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What resolution are you playing on? There is a Hud Scale setting that might help for the current build to make everything a bit more readable on a large resolution. 

We can consider adding some type of Stamina indicator near the player or cursor but we didn't want to clutter it with too much information. The pause between melee is just a cooldown used to prevent melee being the dominant form of damage, but I can considering buffing some of them since Stamina is already another resource that restricts spamming melee. 

sorry, itch didn't send an email so i saw it only just now

my screen is 2560 x 1440 at 27 inch

i already have hud scale at 175% which is still pretty small and blends in quite a bit and requires actively looking to the corner to register the state of a visceral attribute

as for clutter: keep in mind it can be an option :)