'm not quite sure what you mean but if you're looking for a review of the game you can check out the rating on which is under the "More Information" tab in the game description. You can also watch a Let's Play from Many a True Nerd here which is quite comprehensive (although the game is quite different now since this was 7 months ago)

Also please note that this is not a demo but a First Access game, which is similar to Early Access on Steam. If you purchase the game on here you will receive continuous updates until the product is final but it is a full game and not a demo :)

Hope that answers your question and Merry Christmas! 

Yeah I've run into that as well while testing. For now you just need to resist the urge to jump off as the level end screen comes up! 

We might eventually replace the movement animation for floating mutations but it'd just be a polish task so it may not be done for a while if at all. I kind of like how it looks like the sack is sliding around but it is just the normal run animation and looks kind of awkward in some cases. 

Any DNA or mods that are not used in your genome slots when you reconstitute will be removed. Eventually we'll have a use for all of the extra pieces you have but for now they are just deleted! Any DNA in one of your slots will stay permanently until it's mutated, after which its lifetime is displayed by the number at the bottom right. Once that number reaches zero the mutation and the DNA it mutated from will be removed letting you apply a new piece of DNA. 

Hello! You should be able to change it via the Registry under:

"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Monothetic\Beacon\Screenmanager Resolution Height_h2627697771"


"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Monothetic\Beacon\Screenmanager Resolution Width_h182942802"

Make sure you hit the "Decimal" button and then enter the values you wish to use.

To make sure this doesn't happen in the future, can you let me know the following:

  • Which resolution you're trying to use
  • The native desktop (default) resolution of your monitor

Sorry you got stuck! If you get stuck in an area again can you post a screenshot of the area? 

Generally the path to the exit of each level isn't gated too heavily, but you might not have picked up some of the mechanics to progress through the landmark area or out of an arena. If you were stuck in the swamp I'm guessing a geyser or swamp bubble was somewhere nearby. If you see a swamp bubble just stand on it to float upwards and to use a geyser just stand on it until it blows you upwards.


We're definitely planning to eventually have it so if you quit in the middle of a run you'll be able to start back at the beginning of the last level you were in with the same loadout. There's a few other features we're working on first though so it might be a while until we're able to expand on the saving. 

Hi there, sorry to hear about your troubles :

1.) Does this occur often? How many times have it happened so far, and is there a specific area/level that it tends to occur in?

2.) What resolution are you playing on? Could you take a screenshot of this if it happens again?

Thank you!

Hi there! Sorry for the late reply and big apologies that you're encountering this problem! It is a known issue to us and we've already solved the issue in the next patch. Watch this space!

If you have any other bugs feel free to drop into our discord to let us know - we're more responsive there :)

If the boss summons the 3 transmitter posts, you've already missed the window to attack it. Watch for when it connects to the ports on the elevator platform and try to figure it out from there. 

We'll be doing some improvements to the boss fight in an upcoming patch as well to make it more readable and fun before adding more bosses! If you end up beating it and have any suggestions let us know. 

Thank you for your support, it really means a lot to us! Feel free to post on Steam as well but for now any feedback would be responded to in a more timely fashion if it's on here or on our Discord! 

PS Sorry for the late reply, been a hectic week preparing for the new expansion :) 

Hey blackjack, going through your questions below one by one! 

-There's no built in functionality in the game for taking screenshots and I'm not sure if itch has one. Windows has a screenshot function though if you press Windows Key and Print Screen. It will save to pictures/screenshots.

-Health pickups drop from enemies you kill and from crates. It sounds like you're just having trouble making it past the first few enemy encounters though. To improve your combat I'd suggest practicing using the dodge-roll and melee to maneuver, stun, and finish off enemies. The combat becomes a balance of dodging enemy attacks and replenishing health from killing more enemies. 

-There are passive mods that will improve your pistol/weapons, but if you're having trouble finding new weapons in the first place you should look for stockpiles. The yellow ammunition waypoints on the map (M)  always have a guaranteed weapon spawn, but you'll need to venture out of the intro area to find them usually. 

-DNA can drop off of any enemy in the game. If you haven't been getting very far it's likely you just haven't fought enough enemies to get a piece to drop. In the next patch DNA caches are being added so if one spawns you'll have a chance to get a boost of DNA without needing to get lucky fighting enemies. Once you die you can use any DNA looted and each piece has its own chance to mutate (with about 60 mutations in the game currently and more coming soon). 

Let us know if you have any more issues or questions! 

It sounds like you got pretty unlucky with your first sets of mutations with the rejected arm and sack feet. Sack feet is the only mutation that REMOVES dodge roll so don't worry about that happening often. Some of the other dodge rolls are immensely useful compared to how that one is so un-useful, but we'll keep balancing the RNG of it as we keep getting feedback. No matter what dodge roll you have though the level exits should be reachable but some secrets/stockpiles do become un-reachable with certain dodges. 

We'll definitely tweak the transmitter arm soon as well, it should definitely be able to pop geysers and perform basic melee functions just with reduced damage. It seems like the range is too low now or something though.

The Hailshard meteors are a randomized weather trap that we want to be punishing if you don't respect them and also occasionally able to be manipulated by your positioning when they drop but they're maybe a bit too punishing now. 

You're right about the laser too, it's just not hooked up yet. Someday it will be but there's not much of an advantage to turning it off for now so we haven't prioritized getting it working. 

I thought we fixed that in the last patch but it looks like you found an exception. Was that from an enemy you hacked? When I first ran into that I thought it'd make a cool easter egg as well, but if we do that it'll actually be something useful instead of just broken. 

Thanks for trying out the game and giving feedback! 

DNA Types - We'll have more information provided in-game on the types eventually. Here's a quick rundown for now. Base DNA is 1 positive 1 negative with a medium chance to mutate. Volatile is ~3 Positive and ~3 negative with a high chance to mutate. Fortified is all positive with a low chance to mutate. Paramount is "Boss DNA", which for now just provides a large amount of stats but hopefully eventually will provide a boss mutation. 

Transmitter Arm - Some rare mutations will have a balance between being more useful against Solus or Prism, but I agree this one still needs a bit of balancing and we'll make the tooltip more descriptive. 

If you're having trouble finding weapons, look for the Stockpile Waypoints on the map (Yellow Ammo icon). The weapon variant not being able to be picked up is a glitch in the current build along with mementos being un-inspectable. We'll have it fixed in the next update! I fixed the issue you mentioned with the sack feet thighs as well just now. 

This is definitely an idea that has came up several times during development - suffice to say we're not ruling it out. If we do introduce it that will require some overall re-balancing so it'll come in a big update or not at all! 

Yes, you will receive a Steam key if you bought the game on itch! Let us know what you think of the game once you tried it :) 

Thanks for the big list of feedback! Glad you are enjoying it enough to play 10 hours! Here's a few random responses to the feedback after reading through it. 

-Loot being difficult to pick up when overlapped or sinking out of crates is definitely frustrating. We re-wrote the crate item flinger a month ago and it rarely throws items off of cliffs now, but they still definitely sink through the ground sometimes. We considered magnetic items as well but just haven't gotten around to implementing and testing it yet. 

-Controller support is still experimental and not fully functional, so we'll definitely keep improving it. On UI screens especially the functionality will be a bit rough now (but hopefully still play-able). Eventually there will be a full set of options so you can change bindings and sensitivity and support for more controller types. The auto-aim is just enabled for controller to compensate for the lessened accuracy compared to mouse and probably won't be affected by any items/mutations. If you think it's too strong or weak it can be tweaked though. 

-The droids do have unique colors for the flavors (Tesla/Pyro) but they could probably be pushed more or inverted so the larger section of the body is the unique color. They all have unique hologram heads as well, but I'm not completely happy how they read in game currently. They'll probably be improved eventually as well. 

-The enemy spawns in the world do re-spawn after about 2-3 minutes in the landmark and intro areas, but I've heard from a few people they don't like running into enemies when coming back. Personally I felt like they were necessary because it felt too empty running back through after exploring but the levels were much larger when that decision was made. 

-I thought the enemy grenade marker was a hard red but I'll double check. It could definitely be added to more enemy explosives/abilities as well. The torso you're talking about is the Pyro MK1 droid's death variant, where it's torso/fuel tank breaks off on death and flies around before exploding. 

-We've heard a few people suggest having the camera pan towards the cursor a bit. I'd be open to trying it out eventually, we just haven't had the time yet. Most combat areas lately I add camera zoom trigger at least to pull the camera back a bit but there's definitely still areas where the camera panning would help.

I've had that happen before as well. We'll make the teleport more reliably eventually, but for now just try to avoid dodging into the Prism ramps! That's where I've had it happen most often. 

BEACON community · Created a new topic Discord Community
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Hey everyone! Just wanted to make more folks are aware that we're also slowing building up a community over on our Discord server, where you can share suggestions, report bugs or just chat with the team and learn more about the game! 

We'll hopefully also be starting some community challenges soon so be sure to stop by!

Yeah the pipe collisions can be annoying right now. We'll try to get that fixed in one of the upcoming patches! If you ever accidentally fall on one for now it's best to just jump off immediately usually. 

If you're still having that crash, our best guess on how to fix it is to try updating your video drivers! We also just updated the game to 1.0.4A with some fixes so be sure to download that as well. 


If you got stuck in the acid ocean loot dungeon it's possible an enemy was stuck in the acid preventing the arena from finishing. Not much you can do there to fix it other than diving back into the acid and trying to find it, we'll try to get it fixed in one of the upcoming patches. 

The aiming reticule should be fixed in the 1.0.3A patch as well! 

Hi there! We currently have no Linux support planned but might consider it in the future as we port to more platforms. Good to know our perf is still ok in Wine :P

Hi there! Please email it to thanks! 

We will definitely look into it :)

We did a couple optimizations that should improve level 2's performance in the most recent patch. Definitely still has some work to go though to get it fully smooth! 

BEACON community · Posted in Steam

Our wishlist page is up now!

We should have a full soundtrack on Steam release. For now you can check out the SoundCloud here!

One of our upcoming patches in 1-2 months will have a music pass on the entire game as well with unique tracks for each level, so look out for that too! 

Thanks for the feedback! 

Controller support overall is very WIP right now so if you use it over keyboard expect a few bugs. We'll keep pushing improvements to it over development and definitely have these issues sorted out before Steam release. Keep giving feedback on it though! There's always suggestions or a demand for a certain feature that we might have overlooked. 

We definitely want to do a pass on the UI to improve readability as well for things like Stamina as you mentioned. Last patch we added a new reload reticule to the crosshair so we'll keep adding small improvements bit by bit. 

BEACON community · Posted in Steam

Hey! We wanted to get the game out to a smaller core community and felt Itch was the best way to start whilst we add content and address bugs/feedback etc.

We will definitely be bringing the game to Steam though! It will likely be towards the end of the year, but we’ll have a page up soon to wishlist the game!


Unfortunately rotating the camera would require a lot of rework for our existing areas but we do have enemy silhouetting planned for our coming patches.  We will also look into making sure these kind of level instances are rare in the seed!

Very happy that you're having a good time with the game, watch this space for new patches :)

Thanks for the feedback! We're still improving the controller support, so look out for improvements in that over development. The latest patch did some tweaks to the controller aiming so it should be a bit easier to use. Eventually we'll get around to adding controller re-binding as well. 

The map has been fixed as well so it should update from the beginning of the level always now. 

Also there is no persistence with mutations yet, but that should be added in the next week or two! 

We will see if we can implement a hover tool tip or something for UI tutorials like this instance!

Thanks! This has been added to the Known Bugs List Thread!

Thanks! This has been added to the Known Bugs List Thread!

We definitely plan to improve the depth of available video options over the next few months!